Monster Hunter Freedom Tips

Kill Yian Kut-Ku Without a Bowgun
Quest level 2-Jungle

To do this without using a bowgun, you'll need armor (at least velociprey), a good sword (preferably hurricane +, which are dual swords), psycoserum, paint balls, 15 whetstones, 10 potions, 5 herbs and blue mushrooms, rations/steaks, 2 flashbombs, 2 sonic bombs (screamer+bomb material), pitfall trap, 2 nets, 2 trap tools, combo books 1 and 2, and 3 small and 3 large barrel bombs. I may have forgot something, so if you need it, bring it. Ok, get everything you need out of the supply box. Go to area 2 and use psycoserum to find Kut-Ku. Mark it with a paint ball. Dodge its attacks until it goes berserk and runs at you. Right then, lay a pitfall trap so its between you and the Kut-Ku. lure it in, and when it gets stuck, immediately lay a large barrel bomb, then a small barrel bomb and run. do this until you are out of bombs. Then, attack it as much as you can while it's still stuck in the trap. When it gets out, use a flash/sonic bomb. Attack it while it's immobilized. Be careful though, it can still hit you with it's tail. Do this until it is dead. Hint: When its ears go down, it is really close to dying. Just keep hammering it. You'll have to sharpen a lot, and only weapons with green sharpness can cut through it well enough to kill it. This also works with the blue Kut-Ku, but takes a LOT longer.