: : : : : : : Dont ever sell monster stuff!!

Monster Hunter Freedom Tips

Dont ever sell monster stuff!!
Dont ever sell the stuff you carve off a monster. You might need it for future uses such as weapons and armors. Dont sell them just to get money. if you need money either go to the training school(you also get tickets from the school, those are used for weapons),or if you didnt unlock that, hunt monsters. All monster carvings will be needed when you get further into the game. For example, i saved all the stuff from monsters and now i have rathalos rubies and a bunch of rare stuff because i didnt SELL any of them. I have over 1,000,000 GP, and almost 900,000 Z.My armor has wind block, phycvison, ear plug, and sword sharpening skl. NOTE:especially, dont sell your garuga stuff, i made a Sentoryu Wolf and it is very strong. Hope this knocked some sense into you.