: : : : : : : Vespoid & Hornatour =item, loot, parts

Monster Hunter Freedom Tips

Vespoid & Hornatour =item, loot, parts
create a hydra bite (hunter knife > hunter knife+ > serpent bite > hydra bite)

you could upgrade to hydra bite+ if you want.
but don't turn it into deadly poison when you slash
the vespoid it will shattered the body

now go to elder chief and get the quest=[Attach of the Giant bugs] or go to the gathering to get the same quest.

1.when you select the elder chief the quest you could less parts of the vespoid or hornatour

2.either get the gathering the quest you could carve a bladefin out of vespoid or hornatour and other parts as well like=[shells, adomens, wings, bladefins]

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