Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Capcom for PSP, iOS

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS review
A truly skill-oriented game like no other!

The good:

- Your skill at reading the movements of your enemies determine how good or bad you'll do at defeating them!
- 4-player cooperative game play via a local area network!
- Team work and tactics are encouraged in multi-player games.
- Compelling weapon and armor design, so you can look the part.
- Outstanding re playability.
- Insane amount of game-time can be spent playing before you reach the pinnacle of monster hunters.

The bad:

- Not much of a storyline. But that didn't bug me.
- Learning curve can be pretty steep for some people.
- Abilities such as the Armor Skills are not explained in-depth in the game.
- It's annoying to farm for rare items in the later aspects of the game.


I thoroughly enjoyed Monster Hunter over many other games, even over World of Warcraft. I believe the game has a unique play style in the sense that even if you have the best gear in the game, you can still be a terrible hunter.

Most games require you to get the best weapons and best armor to get through, but with enough skill and know-how you can get by in the game without much extra gear at all. In fact, it's a good way to test how skilled you are as a hunter in the game if you can beat certain monsters with the use of weaker armor and weapons.

The graphics of the game are nice, not too flashy, but just enough detail to not make you bored to tears from looking at your character. The designs of all the weapons and armor in the game are perfect for every giant sword and giant armor buff out there. Certain sets of armor such as the Monoblos armor have giant horns on the shoulders, making you look more akin to a demon than a hunter. Very cool.

The re playability is spectacular, but most of the time you wouldn't really need to replay the game unless you wanted to try and beat your previous total game time on the next character when you get to the same spot. In fact, if I remember correctly, there was another player who was making a series of videos on YouTube where he would start the game from the beginning, and play through it without any armor and with a great sword. That right there is some challenge!

My only real qualm about the game is that some of my friends have a harder time learning to read the movements of the monsters and find it difficult to play the game. If my friends could get into playing defensively they'd probably be better, but it's hard for some folks to do that. When people have a hard time playing a game, and aren't keen on learning the way to play it safely and effectively it makes them want to play it less, which is rather unfortunate for me when I'm trying to get some friends to play it with me.

All in all, I give the game a 4.6/5

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