Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Capcom for PSP, iOS

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS review
Excellent Expansion - United

The good:

  • New Missions
  • New Monsters
  • New Areas
  • New Weapons
  • New Armour
  • New Items
  • More Hunter Ranks
  • New Gameplay


    It was never imagined that another game would be able to overcome Monster Hunter Freedom 2, until now. Unlike what you'd expect with such an excellent quality game, there are no copycat series which can live up to the image, that is Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has finally met its match however, with its expansion version, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This new, while separate game, is essentially a Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game itself, only comprehensively expanded to accommodate ten-fold of what its predecessor contained. Not only does this make the game exceptionally better, but outperforming what was once thought a game of 'perfection'. While other game industries and critics may think that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite lacks in certain aspects, that is not the case in the world of demand. Demand for a game of high-class is something to be admired by other gaming companies. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sees itself as one of the most popular Playstation Portable games in Japan, ever. Selling more than 1 million copies in less than a week (in Japan only) is definitely something to note Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on and it's worthiness among gamers.

    The combat system is still the same as it was in previous games. Your player is dropped of in a location and using the weapon and armour they choose to begin the mission with, are pitted against a monster in which they are to seek out within another area of that location. You main goal is usually either killing that main monster or gathering a number of certain items, found specifically in that area. Unlike the usual hack and slash games, players use a lot of strategic thinking when fighting. Should yo choose to either attack the monster head on, or use distractions to support your battle such as pitfall traps or flash bombs to stun your enemy. In the end, if the main monster is slain, you can 'carve' items from the fallen monster in order to obtain materials to help create and improve stronger armour and weapons.

    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has thousands of new additions, all of which are welcomed with open arms by players. The addition of new missions certainly increases replayability, while tons of new monsters are exceptionally brilliant. Monsters from another game of the series, the ever popular PC game Monster Hunter Frontier®, have been introduced. Queen Vespoid, Volganos, Hypnock, Ucamulbas, Yamatsukami and the game's (MHP2G) flagship featured, Narugakaruga. There is also the addition of newly coloured or breed monsters of the previous game, which include a new Daimyo Hermitaur, a Red Shogun Ceanataur, a green Congalala and a Desert Blangonga. These slightly different coloured monsters which are supposedly stronger, and much more varied in their attacks.

    New maps include the memorable Rainforest "Ocean of Trees" area from Monster Hunter Frontier®. A slightly surprising addition is of Generation 1 maps. These are the maps featured on the previous generation of Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter® and Monster Hunter Freedom®. Exactly how you remember, the Desert, Swamp, Jungle and Volcano remain in their untouched, beautiful environment, image.

    With the new Monsters, you can expect to see the obvious, new items, new weapons and new pieces of armour. Along with this, another Sharpness setting (Purple) is available as well as another Armour Crystal to improve your armours defence even higher! Not stopping there, weapons also have yet another upgrade to them, allowing another increase in attacking power.

    One of the best additions to the game is the remarkable ability to have a Felyne Warrior Companion alongside your quest. One which you can specifically hand pick from the Feylne Agent outside your house, or even a Felyne you already know working as a Chef in your kitchen. This Felyne can train and help you in your quests with as much ability and intellect as any other hunter would have. Your Felyne, by command, can gather items and attack monsters and even provide you with support in tough situations. This may be healing you or even hitting you to revive you from a 'knocked-out' state, which is very helpful in lonely situations. The implementation of a Felyne Warrior is enjoyable for those without the ability to connect to others who have the game. As stated, they are essentially a companion for a lone hunter, which also gives a sense of trust, companionship and even dependability within the player.

    With new missions added, a new 'Quest giver', the Yellow Lady in the Gathering Hall, allows even higher Hunter Ranks obtainable. The highest is currently HR9, compared to the previous HR6. This means that new missions for HR8 & 9 are significantly harder and label 'Real G-Rank Missions'. These missions, instead of containing only 1 monster to defeat, contains 3 monsters of exceptional ability, which you must beat one by one and defeat all 3 in order to successfully complete the quest. These should prove a challenge to even the most experienced hunter.

    Summarising the past paragraphs in a statement to determine whether or not this game is worth adding to your collection, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a game of magnificent standards. Magnificent being almost perfection. It would be biased to call a game perfect, but Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is so tempting to be ranked such.

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    Zazomy Apr 27, 08
    A better review than this, I would be hard pressed to find.

    Tip of the hat to you, Machienzo!


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    MyLifeIsRandom Jun 29, 09
    The last game only went to HR6, and I believe the quota is four monsters. Fair enough review.
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    Rix Nov 28, 09
    Good as review but what monster is that in the snowy mountains?
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    Machienzo Feb 26, 10
    It is the 'final' monster for MHFU, Ucamulbas.
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