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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS

  • Released on Jun 23, 2009
  • By Capcom for PSP, iOS

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS Unlockables

Unlockable Early lao-shan quest and other eldr drg quests
If you want to get the fire dragonsword early but you just can't get that lao horn,well then just follow this trick and you've unlocked an early lao quest: Complete all Level 3 guild quests except for liver of legend and go fish for golden fish,beat the HR2 urgent and complete all HR2 quests,if you do then the lao shan quest will appear in the HR:2 quest list,if not then complete the quests mentioned above that shouldn't be completed,if you killed or defeated the lao and broke his horn then you got the horn!if your lucky you will receive elderdrg blood and rap up the fire dragonsword! good luck! also beating this quest will unlock guild low-rank elder drg quests and they are very tough for newbies or those fairly new to the game,but if they beat the lao-shan(which is very easy)they can create a good dragon weapon and slay them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Other elder drg quests(GUILD)beat the lao-shan quest,it will appear in the HR2 quests with the lao shan quest
Other easy ways to get elderdrg bloodKill the chameleos,carve or you can receive it at the reward screen(the rate is low,but higher than other drgs.)
Early Lao questAs mentioned above,beat all 3* to 4* except the two quests also mentioned above,if not complete them both