Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS Tips

How To Easily Gain Pokke Points
This little source of Pokke Point income carries over from the Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game for the Sony Playstation Portable. Before we begin, you will need access to moderate amounts of the following two items. Firefly, a form of fish bait you can find in bug catching areas and in your Pokke Farm on rare occasions. Snakebee Larvae, which can be purchased from the elderly woman selling her goods in front of the Guild Hall, or occasionally within the honey combs in your Pokke Farm. What does this mean for you? When you use the Combine feature, these two items create Goldenfish Bait. This bait will only attract and be able to catch the one kind of fish you want for farming your points, the Goldenfish.

Start a quest within the area Forest and Hills. Preferably a gathering quest, so that you will not be disturbed or pressured by an irregular goal and you can finish any time you like via Pawprint Pass. Combine Snakebee Larvae and Firefly to create a stack of five Goldenfish Bait, then stock 20 Firefly and 20 Snakebee Larvae. This combination is simple enough to leave out Combo Books 1-5. To the right of your base camp's tent, you'll notice a small pond. There may or may not be a Goldenfish swimming there this very instant. If not, simply exit to zone one, and walk right back in. It may take one or two tries, but eventually you'll see Goldenfish in your pond swimming merrily about.

Goldenfish should be easy to spot, as they're the only fish in the game sporting such a vibrant yellow color. Once you see one or more floating about your pond, walk onto the pier and begin fishing with your Goldenfish Bait, not your Firefly bait. Using a Firefly will cause all manner of fish to come after it, and you're only here for one kind. After you catch all Goldenfish in your pond, repeat the process of exiting and entering the base camp until you've exhausted your supply of fish bait. Each turn in awards you with 500 Pokke Points, giving you a grand total of 12,500 Pokke Points per run, if you use all 25 possible Goldenfish Bait. Now all you need is to take your PSP to a nice relaxing spot, and do some fishing.