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It's hunt or be hunted...


At first glance you may think that Monster Hunter games are mindless hack n' slash games but you would be wrong in thinking so. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 stormed Japan, ravaging the sales charts and even boosted the sales of PSP hardware to an extent where they were surpassing Nintendo DS sales. In one month Monster Hunter Freedom 2 had shifted 348,000 units in Japan which turned out to be 85% of Capcom's sales in that month alone. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was also the first ever PSP title to shift over one million copies in Japan. It's true that the Japanese sometimes have a weird ta...


Perfection in game form

The good:

Where to start?

  • Well the graphics for one - it really feels as though you are slashing away at a deadly monster.
  • The sound - beautiful music to accompany different times, and types of quests.
  • Detailed monsters - at times you'll want to hide under your bed!
  • Beautiful areas and environments - you play on breathtaking landscapes and awe inspiring battlegrounds.
  • The ability to pause - saves you from pulling your hair out when you need to go to the toilet and a Rathalos attacks you.
  • Ability to Ad-hoc with up to 3 friends - the more the merrier!
  • Superb downloadable quests - extra quests to get your heart racing!

    The bad:

  • No online play - this can be annoying but if you really want to you can buy a wifi max and use xlink kai which works quite well...
  • Sometimes awkward camera handling - yes, it does take some time to fully get to grips with the camera controls, but when you do you'll be laughing.
  • Some monsters are incredibly difficult at first - you may want to hide all sharp objects.
  • Needs perseverance.


    You are a hunter. A hunter with many enemies. But these enemies are not human, they are the monsters of Minegarde! You will fight all of these monsters in jaw dropping battles, with a range of many weapons, armours and skills.
    Gameplay is incredible, sharp and precise. The controls are simple and once you get used to them, you'll be slaying monsters and embarking on tough quests left; right and center! You journey into the different zones and areas (covered later) and slay the various beasts *Very entertaining* The comabt is free, and the game does not complete or modify your attack...

  • 9.8

    When Did Monster Hunting Get So Good?


    One of Capcom’s biggest hits on the PSP, this game was a definitely big anticipated game by the fans of the series. Most people loved Monster Hunter Freedom 1, and hoped that Monster Hunter Freedom 2 wouldn’t fail to disappoint. Well, it didn’t. This game has a lot to offer, such as a wide variety of weapons, monsters, and a great graphical showing. The gameplay in this game is superb, and the music is nice and inviting. The controls are simple and easy to understand, but vary from weapon to weapon. There are some bad things about the game, that come along with the easy to understand gamepl...


    I love Monster Hunter Freedom 2!!!

    The good:

    MHF2 has new weapons,such as the Long Sword,the Hunting Horn,the Gunlance and the Bow.I like using the Long Sword in MHF2 because it is better than the Great Sword.Its movements are faster and the spirit combo is so powerful that it will not bounce off any monster.The Hunting Horn tunes are a great help to defeating any boss monster.The Gunlance,although it lacks the ability to charge for over a distance like the Lance,it has the abilities to fire not only shells but also the Wyvern Fire,which is far more powerful than firing the shell itself.The Bow has different charge levels,giving different modes of attacking.MHF2 has new monsters which some are very easy,such as Congalala and Daimyo Hermitaur,and some are very hard,such as Blangonga and the elder dragons.With new monsters comes new weapons and armors.They are even more cool looking than the ones in MHF.The farm in MHF2 has new facilities,such as Trenya and the cave in the farm.MHF2 does not have any carrying quests,that's for sure,and I LOVE IT!!!YIPPEE!!!Instead,it has downloadable quests which you can do to get more zenny and more Guild Points.MHF2 has a new environment,i.e the Snowy Mountains.Other environments has been edited into new ones.The Weaponry/Armory shop now has decorations for you to create and put onto your armors,activating certain armor skills.MHF2 also has downloadable costumes which you can put onto your pet pig.

    The bad:

    When firing shells or conducting a Wyvern Fire,the sharpness of the Gunlance decreases drastically.Bows,in my opinion,are difficult to upgrade because you need carves from boss monsters,such as Giadrome and Gendrome.They are pathetic in fighting monsters,big and small because their attack powers are very low,the lowest of all weapons in MHF2,that's why I sell my Bow right at the start of this game.Increasing your HR in MHF2 is harder now because there are new monsters,such as Blangonga,Tigrex,Shen Gaoren and Akantor,which are tough monsters to fight.Unlocking quests also becomes more difficult.


    MHF2 now has different hairstyles for you to choose.You can also decide on the colour of your hairstyle by toggling the colour bar.In general,MHF2 has 50% more content than MHF.MHF2 also has different music themes not only for different environments,but also for different monsters,such as Rajang,Chameleos,Teostra and Lunastra,Kushala Daora,Tigrex,Akantor and White Fatalis.New items are added in this sequel to MHF too,such as Shock Trap,otherwise known as Paralyze Trap,Tranq Med,Capture Throwing Knife,Tranq S,Shifting Mushroom,Armor Sphere,Armor Stone,Armor Sphere+,Armor Sphere G,Heavy Armor...


    Happy Hunting!


    Do you want a game time-wise? If so, this game, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 will be perfect for you. So far, I've racked 300 hours on the one game alone. Yeah, it's sad on my part and I thought I've never get that many hours on it, when I heard people have 500+ hours on it. You'll understand, once you're into it, you're stuck and you ain't moving for a long time. You either get into the game or you don't. It's simple as. To be honest, I love the game. Why am I saying "to be honest"? Well, I was never a fan of RPG's, but once I played this game, I can't say that anymore. If you don't like it,...


    Perfection? An Understatement.

    The good:

    -Amazing Graphics.
    -Beautiful Environments.
    -Detailed Monsters.
    -Beautiful Music.
    -Sound is impressive to listen to.
    -Downloadable Quests Online.
    -Ability to Pause.
    -Ad Hoc to play with 3 friends.
    -Shorter load time than the previous game.

    The bad:

    -No Online play.
    -Camera can be awkward.
    -Certain Monsters are teeth grindingly hard.
    -Difficult for Newbies.


    Monster Hunter Freedom burst on to the Japanese PSP market and swept away the title of Number 1 within the first week. Now the sequel is here, and it's been improved by 50% more content, adding on to an already perfect game!

    The game itself has no proper storyline. You take the role of a Hunter, who you can fully customize, and the game begins with you being smashed off a mountain by a Tigrex. Somehow you survive a plummet which would kill any normal weapon, and you wake up in the town of Pokke.
    There you begin to make a name for yourself. Dialogue is kept to an absolute minimum. The town is ...

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