Monster Hunter Tri review
Some defects, but still a true jewel on hands

The good:

  • decent controls
  • Nice use of the wii mote
  • its a LONG game
  • good graphics

The bad:

  • bad mapped controls
  • in order to unlock some of the best weaponary and armor, you actually need to go and connect to the wi-fi


Monster hunter tri is a new game that came from the PC and PS2 to the wii, as it made its transition it did made some new additions, yet it seems it lost some, for old fans, gunlances and other weaponary is not avaible, but we get longswords and the new weapon, unique, the switch axe.


Monster hunter tri for the most part, is an open roaming free world, not only that but you can run, you can indeed swim, and free hunt monsters, in order to advance with the game plot, you need to take Guild quests, these will have a limited time, and not only that but actual objectives, from recovering an egg, waiiting 5 minutes for a ticket or hunting or capturing a monster, and you will have to figth more than once for you to reach the objective.

Some more of the Gamepaly consists on battling mosnter, we have a wide selection:

Swords and shields.

Great Swords.



and my favorite, the switch axe, the second broken weapon of this game.

the battle system is far from perfect, lack of a targeting system makes battles hard, most of the time you will die for camera issues rather than due to enemy attacks, meaning, that creatures as the lagiarcus will often combo you rather than you to them, making major battles a pain.

on weaponary, great swords are heavy, slow, and are clumsy, swords are small, swift, but are plain stings compared to the great sword, the lances are titanic shields, meaning you can attack while you are guarding, and hit before you are hit, also you have a special charge attack.

continuing the weapons, we have hammers, bowguns and switchaxes, the hammers are like greats swords, but more deadly, you can KO enemies rather than killing them (and you cant cut tails, but you can crack skulls with a hammer or at least leave a contusion), the bowguns need to be forged individually and then put toghether inorder to have a bowgun, tough this may seem as disavantage but you cna create quite deadly models, for example using a heavy head, a ligth barrel and a medium body, you have a decent weigth wise weapon, that can hit hard, reload fast, have decent ammo and wont drag you down, sadly bowguns require aiming, and monsters can cut distances of meters in a second, making it an horrible weapon, tough experts may have a better timing, its still quite difficult to get a boss kill with the weapon in question.

Finally Switch Axes, the deadliest of all (in sword mode a rathian fell down in 12 minutes or so), these weapons are nice and hit hard, the multi use of its combos, for example you have the over head swing deals piercng damage equal to 40% of the base damage, yes piercing of 40%, meaning some enemies will be in pain, then we have switch axe switch hand, the character will swing and switch the axe from hand, mixed with a downed enemy and a mega dash juice/dash juice + acient potion it will make the mosnter fall fast,due to the swiftness of it.

the particularity of the switch axe is its sword mode, it becomes for a limited time a sword, it deals 25% + 1.5 of the base damage, you gain ESP while you use it, in other words, an elemental phial, for example the high volt axe, has paralysis, wereas amber axe, is ice based, it also becomes a medium sword, not a great sword, fast combos, that do damage, and we get a thurst, yes a finisher that deals around 35% of base damage.

the last weapon is known as the longsword, is a jin kodachi of sorts, its length is equal to that of a Great sword, it also has an special, you see in the mean time you hit an enmy a bar will fill up, when its at the top, press the Z button on the nunchuck and keep pressing it, you will end up unleashing a combo, some of the weapons have a finsiher that deal more damage.

Guild quests:

these are request sent by people to the guidl,a nd then to you, complñeting these,w ill earn you money, cash, monster parts, and maybe more, they can be classified on:





Monster hunter tri, despite its flaws, is a great game, great hsitory, combat system, and fun to play wi-fi mode.

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