Monster Hunter Tri Tips

Tips For Longsword Users
First of all, a longsword is easy and difficult at the same time. So you should start when you're a little skilled. Now, When you face a monster, you don't want to attack as much as you can then get away the last second! You should either: Use 2 or 3 spirit combo moves then dodge with a fade slash or a roll... OR, do a couple of normal attacks then run away. But you don't have to do this all the time, you can do some full combos every now and then. (Quick thing: longswords have a shortened name: LS). Next, you want to pick out a sword that has a good balance between raw power and element. For example, the Rising Soul has 594 attack and 440 thunder element. Another thing to keep in mind is, is it better than your other swords? it may be a longsword and have high attack for its type, but what if you have a 1500 attack hammer? But if you really want a longsword then that's fine! Now, a longsword is a very versatile weapon, but these are the main use for an LS. Hp chipping, breaking parts of a monster, and fighting monsters with high elemental damage. Why? I'll explain... HP chipping: Longswords have a medium attack power, and attack fast so they're great for lowering HP. Breaking parts: They have high element damage, and have the spirit gauge, which is great for breaking a piece off a monster. Monsters with high elemental damage: well, like I said, high elemental power and large variety of elements. Well hope this helped you! P.S. I'm not some HR 999 person that's an MH expert, I'm HR 112 and just like providing tips.