Monster Hunter Tri Glitches

Glitch outside of the map
There are a few spots in the maps of monster hunter tri, where one may utilize a tactic to land themselves outside of the normally accesable map.

The optimal setup for this would be-
Bowgun with diablos rapid fire (pellet 2) gun part.

it can be done with any bowgun, but it requires MUCH more precision than with the other method.

To my knowledge, this can be done in any place where a hunter falls from one area INTO another (it must be seperated by a loading screen). The person with the bowgun sits slightly back from where the falling player will land, they then aim all the way up.

As soon as the falling player appears slightly above your reticule, fire. Foing this should knock them in a different direction, and if aimed correctly, you will launch them into an area not normally accessable. Some movement from this point will normally glitch the player outside of the map, where they can wander around freely (there are no loading screens). The player indicating arrows on the minimap will still work however, and it is possible to remove your arrow from the map entirely. This is most easily done on the volcano and deserted island.