Monster Hunter Tri Tips

how to trap a monster
have in your inventory trap tool along with net and thunder bug, have also pitfall trap and shock trap, unless you are facing the likes of flying wyverns or the digging wyverns (with some exeptions) you can "anbush" a wyvern like the great baggi, what you need to do this? a flash bomb, sneak one rigth under his nose and stun him NOW if the entrance has two exitsput a pitfall trap on one, then the shck trap on the other, why im a suggesting this? simple, the great baggi will go to either exit and become trapped there, not only that but you can rush it and tranq bomb him, this works for other cases, uragaan some times instead of digging while he is going to an exit wont dig on the earth but will walk, having cha cha or a partner distract it so you can plant the traps is a good idea.

finally capturing monster is better than killing them, reason? 99% of the quests give better rewards by getting a monster alive than dead.