Monster Hunter Tri Tips

the smart hunter inventory
Mega potion
Max potion
Ancient potion
demon drug
mega demon drug
might pill
mega armor skin
titan pill
air philter
mega air philter
Barrel bomb L
Barrel bomb L+
paint ball
Flash bomb.
Shock trap.
Pitfall trap.
tranq bombs

all i mentioned above is one of the best sets, making your character "high" with the 3 tipes of drugs will make sure your character has a decent defense, a good attack , his/her stamina does not drops and finally due to max potion his health is at max.

the psychoserums is for you to track monsters fast, paintballs to save serums.

the air philters are for when you face guys like the lagiarcus, and royal lurdoth or ceadeus, they increase your Oxygen bar.

the traps are for catching monsters so you have an easier time dealing damage.

finally all 3 drugged meats should be included but the yellow one gets priority, play a stall game with a monster and leave a piece of meat when its tired, it will eat it and get paralyzed (the other two poison or put the monsters to sleep)

barrel bombs are there for dishing damage even faster doing kamikaze attacks tends to work