: : : : : : : how to kill a great Jaggi and a Gobul

Monster Hunter Tri Tips

how to kill a great Jaggi and a Gobul
Great Jaggi: a giant jaggi, nice, first boss also, this guy is a pain, until you get better weaponry, bring a lance to kill him, in order to attack best is for you to wait until he roars, attack then, or after he does 3 tail whips.

Gobul: in order to hunt this guy there are two paths fish him, or kill him underwater, i do the second, go onto water and start attacking his lantern once it breaks, go down and attack the maw and the chin, you will not want to attack him on the back due to simple reasons, if you do so there is chance the spikes will grow, and hit you badly, so yeah keep doing a hit and run strategy is the best thing for this guy, lance wont be as helpful, nor maces or GS, by this time you only have switch axe as a decent weapon, later on the LS is a better idea due to spirit combo