: : : : : : : Barioth, uragaan and Agnaktor Hunting tips

Monster Hunter Tri Tips

Barioth, uragaan and Agnaktor Hunting tips
i wil detail each guy:


if you are switch axe or mace you will have a decent time with this guy, for mace users try to aim ASAP to the head knock its crest off, carve it also, it will give you advantage.

now onto the main guy, its a very very good idea to have the earplugs skill, but not from helios armor, BAD IDEA VERY BAD IDEA, helis tough has nice defenses has an horrible let down, demonic blessing, yeah it means no weapon will live in off to do damage before you need to use a whetstone.

also if you can get yourself the capture guru skill (if you have it check closeley the options press the minus button to expand it AND if you painted it yes you will see him flashing when its near death).

some tips are dodge, duck and dodge, i cannot stress that this guy needs to be avoided 90% of the time, have lurdoth based weaponary, so when he is covered in mud his water weakness is exploited dramatically.

alternative is also have pitfall and shock traps, along with the trap tool, you trap the guy and slash him a LOT rinse and repeat, having also barrel bombs.


An other brute wyvern (and a brute pain) cold drinks, paintballs, Barrel bombs +, barrel bombs, mega demon drug, mega dash juice, acient potion, max potion ALL THAT along with cold drinks and TRAPS, i cannot stress in off how importants traps are for you.

this guy has the tremor ability, hence your first priority is having the tremor res skill and again HG earplugs, cut the tail first and then aim for the legs, then keep attacking, if he moves to a different area, pray thats the area with the mountain, please just follow my suggestion, he will go on a mountain and sleep you cannot attack it, but there is something better you have time to plant a trap (shock over pitfall if the tail is not off) and some bombs, the uragaan should roll over and make a bomb explode (with some luck) and fall in the trap, now attack him, do so fast, long sword or switch axe are good ideas, also the bombs can damage the uragaan maw.


A fire based wyvern, and quite an easy prey (easier than a rathalos for sure).

if you followed my suggestions onto having what items, follow them again, also make sure to have cool drinks.

Agnaktor lives just after area 4, he has some attack, but are no biggie, a heat beam, a tail swipe and yeah like the uroktors he can dive onto ground.

here is the cath agnaktor has an magma armor, when he fires the laser BE NEXT TO HIM better under his neck, and relentessly attack his chest, whe he dives dodge, plant a shock trap and keep attacking him, until he falls, now go and attack the tail, choping it off takes a danger out of him, by the tiem you end damaging his chest he should be near death.