Monster Hunter Tri Tips

Lagiarcus Hunting
1) If you see him charging up, and you are close (and the weapon has decent ATK) attack the spikes on the back this will freeze his charging.

2) In order to damage the chest, use a switch axe, in sword mode, with one of the 40% base damage combos (remember the sword mode adds 25% add to that the 40% of the combo and you are doing 65% of the base damage).

3) YOU WILL NEED THIS: Mega demon drug, Mega dash Juice, nutrients, mega air filter and psycho serum, the first 3, will increase your attack,defense and air bar, the nutrients boost your HP.

4) Slay his tail, having done all 3 steps, the largiarcus should be near death, in order to see this if he is underwater he should be flinching, so to speak, instead of a nice swimming pattern he will use a different one.

5) Aim for the legs, always, if you are in ground, if the lagiarcus falls, attack the chest or tail