Monster Hunter Tri Unlockables

Offline awards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Argosy LicenseTrade in all 7 Rare Commodites to the Argosy Captain
Champion's BadgeClear all coliseum quests.
Chief's GarbCear all ★1-3 village quests
Chief's PipeComplete all Village quests
Farm CertificateUpgrade the farm to max level
Gem of the DepthsSlay a Ceadeus
Giant CrownGet a Silver Crown on all Village Monsters except Ceadeus
Lackey TestimonialRaise Cha-Cha to Lv30
Old Childhood MaskCollect all Cha-Cha masks and learn all dances
Scroll of the SageComplete at least 10 pages of the Combination List
Tidal NecklaceHunt a Lagiacrus
Vow of BrotherhoodUpgrade all ships to level 3