Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • Released on Mar 19, 2013
  • By Capcom for Wii U, 3DS

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate User Reviews


Tri a bit harder and you get the Ultimate


When some people convinced me to buy Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, I never envisaged myself sinking several hundred hours into that single game; nor did I know that it would encourage me to buy its future expanded version Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, bringing that time spent up to about a thousand hours between them! I even bought it as a bundle with the Wii U, such was my eagerness to jump back into the hunt. Yet it's not surprising when a Monster Hunter title is far more than the sum of its name, involving massive amounts of grinding and collecting for starters. This title is certainly a ...


On top of the foodchain!

The good:

A game with a superb and realistic opening scene showing the way of life of a few monsters and the dangers the hunters face. The sound in the game is really well-toned and each map has it's own "boss" theme. You are guaranteed to be able to spend 200-500 hours in the game, easily.

The bad:

The graphics in the game itself are somewhat bad, for the 3DS version this is forgiven because of the small console but the WiiU has the exact same quality which is somewhat of a let down. The game doesn't explain the use of armor skills or weapon skills at all and leaves it to the player entirely on how they work, which results in a longer learning curve. And one of the things that lets down players the most is the online function which is for the WiiU version only while the 3Ds can only form a multiplayer with another 3DS or WiiU system, which forces people to buy a WiiU if they wish to play online.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game that makes sure you'll enjoy hundreds of hours of gaming fun in order to hone your skills, gather items and create your weapons and armor and it isn't a game you'll complete easily.

The learning curve in the game is huge, the average to get anywhere decent in fighting monsters is around 200-300 hours. For every new player in the world of Monster Hunter, it's a challenge to overcome the tough learning curve but once you get past it it's a game that will never bore you and there's always something to do. The Gamepad of the WiiU makes it really easy and easie...

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