Monster Dash Cheats

Monster Dash cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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Game Center Achievements
Complete each achievement to get Game Center points! The numbers in brackets are the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Monster Sprint (10)Run 1km in a single run.
Monster Rush (20)Run 2km in a single run.
Monster Run (50)Run 5km in a single run
Fun Run (10)Run a total of 10km.
Half Marathon (20)Run a total of 21km.
Marathon (40)Run a total of 42km.
Ultra Marathon (50)Run a total of 100km.
Monster Hunter (20)Kill a total of 100 monsters.
Mummy Stalker (20)Kill a total of 100 Mummies.
Vampire Slayer (30)Kill a total of 200 Vampires.
Demon Trapper (30)Kill a total of 300 Demon.
Zombie Stomper (40)Kill a total of 400 zombies.
Monster Exterminator (60)Kill a total of 2000 monsters.
Mario (40)Jump on 3 heads in a row without touching the ground.
Hoplophobia (40)Run 1 km without firing a single shot.
Monster Lover (40)Run 2 km without harming a single monster.
Persistent (10)Die 100 times.
Aerial Stomp (20)Stomp a monster in midair.
Pin Number (40)Get a distance that ends with 123.
Arnie (10)Kill a total of 50 monsters in an Arnie ride by Shooting.
Swish (20)Jump down the first hole without hitting the sides.
Line em up (40)Shoot 4 Monsters in 1 shot with The Pacifier.
Strikes Twice (20)Collect Mr Zappy twice in a row in one run.
Cheers (20)Earn the "Drinking Monsters" award.
They're Everywhere (10)Kill 20 monsters on the start screen by tapping them.
Trigger Happy (20)Fire your weapon over 10,000 times.