Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough User Reviews


Breakthrough: Delivering the fatal blow to Allied Assault

The good:

  • Graphics seem to improve
  • The return of the disguise
  • North Africa campaign
  • Soundtrack

    The bad:

  • Use of mortars
  • Accuracy of weapons
  • Enemy is always spotting you before you
  • Still too much damage for an easy mode
  • Low ammunition
  • Bug texture from Spearhead still there


    Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough is the second add-on for the first PC MoH game. After a disastrous original game and a sequel that digged deeper MoH's grave, Breakthrough seemed to be the savior of Allied Assault.

    I didn't like Allied Assault apart from the disguising part and the Omaha Beach mission. I didn't like Spearhead apart from the British part. I did like the beginning of Breakthrough with the North Africa battle... But then...

    Medal of Honor is one of the well-known series on WWII with Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms in the FPS world. Its story begins on the Playstati...

  • 8.0

    MOHAA Breakthrough

    The good:

    One of the best First Person Shooters of the Year I can't wait for Pacific Theatre to come out

    The bad:

    The weapons are'nt realistic enough In that you have too shoot the enemy with nearly a full clip of Ammo before they die. But you only need shooting once or twice before you Die and the accuracy of the weapons Is bad but other than that It's a Brilliant GAME


    I can't wait for Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Pacific Theatre to come out!!. If it's as good as Medal Of Honor Allied Assault and the two Add On's eg:- ( Spearhead and Breakthrough ) Plus all the tweaks they are reported to be doing to It - It should be one hell of a GAME. If they can make the vehicals PLAYER RESPONSIVE as Is being suggested In one or two up Market Computer Mags as well as the Soldiers then god help the other Computer Games this year.

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