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Sing the Modnation anthem with me, guys!


Littlebigplanet... in go karts.
Modnation Racers is a game that gives the player a lot of room to be creative in a kart racing setting, allowing them to modify and create racers, karts and tracks, as well as allow them to race with solid execution behind the racing physics and the like. There are some problems here and there, but the final result... at first, the final result was above average with some killer problems keeping it from greatness, but now, with a patch or two (we're on Version 1.04 at the time this review was written), Modnation Racers is a good game worth purchasing and playi...


Race, Create, Share

The good:

Insane amount of customization,
Lots of zany Arcade Racing action,
You can create your own tracks, and share them with other players as well,
Symbolic of one of the other latest PS3 crazes, LittleBIGPlanet,
When the players asked the developers to fix things, they actually did,
Online Racing has absolutely no lag,
The game gives off a nice Indie feel to it

The bad:

Loading times are kind of long,
Every item pod item's max form is the equivalent of the 'Blue Shell' in Mario Kart, and they could make the difference between life and death,
The computer is unfair, always knowing which path is the best,
Races can be unbalanced at times,
Story is decent


Race, Create, Share. Kind of like LittleBIGPlanet's Play, Create, Share. What can you expect from Modnation Racers? You can expect insane, fast paced races, tons of customization, and a very easy to use racetrack creator. It has its own problems, though, so read on fellow viewers, so you can get a good idea if its worth its price, or not.

First and foremost, the gameplay itself. When you begin the game, you start in a 'qualifier' race for the MNR. If you win 1st - 3rd place, you get warped to the 'Modspot,' sort of like a 'lobby,' that you race around in. If your connected to the internet, y...

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