Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Weapon/Equipment Guide v1.01
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: : : : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Weapon/Equipment Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Weapon/Equipment Guide

by Chillaxative7   Updated to v1.01 on
"Kane was the first man ever to strike down another.  When the Lord came 
to him and said, "What have you done?" Kane could not hide his crime, for 
the cries of his brother"s blood (something, something, yada-yada-yada)"

~On a CoD: MW2 commercial in regards to multiplayer


What's In This Here Guide {table}

1. Quote by random announcer
2. What's In This Here Guide {table}
3. Opening (and copyright bullsh*t) {intro}
4. Version History {hist*}
5. Guns {blamo}
	a. Assault Rifles
	b. Machine Pistols
	c. LMGs
	d. Sniper Rifles
	e. Handguns
	f. Shotguns
	g. Launchers
	h. Submachine Guns
7. Equipment {2ndry}
8. The Beast-Mode Lineup {godly}
9. FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) {?????)
10.Closing {byby*}

Opening (and copyright bullsh*t) {intro}

I, for one, personally thought that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves did not 
deserve to be game of the year for, like, 5 different game sites.  CoD: 
MW2 beat it out of the water in the multiplayer department, and it's 
visually appealing.  So go to hell, Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot was best 
on the PSOne.

Anyway, this is a guide for every gun in the game.  This guide will 
explain all weapons, equipment, and... weapons.

Copyright 2009 Alex Popovski.
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as part 
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or conundrums, e-mail me at I will look at anything and everything 
people write. Also e-mail me for suggestions of where this guide 
should go.  I am currently writing for, but any suggestions 
will be looked over.  My website is 

Honestly, I hope they come out with the Aliens thing I've been hearing 
about.  That would make my day.  Anywho, let's git dis pawtee stawted!




p.s. I have a PS3 account!  It's Chillaxative7.  So, become my 
friend.  Or else.  Really.  Go befriend me, now.

Version History {hist*}

12/21/09- started guide; originally doing Museum, but changed to weapons
12/22/09- got assault rifles done
12/22/09- machine pistols and snipers finished
12/28/09- took break for Christmas, back to guide; handguns, shotguns, and 
launchers finished
12/29/09- done; officially version 1.00
01/06/10- added copyright, can't believe I forgot :(

Guns {blamo}

Every weapon available will be displayed here.  A system goes like this:

Att(Recommended Attachments): (attachments}
Fire Type: (fire type)
Description: (yada,yada,yada}
Rating: (rating)

The rating system is based on exclamation points, with "!" being a 
terrible/useless weapon, while "!!!!!" being a god-send piece of equipment 
from heaven above (if you're an atheist, then disregard that last part).

Assault Rifles

Att: ACOG Scope, Shotgun
Fire Type: three-round burst
Description: The mainstay of U.S. military since the Vietnam War, the M16 
is a sturdy weapon.  The three-round burst keeps ammo in your pocket and 
kills on your profile.  The ironsights is great, although the ACOG is 
recommended.  If you're looking for a fast-firing rifle, look elsewhere.
Rating: (!!!!) A great weapon for most engagements.

Att: Heartbeat, Grenade Launcher
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: Another U.S. military firearm, the M4A1 Carbine is a great 
weapon.  Learn to love it, since you'll be using it for most of the 
campaign.  The accuracy is a bit on the shaky side, but the power and 
piercing ability is superb.
Rating: (!!!!) A versatile rifle with many uses.

Att: Red Dot, Heartbeat
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: My personal favorite rifle, the ACR is a true masterpiece.  
The high accuracy, fairly large clip size, fire rate, and reload speed are 
great, although it is one of the weaker assault rifles.  One of the best.
Rating: (!!!!!) An amazing gun with lots going for it.

Att: ACOG, Heartbeat
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: One of the fan favorites of CoD:MW2, the SCAR is a very good 
rifle.  It is the 2nd-strongest assault rifle, rivaled only by the TAR, 
and has great range.  The reload is pretty quick, and the ironsights don't 
disrupt much view.
Rating: (!!!!!) A great firearm that is sure to please.

Att: Grenade Launcher, Red Dot
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: My 2nd favorite, the AK is a common weapon in campaign, but 
scarce in multiplayer.  The power is high, the range is OK, and the reload 
speed and fire rate are fair.  The accuracy goes nuts in full-auto, so use 
short bursts.
Rating: (!!!) A run-of-the-mill assault rifle with good power and range.

Att: Shotgun(PLEASE use this), Thermal
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: The only single-shot assault rifle in the game.  The FAL is 
very powerful, and can be used as a small sniper rifle with the Thermal 
scope.  The shotgun is a MUST-HAVE, for the FAL isn't made for close-range 
engagements.  The accuracy and reload speed are great.
Rating: (!!!) A great distance firearm, but fails at CQC.

Att: Red Dot, FMJ
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: Let's get this down right off the bat; this gun is a 
powerhouse.  THE strongest assault rifle, this baby kills in one shot on 
Hardcore Mode!  The accuracy falters at great distances, so close fights 
are this gun's chief purpose.  The reload speed is slow, but the RAF is 
Rating: (!!) A powerhouse at close range, but that's it.

Att: Holographic, Grenade Launcher
Fire Type: three-round burst
Description: This is pretty much the M16, but this gun fires the rounds 
faster and has a longer pause between bursts.  Other than that, they are 
Rating: (!!!!) The M16's twin, in most cases.

Att: Red Dot, Heartbeat
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: This gun is run of the mill.  Accuracy, reload, and fire rate 
are decent.  The Red Dot makes close-range engagements easier.
Rating: (!!) Decent in all departments.
Machine Pistols

Att: Akimbo, Ext. Mags
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: If you like to conserve ammo, don't bother with this beast.  
The fire rate is ungodly high, while the capacity is rather low.  In 
addition, the recoil is so high the gun will go upwards pretty damn fast.
Rating: (!!!) A close-range beast, much like the TAR.

Att: Holographic, FMJ
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: My personal favorite machine pistol, this gun has a long 
range, yet low power at any distance.  The magazine size ensures 1 kill (2 
if you're accurate), but FMJ will help with the damage.
Rating: (!!!!) Accurate, long-range gun with little recoil.

Att: Red Dot, Ext. Mags
Fire Type: three-round burst
Description: This sidearm is scarce in campaign, but common in 
multiplayer.  Three headshots with this gun ensure a kill, but that's hard 
to pull off because of the recoil.  The magazine size is decent, and the 
rounds fire off quickly.
Rating: (!!!!) A great sidearm for close engagements.

Att: Ext. Mags, Akimbo
Fire Type: full-auto
Description:  The Resident Evil 4 beast makes a cameo in CoD:MW2, and 
doesn't disappoint.  The fire rate, accuracy, and damage are superb.  The 
capacity is rather low, but the reload speed is quick.
Rating: (!!!!) An easy-to-use weapon with it's own style.

Att: Grip, Red Dot
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: This LMG has a slightly faster reload than the others (except 
for the AUG HBAR).  The accuracy is high, and so is the power.  Using 
short bursts of fire is recommended, for this gun loses accuracy quite 
quickly.  A Red Dot sight is recommended because of the terrible 
Rating: (!!!) A great LMG with high power and speedy reload.

Att: ACOG, Grip
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: My favorite LMG, this firearm is powerful, accurate, and has 
quite a range.  This is one of the few LMGs with the ability to be a 
"sniper rifle", using the ACOG and Grip, with its long range.  The 
capacity is huge, as with most LMGs, but the reload takes FOREVER.
Rating: (!!!) A good gun with a long range and power.

Att: Red Dot, Heartbeat
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: One of my least-favorite guns, the MG4 has lots of things 
going against it.  The reload is lengthy, the power is low, and the range 
is short.  It does have a high fire rate, and a large capacity, but too 
much is going against it.
Rating: (!!) Many negative attributes kill this gun's effectiveness.

Att: Red Dot, Heartbeat
Fire Type: full-auto
Description:  The oddball of the group, the AUG HBAR has the strength and 
weight of an LMG, but the capacity and accuracy of an assault rifle.  This 
turns out to be a good combo.  Strength and accuracy (in short bursts) is 
great, and the reload speed is quick.  Also note that the capacity is of 
an assault rifle, so no going Rambo with this puppy.
Rating: (!!!!!) A great hybrid with its own type of weapon.

Att: Heartbeat, Grip
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: This takes what's great about the LMGs and puts it into one.  
The reload is quicker than the RPD and MG4, and the power is high.  The 
large capacity keeps it fueled, but the accuracy is off.
Rating: (!!!!) One of the best heavy LMGs to use.
Sniper Rifles

Att: Thermal, Heartbeat
Fire Type: bolt-action
Description: The beast-mode sniper has finally arrived.  This powerhouse 
can kill in one shot in multiplayer (with Stopping Power on), although the 
fire rate is slow and shots may also miss, even when scoped.  The reload 
is quick, but the sway is large.
Rating: (!!!) A sniper with huge power and quick reload.

Att: Silencer, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: A sniper by any other name, would be the Barrett.  The recoil 
is high, but so is the power.  It has less sway than the Intervention, 
making it better for quick sniping.  The reload is quick, but the capacity 
is low.
Rating: (!!!) A great rifle for most situations.

Att: none
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: The Dragunov is only found in campaign.  Commonly known as 
the SVD, this Russian sniper has very little recoil.  In addition, the 
magazine is large and the reload is speedy.  The power is low, but who 
cares?  It's campaign!  You can kill these guys with a Post-It on Regular.
Rating: (!!!!) A great rifle that should have been in multiplayer.

Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: The M14 is exlusive to campaign and Spec Ops (since you can 
find an unscoped version in Breach and Clear), and the M21 is a 
multiplayer exclusive.  They both operate the same way: low recoil, speedy 
reload and fire rate, high capacity, and low power.
Rating: (!!!!) A good sniper with high capacity and quick firing.

Att: ACOG, Ext. Mags
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: My favorite sniper rifle, this is a well-rounded gun.  The 
recoil is very low, the fire rate is high, the capacity is decent, the 
reload is quick, and the accuracy is dead-on.  Applause.
Rating: (!!!!!) A magnificent example of Red9 Syndrome (thank you 
xoChrisiskingox for coining that term.  it's his idea, not mine.)

Att: FMJ, Akimbo
Fire Type: semi-auto (barely)
Description: This is THE beast-mode pistol.  The power is enough to cry 
at, and the reload is quick.  But, the capacity is a measly 7 rounds, the 
accuracy is nuts, and the recoil is HUGE.
Rating: (!!!) A powerful pistol for the beast inside of us.

Att: none
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: This handgun is only found in Museum.  It's exactly like the 
M9, except that it's a bit more powerful and the magazine is much lower.  
For people who played CoD:MW, this is a fresh breath of nostalgia.  This 
is the pistol used by Price, and also the one used to kill Zakhaev.
Rating: (!!) This blast-from-the-past is pretty mediocre.

Att: Silencer, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: This is the sniper's best friend.  It fires fast, the power 
is OK, and the reload is quick.  The accuracy is bad, especially when 
fired quickly.
Rating: (!!!) The sniper's sidearm of choice.

Att: Akimbo, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: The infantry pistol of choice, the reliable M9 is quick 
firing, has a large magazine, is quick to reload, and even looks cool!  
The power is a bit on the short side, however.
Rating: (!!!!) A great handgun for Last Stand.
<.44 Revolver>
Att: Tactical Knife, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: To be honest, this handgun surprised me.  The fire rate is 
high, the reload is pretty fast, and the power almost pars that of the 
Deagle.  The capacity is quite low.
Rating: (!!!!) A handgun with a surprising loadout.

Att: Heartbeat, Ext. Mags (this is MANDATORY)
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: This gun is so Rambo, even Rambo himself would feel weird 
holding it.  This is a FULLY-AUTOMATIC shottie.  Unfortunately, the 
capacity is low, and the extra ammo is very low in count.  The reload is 
Rating: (!!!) The beast-mode shottie of choice.

Att: Red Dot, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: Yet another RE4 gun, this no longer is completely beast in 
every way.  The fire rate is incredibly high, and the capacity is large, 
but the reload takes forever if you need 5-12 shells.
Rating: (!!!) A great shotgun with a high fire rate and capacity.

Att: Akimbo, FMJ
Fire Type: lever-action (same as pump)
Description: This is my favorite shottie.  You can literally short-range 
snipe with this bad boy.  The range and power are amazing, but the 
capacity is only five shells, and the fire rate is laughable.
Rating: (!!!!) The range and power make this shotgun.

Att: Akimbo, FMJ
Fire Type: semi-auto (technically speaking)
Description: This is the only cartable weapon in the game that can't be 
looked down the sight (because there isn't one!).  The range is short, but 
the reload is quick.  Don't even talk about the capacity; two shells is so 
Rating: (!!) A shotgun for purely short-range engagements.

Att: Red Dot, Grip
Fire Type: semi-auto
Description: This weapon differs in one field: the capacity.  In campaign, 
it's high.  In multiplayer, it's 4.  The fire rate is high, the reload is 
speedy, and the power is great.
Rating: Depends.  In campaign, it's (!!!!).  In multiplayer, it's (!!!).

Att: Red Dot, FMJ
Fire Type: pump-action
Description: This shottie is the only pump-action shotgun in multiplayer 
and campaign.  The fire rate is slow (duh), and the range is short, but 
the capacity and reload speed are high.  The power is also high.
Rating: (!!) The fire rate is its downfall.

Att: none
Fire Type: pump-action
Description: This gun is only found in Museum off of a dead NPC.  This 
takes the best attributes of the M1014 and the SPAS-12 and combines them.  
The reload and capacity are high, and the fire rate is faster than the 
SPAS-12.  The power is great.
Rating: (!!!!) Should have been in multiplayer or campaign.

Att: none
Fire Type: one shot, then reload
Description: This is a noob tube, but an actual weapon you can carry.  The 
is high, the range is quite far, and the ironsights are accurate.  The 
reload is 
Rating: (!!!) With an assault rifle with an M203, you will become the 

Att: none
Fire Type: one shot
Description: This weapon takes the RPG-7 and the Stinger and combines 
them, so 
you can lock on to vehicles and free shoot.  The power, however, is low 
for a 
launcher.  Also, one shot doesn't work for me.
Rating: (!!!) A decent launcher with a mix of attributes.

Att: none
Fire Type: one shot
Description: Holy sh*t, this beast is amazing.  It can lock on to vehicles 
locations, the power is enormous, it shoots straight up into the air, so 
don't need a clear line of sight, and the sight looks awesome!  Best 
hands down.
Rating: (!!!!!) The best weapon for all your explody needs.

Att: none
Fire Type: one shot, then reload
Description: Holy sh*t, this RL is crap.  It can only lock on to vehicles, 
weaker than the Javelin, and it shoots straight (actually, that's a good 
Worst weapon, hands down.
Rating: (!) I loathe this monstrosity with all of my heart and soul.

Att: none
Fire Type: one shot, then reload
Description: This is a toughie.  The power is high and the reload is good, 
it's incredibly inaccurate.  Hmmmmmmmm, I guess I'll make it average.
Rating: (!!!) A close-range choice only.
Submachine Guns

Att: Rapid Fire, Silencer
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: This is one of those guns that should have been assault 
rifles.  The high fire rate gives the decent power a place to be, and the 
quick reload adds to the fun.  The ironsights are terrible, and the range 
is bad as well.
Rating: (!!!) A decent submachine gun with a high fire rate.

Att: Holographic, Akimbo
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: The mini version of the one used in the original MW, this gun 
has been neutered a bit.  The power is decent, and the reload speed and 
fire rate are good.  The accuracy goes ballistic in full-auto, so try to 
fire in short bursts.
Rating: (!!)  The MW gun returns, but not with a vengeance.

Att: Akimbo, Rapid Fire
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: My favorite submachine gun, the P90 has the highest clip size 
of any submachine gun (or assault rifle, for that matter).  The power is 
good and the reload speed is surprisingly fast for a gun with that high of 
a capacity.  The accuracy is pretty bad actually, and any sight is 
recommended because the ironsights just don't cut it.  They should have 
used the sight from Metal Gear Solid 4.
Rating: (!!!) A good short-range counterpart.

Att: Red Dot, Rapid Fire
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: Just a quick note: what does the regular-sized Uzi look like?  
If this is the mini version, the regular must be huge.  Anyway, this is 
the fastest-firing gun in the game, and with Rapid Fire equipped, you can 
pwn those nOObs pretty quickly, dawg.  The recoil is high, but so is the 
clip size.
Rating: (!!!) The "mow-down" weapon of choice.

Att: Holographic, Ext. Mags
Fire Type: full-auto
Description: A submachine gun that should have been an assault rifle.  The 
power is high for a submachine gun, and the accuracy is surprisingly good.  
The clip size is low, but so is the reload speed time.
Rating: (!!!) A great gun with great accuracy and power.

Equipment {2ndry}

I don't give ratings to equipment, so just read the description.

1st Tier Equipment

This is your standard-issue explody thing.  Simply pull the pin, and the 
timer starts.  When that timer ends, the grenade explodes, sending 
shrapnel flying into anyone unfortunate enough to be in its proximity.  
This type of grenade is cookable, meaning you can hold down the grenade 
button once you've pulled the pin.  The longer you hold it before 
releasing it, the shorter time it takes to explode.  This is a very useful 
tactic in situations requiring a quick explosion.  Be sure not to hold it 
too long, or else... well, you get the picture.  This grenade can also be 
thrown back if you can get close enough, but it's too risky in 
multiplayer.  Cooking frags is common, and if you think someone just threw 
it as soon as they pulled the pin, then you're probably wrong.  If you see 
the grenade sign in multiplayer, run like hell.

This is a grenade that resembles the Plasma Grenade from Halo 3 in the 
sense that it sticks to things.  What's different is that the Semtex will 
stick to ANY surface, not just organic.  The Semtex also has higher damage 
and a larger field of effect than the frag.  Also, this explosive is 
timed, so you cannot cook this one.  As soon as you let it go, the timer 
starts.  Another negative is that the Semtex makes a loud beeping sound, 
so you can't be sneaky like with the frag.  Anyway you see it, it never 
gets old seeing "Stuck!" come up on your screen (unless they have 
Painkiller and Final/Last Stand, then they survive and it pissed the hell 
out of the thrower).

This is one of those weapons that takes a lot of practice to use 
effectively.  The throwing knife is just what it says: a knife that's 
thrown and results in a one-hit kill.  The knife can also be picked back 
up after thrown, so you can use it until you throw it out of bounds or 
die.  The knife, when thrown, goes in an arc, and then drops abruptly.  
This is a hard weapon to use for newcomers, so try and practice hitting 
targets in private matches.

A very unique piece of equipment, the tactical insertion does a very 
special job.  Find a place you want to spawn at, put the insertion there, 
and viola!  Once you die, you will respawn wherever you put it.  This is 
very useful on huge or obstructed maps like Highrise, where you can just 
place an insertion at the enemy base and go crazy.  There are some 
negatives, however.  One thing is that it takes a few seconds to place the 
insertion.  Seconds without a weapon, standing like a sitting duck.  
Another thing is that an enemy soldier can destroy the insertion, 
preventing you from spawning there.  If you ever see an enemy tactical 
insertion, just wait there and spawn-kill them.

The name says it all; the blast shield gives about 50% resistance to all 
explosive damage, including the Noobtube (thank God).  The shield 
restricts your vision and gets rid of your minimap anytime you have it on.  
You also need to press the primary grenade button to use it; it doesn't 
take effect automatically.

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Claymores are a sniper's best 
friend.  The "set-and-forget" mines are back from CoD:MW, but they've been 
neutered big-time.  It's easy: set the Claymore in the direction you want 
the explosion to go, and wait.  When some poor sap gets in the Claymore's 
line of sight, BADA-BOOM!  Unfortunately, people with the Scrambler Pro 
perk can bypass Claymores, making them explode a few seconds too late.
NOTE: You can have more than one Claymore "out" if you have Scavenger, but 
only two can be placed at a time.  Once you set the third, the first will 

The C4, unlike the Claymore, has been beefed up from the original Modern 
Warfare.  You set it, then you wait, then detonate it by hand.  The blast 
radius and power are better than the Cod:MW C4.
2nd Tier Equipment

The trusty Flash grenade, how I luv you.  Once thrown, like the Semtex, a 
timer goes off.  At the end, the Flashbang explodes with light and sound, 
so the enemy's screen will be completely white, and the sound deafens 
them, so no sound will come through the speakers.  A downside is that the 
flashed enemy can still move normally, so they can spray and pray and hit 

The Stun Grenade is the Flashbang's close cousin.  Once thrown, a timer 
goes off.  At the end, it flashes with light and sound, but with different 
effects.  It slows down the target's moving and aiming speed, AND it 
deafens them.  A downside is that they can still see, so try to stun them 
when you're behind them, lest the turn fast enough and kill you.

Another equipment for a sniper, the Smoke grenade releases a thick cloud 
of smoke when detonated, which lasts about 15-20 seconds.  There is near-
zero visibility in the shroud of smog, but people with machine guns can 
just spray and pray.  Use the smoke to move from one place to another, or 
as a distraction.

The Beast-Mode Lineup {godly}

This is the section where the best weapons from each category are named.  
Welcome to beast-mode.

Beast-Mode Assault Rifle: SCAR-H!
The SCAR deserves it.  The power and capacity are high, the reload is 
fast, the ironsights are cool, etc.  Bravo!
Beast-Mode Machine Pistol: M93 Raffica!
A tough descision between the PP2000 and the M93, but the M93 came out on 
top.  The three-round burst conserves ammo, the reload is quick, the power 
is high, and the capacity is decent.  Magnificent!
Beast-Mode LMG: AUG HBAR!
The hybrid came out on top, who knew!  The power and capacity are high, 
the reload is quick, although the ironsights need a little work.  Huzzah!
Beast-Mode Sniper Rifle: WA2000!
You should have seen this coming.  The reload, capacity, power, accuracy, 
all great.  Hooplah!
Beast-Mode Handgun: M9!
Two wins for the M9 (technically).  The fire rate and capacity are high, 
the reload is speedy, the accuracy is great, etc.  Woo-hoo!
Beast-Mode Shotgun: Model 1887!
If you have EVER wielded these things Akimbo, you know why I love them.  
The range is sniper-worthy, the power is high, the accuracy is good, yada.  
Beast-Mode Launcher: Javelin!
Duh.  The Javelin is amazing, with its high power, targeting system, and 
area of effect.  Much bueno!
Beast Mode Submachine Gun: UMP .45!
A great sub with assault rifle potential.  Capacity, fire rate, reload 
speed, and accuracy are great.  ROFLOLMFAO!

FAQs {?????}

Q: Where's the Riot Shield?
A: I didn't put it in the guide because it sucks ass.  Nuff said.

Q: I found something wrong with your guide.  What should I do?
A: If it's a huge, OMG, holy sh*t problem, then e-mail me and tell me the 
problem.  If it's a small spelling error, leave it.  If it's that small, 
most people won't be affected by it.

Q: Can I put your guide on my site?
A: If you ask me first and give me credit, then probably yes.

Q: Will you accept my PS3 friend request?
A: Probably.  So, send me a request... now.

Q: Can I spam your account with chain PS3 messages?
A: No.

Q: Are you a handsome person?
A: Yes.

Closing {byby!}

Well, we've had a lot of fun.  We saw weapons, grenades, Claymores, the 
whole nine yards.  It's been a fun ride.

I enjoyed making this guide, and all of my other ones, which include:
*Rag-Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

There are a few people I would like to thank: 
xoChrisiskingox- for making up that term; if you want it off the guide, 
just ask
Funkeyhotmonkey- for being patient with an epic noob like myself
My uncles- for pwning me in private matches so I could learn
My family- for not getting mad at "No Russian"
gameFAQs- for showing me the wonderful world of guides
YOU- for reading this guide

The end.  Now eat your vegetables.  The broccoli especially.  I'm dead 
serious.  Eat the f*cking broccoli or I'll shove it down your f*cking 
throat with a f*cking spoon.