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Mob Rule: To complex and hard.

The good:

Mob Rule is funny. No doubt about that. You control gangsters, workers, hookers, and fixers. You build soup kitches and put tenants in them and have them make money. You can even upgrade them to a Diner then a restruats. there are 10 money makers you can make and of course alot more after you upgrade them. And everything has a little movie in the bottom right hand cornor. You click a worker and you see them working and droping screws and stuff.

The bad:

It gets pretty boring after a while of gameplay. Each level has its different missions but when you get to the next level you see how you just played a mission just like this on the last level. Also, as you move on it gets very hard and you will be finding yourself in debt. You need to take care of your buildings, get your fixers working on them, making sure no other gang is in your territory, watching if the police are going to make a bust on your bussiness, upgrading buildings, and make sure you meet the objective! Then sometimes without notice your tentants die behind your back! Jeez


You control alot of people to help make your mafia empire. and it may think its fun to go and distory the other gangs building but itget really boring after doing it 15 times. And its a bit to comic wise for me. I was looking for realistic but saw it more of a fun, cartoon game.

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