Mega Man Xtreme FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Mega Man Xtreme FAQ/Walkthrough

by nbppp   Updated to v1.0 on
				 Megaman Xtreme

                         Copyright info.

     This walkthrough is copyrighted 2001 by NBPPP.  All rights are
reserved, including the right to reproduce this document in whole or in part in any form.

     Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Xtreme, Sigma, Dr. Light, and any other names of
characters are registered trademarks of Capcom Co. LTD All Rights reserved.

     I give anyone rights to post this on there own website as long as everything contained
within this document stays in this document in the format that I have created.  This includes the
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I'd prefer that you give me your e-mail address and web address so I can note where it has been
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(specify what info) and put me in your acknowledgements (or whatever
you call it in your walkthrough/faq).

                         Contact info.

AIM:  nbppp
web address:

I'm hardly ever on AIM.  Your best bet is to e-mail me because I constantly check my e-mail.  My
e-mail is subject to change without notice, so please check the website for the most current e-mail
address.  If you have information to help me out with, corrections, constructive criticism,
suggestions, or questions about future walkthroughs etc., just send me e-mail and I'll try to be

Version info.

1.0 - Mostly walkthrough and General Strategies/Secrets.


1)About this walkthrough and future walkthroughs
3)How you can help me (after all, I'm helping you!)
5)Difficulty levels, Intro to story/characters
6)General Strategies & Secrets

          1)About this walkthrough and future walkthroughs

     Welcome to my first guide!  It took me approximately 17 hours to write this and play
through all difficulty modes.  I chose Megaman Xtreme as my first walkthrough because it is my
favorite game ever, and it is full of important strategies.  I was going to do a Final Fantasy game
but decided not to because at the time of this writing all the Final Fantasy games have been out
long enough to have a ton of guides written for them.  Another reason I chose the Megaman
series is I know just about every detail about them other than the names of minor robots and some
bosses that are not named by the instruction booklet.  In the future I plan to write more
walkthroughs for the Megaman series, rare games in the request list at, and
many classic games.  I especially want to do Megaman Xtreme 2.  I hope to start on it on its
release date.  I probably will never write any walkthroughs on games that have Official Strategy
Guides because I feel those are usually the best kind of guide you can ever have due to the
awesome charts, graphs, screenshots, plus you can have it right there while you are playing the
game.  If you want to use this guide while you are playing the game, you either have to print out a
ton of pages, print out the needed parts as necessary, or have a laptop handy, thus an official
guide is more convenient.  Unless I land a job with a strategy guide publisher, I won't be writing
any of those.  I also noticed that there are no guides for Megaman 1 and 3 for pc (not to be
confused with Megaman X and X3 for pc).  I hope to do these in the future.

     It has been a really good experience writing this guide.  I felt determined to discover every
little detail about a game.  I have fine tuned my own personal fighting strategies on this particular
game and I seriously thought that it couldn't be done.  I thought I had this game down and then I
discovered all sorts of new boss weaknesses and the Shatokan moves which I thought didn't exist
in this game.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this walkthrough as much as I have!

                         2) Acknowledgements

     I gained much of my love for video games in childhood.  I'd like to thank Jeff Kidd, Guy
Kidd, and Eric Schelin for teaching me gaming skills and how to enjoy games this much.  Also, I
would like to thank my family for helping me purchase some rare games when I come across

     I would also like to thank my English teachers throughout school, especially Mrs. Snow
and Mrs. Lofgren.  They taught me how to enjoy writing.

     Finally, I'd like to thank my mom for allowing me to use her laptop to write this
walkthrough and for being patient with me and my video game playing!

                         3)How you can help me.

1. Let me know of speling erors and grammer erors like this ones :)
2. Send in Gameshark/Game Genie codes.  I used to make my own codes for games, but both my
game genie and gameshark broke :(.  Maybe I'll get both of them again sometime and start making
codes for this game and others.
3. Read the walkthrough before asking me questions that might be answered
in the walkthrough.
4. If this gets used a lot, I'll write more walkthroughs so spread the word!
5. Don't harass me.  I'll write more walkthroughs the less I'm harassed.
6.Notify me of redundancies.  I hate redundancies!  I really hate redundancies!  Note:  it is not
necessary to notify me of this one
7. If you need any more help, just ask nicely and be patient because I do
have a life other than video games, walkthroughs and answering people's
questions.  I will get around to you as long as you are nice!
8. I don't know of any of the names for the minor robots so somebody please inform me on these.

     Anyone that gives me information will be added to the acknowledgements section.



Q:  What does NBPPP stand for?

A:  Neon Brown Plaid Plasma Potion.  It was my band's name.  The band never
happened because the drummer moved and it just went downhill from there.
I still love the name though and it is what all my friends know me by on the

Q:  If Dr. Light didn't create Zero, how does he know to create special weapons for him?

A:  Good question!  Don't worry about it though.  At least you get those awesome weapons
right?  Unfortunately, I really don't know the answer, so write to Capcom if you really are that

               5)Difficulty levels, Intro to story/Characters

There are three difficulty levels.  They are Normal, Hard, and Extreme.  When you first play the
game, you'll notice that it doesn't give you an option.  This is because when you finish the game in
one difficulty level, you end opening the next hardest up.  In Hard mode it is almost a totally
different game!  You get all the stuff you had in Easy mode and you can get more stuff and there
are four new levels to choose from. The four in Normal mode are not accessible in Hard mode
though.  In Extreme mode you have to start with no power ups, but all the levels are accessible.
This makes the game have more replayability than any other game I've played thus making it my
favorite all time game!

For the exact story, see the instruction booklet.  Basically, you are a
reploid, Megaman X.  Due to a nasty computer hack, some of the reploids
are going nuts.  I would say more, but once you start playing you'll

The characters are as follows:

Megaman X:  The main character.

Zero:  Your trusted friend .  In Hard and Extreme mode you learn Zero Scramble moves that
allow you to summon him for a quick, usually lethal attack.

Dr. Cain:  Discovered Megaman X in a capsule that was buried under Dr. Light's lab. From X, he
created new robots known as reploids.

Dr. Light:  Creator of Megaman, Megaman X and many other robots.  He is now dead, but shows
up as a hologram when X discovers the capsules that contain body part upgrades and Zero
Scramble attacks.

Middy:  Computer genius that explains what Techno has done and how it all can be fixed.

Techno:  The enemy that hacked the computer to cause the reploids to go into utter chaos.

Zain:  Nasty reploid with giant sword.  Not the worst reploid though.

Geemel:  A really powerful reploid that works with Zain.  Geemel REALLY hates X.

Sigma:  The ultimate enemy.  If you don't already know why, you will.

                    6)General Strategies & Secrets

1)  If there is an area that looks like it might be accessible, but almost impossible, you are
probably right!  I'd keep going after it because there is probably something good there.

2)  Collect every sub-tank, heart, body part, and Zero Scramble.  They are important.

3)  Don't hesitate to use those sub-tanks when you need them.  Try to save them for bosses

4)  Learn how to use your dash!!  To perform it, press down and the A button or tap right or left
twice.  This is of most importance against bosses as you will be dashing under, over, and around
them constantly, especially Morph Moth.

5)  Learn your extra weapons' uses, strengths and weaknesses.  This will be covered in the
walkthrough as needed.

6)  Many areas will require you to know how to use your long wall jump.  Basically, while
clinging on a wall, you can press jump to climb up it.  If you are pressing towards the wall and
then press opposite of the wall while jumping you will jump a long ways.  This is required to get
into many secret areas, and it is also the key to defeating Morph Moth. This strategy will help a
ton with the other bosses also, but it is most important with him.

7)  On Normal and Extreme mode you can go to Chill Penguin's level.  Part way through this level
is an excellent place to fill up your sub-tanks.  There is also a high frequency of dropped extra
lives in this area.  Keep running back and forth from end to end to make robots show up again.
Make sure you don't go in the auto-save at the end of this area unless you finish this trick.  This
place is indicated in the Chill Penguin part of the walkthrough, but if you want to check it out
right now, it is right after all the spiked wheel guys.  The area has a bunch of helicopter like guys
and ostrich robots (somebody let me know the names of the regular robots in this game please!).
On Hard and Extreme Mode you can go to Morph Moth's level and grab an extra life at the very
beginning.  It is up high before you enter the area with a ceiling, after about three robots I think.
The place is sort of hidden but easily accessible.  Use the Escape in your weapons menu to exit
the level and come back for the extra life again!  Your maximum is 9 lives.  Also, there is a certain
area of Morph Moth's stage that has a lot of Dragonflies that seem to have a good life energy
drop rate so fill your sub-tanks here if you can't at Chill Penguin's stage.

8) Charge up your weapon!  This will make your attack twice as powerful, and sometimes more!
You'll learn when you really don't need to.  Usually you don't need to charge your special
weapons.  You can only charge them when you get the weapon body part upgrade.  Their are a
few cases where the charged special weapons come in handy.  They'll be indicated in the

9)Auto-save trick:  Auto-save is your friend!  If you lose at a level you will come across a menu
that asks you to Save and Continue (save and go to stage select) Save and Quit(save and return to
the title screen), retry which starts you at the beginning of the stage without saving, and To the
Title Screen which takes you to the title screen (how about that!) without saving (note:  this is a
little different than what the booklet says because the booklet is a little wrong).  If you choose To
The Title Screen, you can then choose to "continue" to load a save game.  Here it asks if you
would want to use your auto-save once you enter the load screen.  Now you are back at your last
auto-save point rather than starting the level over!  Don't rely on this to keep working however!
Once you have used an auto-save, it will be deleted and unless you come across another
auto-save, you will not be able to do this trick again.  Be careful when doing this trick because of
this fact.

10)Time records:  If you want a good time record (to show off to your friends or whatever), don't
save if you don't complete the level.  Also, the only thing you should choose is To the Title
Screen when you die and then Continue your saved game to have optimal times.  My best time in
Extreme mode is 00:53, but it probably could be better if I tried this.

11)  When you are low on life, some areas have enemies that have a good rate of dropping life
energy.  However, some won't drop any life energy at all, such as the bats.  The most important
time to take advantage of this is right before a boss and when you need to charge sub-tanks.  See
tip 7 for more info.

12)  Using weapons when climbing walls and ladders:  Do not shoot while climbing walls because
you'll probably shoot the wrong direction, so make sure you are sliding down the wall while
shooting.  On ladders point the direction you want to shoot and then shoot otherwise it'll choose
the direction for you.

13)  When charging up your weapons, don't let go of your weapon button when you are hit.  If
you do, the weapon isn't fired and you have to charge all over.

14)  You are invincible for a short period of time when hit.  Use this time to walk through
enemies, walk on spike safely, etc.  Be careful because it doesn't last long.

15)  Use special weapons sparingly!  If you are going to use a special weapon on mini-bosses or
bosses don't use that weapon at other parts of the level unless you know for a fact that you have
enough weapon energy or you know a good way to get weapon energy (bats are the best for
weapon energy).  Also, your best weapons are S. Tornado and R. Shield.  S. Tornado is very
useful especially against many of the regular robots that take multiple hits.  A charged R. Shield
will prevent you from getting hurt by spikes.  Some enemies can nullify your charged R. Shield, so
be careful not to use it over spikes when there is an enemy to destroy your shield because it will
kill you!  When you reach a boss, don't use your special weapon if you have more than one life
and you don't have enough life energy to defeat him.  Instead, use this turn to practice and when
you die, come back to use your weapon energy against him.

16)  When you have a hard time with a certain type of regular enemy, try using special weapons
and see what is effective.  Make sure you aren't needing this weapon later though.

17)  If it makes it easier, change the button config in the option menu to allow start to be used as
a dash button.  Also in the option menu is an option called extra.  Under the extra option is Auto
Charge and Rapid Fire.  Both are useful if you are a beginner.  If you use Rapid Fire, make sure
you use Auto Charge because you cannot charge with Rapid Fire by holding down the weapon
button.  You can only charge if you have Auto Charge enabled and you sit and do nothing.  I find
all of these options to actually impair me but that is because I am so used to playing without these
options.  I write this walkthrough assuming that you are not using these options so when I give
you directions contrary to these options like when I say to do a dash-jump by pressing over twice
then A instead of start then A , just substitute according to the option you have in use.

18)  Boss weaknesses:

     Chill Penguin:  S. Burner          Wheel Gator:  M. Mine
     Spark Mandrill:  S. Ice            Magna Centipede:  S. Shot
     Storm Eagle:  S. Wheel             Armored Armadillo:  E. Spark
     Flame Stag:  S. Tornado            Morph Moth:  R. Shield
     Zain:  S. Ice                 Geemel:  S. Burner + Final
     Spider:  M. Mine (charged)         2nd Sigma level boss:  S.  Burner
     Sigma 1:  E. Spark            Sigma 2:  R. Shield

19)  Secret Weaponry (Shatokan):  On the second Sigma level, when you arrive at the point
where you have a choice to go up a ladder that seems impossible to reach or go down a ladder, go
up!  You'll notice that their are spikes on the wall.  Charge up R. Shield all the way.  This will
allow you to stand on the spikes.  Now jump towards the spikes and land about half way up the
wall.  From the spikes jump up as high as you can and grab the ladder.  This may take a few tries
because you will usually just hit your head and fall down rather than jumping up.  Once you reach
the auto-save, recharge your R. Shield so you are invincible on spikes again.  When you reach the
end, climb down and slide down the left wall for a long time until you reach a illusionary wall!
You should fall right in if you are pressing against the wall, but if you reach the bottom first, don't
fall down but climb up back a little ways and try again.  Inside you will find a capsule with Dr.
Light.  He gives you the powerful Shatokan moves known as Hadou-ken and Shouryu-ken from
Megaman X and Megaman X2.  If you have a hard time doing it this way, you can use that ride
platform that I tell you to skip to get to the ladder.  I consider that the hard way though it is the
only way to get it in Normal mode since you won't have R. Shield.  I believe that these moves are
actually from the Street Fighter `series.  Dr. Light will describe how to use them.  The one that is
a flame uppercut is the Shouryu-ken and the blue fireball is Hadou-ken.  These won't do as much
damage as they did in the previous Megaman X games, but they have their uses.  I'll list the best
uses in appropriate places in the walkthrough.  Use them wisely because sometimes it is better not
to use them.  A good of example of when not to is the 2nd Sigma boss.  You can use Hadou-ken,
but using Shouryu-ken will usually get you killed.

20)  What bosses to use Shatokan moves on:

     2nd Sigma level boss:  Use Hadou-ken to destroy his shields then follow the usual

     Chill Penguin (2nd time):  Use Hadou-ken to destroy both Ice Sculptures and do heavy
damage to Chill Penguin all at once!

     Any other uses are listed in the walkthrough.  They are according to what mode you are
in, so I don't list them here.

21)  If you have a really difficult time playing this game, go through the 8 stages and collect all the
sub-tanks, hearts, and capsules that don't require a special weapon to get to them.  Every time you
go to a new level while doing this, at least try to get to the boss and defeat him, but don't worry
about it if you don't.  When you lose all your lives (or defeat the boss), just head to the next level
and grab everything there.  This way, you will be as upgraded as possible to defeat your first boss.
You should also fill up your sub-tanks all the way.  Remember that some upgrades are
unattainable unless you have the proper weapon.  A good example is the Zero Scramble on
Morph Moth's level in Hard/Extreme mode.  You are required to have the S. Wheel weapon from
Wheel Gator to obtain this weapon.

Note:  Specific boss strategies will be in the walkthrough.  Heart, sub-tank, and capsule locations
will also be described there.

                         7) Walkthrough

Note:  Search for a dollar sign (shift + /) using the find feature in your word processor which is
usually indicated by binoculars for Hard mode and an asterisk (shift + 8) for the Sigma Level

     All Difficulty Modes:

     First Level:  This level is pretty straight forward.  Try your best to get comfortable with
the controls.  Spiked balls can be destroyed with one charged up hit, several rapid hits, or if you
have to, jump over them.  The helicopter robots are the same, except you can just run under them,
if you are quick about it.

     Watch out for crumbling road because it'll fall from beneath you.  When needed climb up
out of the pits by constantly jumping when against the wall.

     When the big robot comes out (the one you can't damage until it is all the way on screen),
constantly fire at it and maybe use a couple of charged shots while avoiding the missiles.  If you
stay all the way to the left, it is easy to avoid the machine gun and easier to have enough time to
jump over the missiles.  Ignore the robots it drops unless they start to get close to you.  You can
shoot these in the head to get rid of them or they'll just blow up once the giant robot is gone.

     At the end, face Vile.  The text says VAVA in mine, but if you have played the other
games, you know that his name is Vile.  If I remember correctly, Vava is Vile's name in Japan, so
it was left untranslated this time.

     All you need to do is charge up your weapon (hold down b).  When you are fully charged,
shoot it at him and charge up again.  When he charges towards you just jump as high as you can
while pressing over.  To jump higher just hold the A button down as long as you are in the air.
After some practice, you'll find this fight all yours every time you come across Vile/VAVA.

     Afterwards you will go through some storyline, Except in Extreme mode, and then you
will come to the stage select screen.  In both Normal and Extreme mode, I recommend starting
with Chill Penguin.  In Hard Mode, I recommend Armored Armadillo.  Chill Penguin can be
defeated with just the X Buster (your normal weapon) if you are careful enough and Armored
Armadillo can be beaten with E. Spark which you should already have from Spark Mandrill.  Of
course any of them can be the starting stage if you are careful enough, but these two are the
easiest.  Alternative starting stages are Flame Stag and Storm Eagle for normal and Extreme
mode, and Wheel Gator and Morph Moth for Hard and Extreme mode.  My strategies
recommend using your X buster on these ones or their weakness (see general strategies),
depending on your play style.  I tell you to do Chill Penguin first because his stage has the leg
upgrade that is probably the most important upgrade.  Also, if you do Morph Moth first, you'll
have to return to get one of the Zero Scramble weapons because you will need Wheel Gator's

Note:  If playing Hard mode, skip down to the dollar sign (shift + /).  To do this easily go click on
the binoculars (in notepad or wordpad and many other word processors) and type a $ in the "Find
what:" field and click on click the "Find Next" button.

Normal and Extreme (Hard mode if you start it from the menu):

     Chill Penguin:

     This level starts out with lumberjacks chopping at platforms that will go flying towards
you and hurt you.  If you want you can jump on these and ride them, but I wouldn't bother with
that.  Just charge up and don't head up the hill yet.  When he shoots both platforms, they will just
go over your head if you stayed below. He will be vulnerable for a couple of seconds once those
platforms are gone and you can release your charged shot, a couple more hits after that and he'll
be gone.  Use the same strategy for the next one.  If you have already acquired the arm upgrade
from Spark Mandrill's stage, you can just charge up until you are red and hit them blowing up
their platforms and them at the same time without having to wait!

     After the lumberjacks, there are bats.  They only take one regular shot.  However if you
want to take out several at a time, use your charged shot.

     After the Auto-save there are spiked balls that can be stopped with a two shots (one to
slow it down and one to destroy it, however if you just shoot it once, it will blow up in a second)
or a charged shot to instantly destroy it.  Climb up and shoot these as they come.  When you
reach a high wall, don't climb yet.  Jump up as high as you can and move out of the way to your
right a little ways.  A spiked ball should come down for you to shoot.  Using this method you can
avoid being hit by it.

     Climb up and head right to the capsule to get the foot upgrade.  To use it press over twice
rapidly or down and A.  If you want to do a dash-jump, which will make you jump faster, longer
and higher press over twice, then A.  Holding down the left or right button (depending on which
direction you dashed) and A will make you go further.  Down and A, then A doesn't work very
often and if it does, not very well.

     The next robots are helicopter robots and ostrich robots.  One charged shot takes care of
the helicopter robots while the ostrich robots are best taken out with a charged shot followed by
many regular shots as rapidly as possible.  If you have the arm upgrade, charging up until you are
red will destroy the ostrich robots instantly.  If it throws it's weapon at you, just jump or press left
to avoid it.  This area has a great life energy and extra life drop frequency so use the trick listed in
general strategies and secrets when you visit here.

     Next you will find some ride armor.  To get inside just run then stop when you are aligned
with it.  B uses the arm on it, charge with B to do a charging hit.  The A button will make you
jump.  Holding A will make you rise slowly, and pressing up and A at the same time makes you
jump out.  Take out the dome by hitting it with your arm a few times.  Jump across the hole and
when you get to the high ledge rise a little bit then jump out while in the air.  Then grab onto the
ledge or if you jumped high enough, just land on the ledge.  You can take the lower route, but it is
a bit harder.  You can't destroy this dome unless you have Flame Stag's weapon.  Come back here
once you defeat Flame Stag and you can use his weapon to destroy this dome and obtain the

     Keep heading right and you'll come across some snowball hurling robots.  These can be
taken out by 4 regular shots or 1 charged shot.  Go through the doors to get to Chill Penguin.

Chill Penguin:  Weakness = R. Burner (Flame Stag)

     You should be able to beat him with your X buster, if not go to Flame Stag's stage and
defeat him.  Then return and Chill Penguin will be easier with his weapon.  For those of you that
have played Megaman X, Chill Penguin's weakness was Fire Mammoth's (or is it Flame
Mammoth?) weapon.

     You should be climbing the walls most of the time while fighting Chill Penguin.  Chill
Penguin will shoot four ice shots at a time.  When he isn't using ice sculptures to shield himself,
after the fourth shot shoot a charged shot a him.  When he uses penguin ice sculptures to shield
himself,  you can do one of three things:

     1)  Destroy the ice sculptures and then shoot at Chill Penguin.  This method isn't very
effective because it takes too long.

     2)  Charge up and climb the wall until he hangs from the ceiling (or jumps towards you),
then release your shot at him.

     3)  If you are skilled and impatient, charge up and aim so that the shot goes barely about
the ice sculptures and hits Chill Penguin.  This is my favorite method.

     When he deflects your shots this means he's going to slide across the ice.  Climb the walls
when he does this.  Also climb the walls and shoot him when he jumps towards you.  Occasionally
he'll do a snowstorm.  This will force you against the wall and blow the ice sculptures at you.
Make sure you are climbing the wall when this happens.  You can shoot Chill Penguin as soon as
he grabs the ceiling to prevent this move.

     Once you defeat Chill Penguin, you will receive Shotgun Ice.  Afterwards head to either
Spark Mandrill who's weakness is Shotgun Ice, or to Storm Eagle.  I recommend Storm Eagle
first because you need the head upgrade before Spark Mandrill's stage to get the arm upgrade.

     Storm Eagle:

     When you start out, there is a platform above your head that has the sub-tank.  On
Megaman X, it was the heart, but they have switched places with each other.  You can't get there
by climbing up the wall on your left.  You must take the long route.  Head right and you'll meet
up with a new type of helicopter robot.  This kind will pick you up and drop you.  This is very
lethal if it drops you above a pit so be careful!  There is a platform system just a little more right.
It has robots with flail weapons to the right and the new helicopter robots all the way up.  You
can destroy these annoying helicopter robots with a charged shot if they pick you up.  Otherwise
they can be destroyed with a couple of regular shots or a charged shot.  Try to kill them before
they pick you up.  When you reach the top, do a dash-jump using left, left and A.  Holding left
and A will help for a longer jump.  You will end up on the platform that was above your head and
you can collect the sub-tank.  Drop straight down, take the platforms to your right up again, and
this time head right.

     If you've played Megaman X, you'll notice there is an auto-save in place of the platform
you took to get the sub-tank, or on this game, the heart.  You have to take an alternate route on
this game.  Head right until you see a platform with a flamethrower robot riding on it.  Blow up
the flamethrower robot with several shots and ride it all the way up.  Jump left and grab onto the
tower.  Behind the glass is a heart.  You'll know when you get it when you hear a chime.

     Head back down and carefully take the platforms across the pit, destroying the
flamethrowers first of course.  After the second set of platforms there is a wall of explosives.  You
can blow these up by shooting at them.  To shoot at them you'll have to slide down until you are
in the middle of the explosives and then jump and quickly shoot and grab on again.  Repeat this
process to receive an extra life.  It may not be worth the trouble if you haven't had much practice
climbing walls as a false move will land you quickly in the pit.

     Climb back up and keep heading right.  Climb the skinny tower and drop down the hole.
In here is the head upgrade that you are needing in Spark Mandrill's stage as well as other areas.
You can reach the high ledge by doing a long wall jump as described in general strategies, or you
can go below the ledge and use that wall to climb and boost yourself up and left to grab onto the
ledge.  I think the long wall jump is easier, but you can decide.  When on the ledge, just shoot
until the explosives are gone and head in for the head upgrade capsule.  You can test it out on the
blocks right there.  Just get directly below a block and jump.  This should destroy the block.  If
not, just move a little bit right or left and try again.

     Climb back out of this area and head right.  This area is filled with the grabbing robots and
metals (is that their name?).  Get close to the metals and shoot as fast as possible.  When they
open up to shoot, you should hit them twice to destroy them.  At the end is an auto-save.

     This area has what I call bunker robots.  They shoot straight, then diagonally.  Shoot them
with a charged shot.  At the end, climb the ladder down and head left.  If you played Megaman X,
the alternate route (sliding down the right side) will kill you, so don't do it!

Storm Eagle:  Weakness = S. Wheel (Wheel Gator)

     If you followed my advice, or if you are on Normal mode anyway, you won't have S.
Wheel.  If you do, substitute charged shots with S. Wheel.  For strategies using S. Wheel on
Storm Eagle, see the Sigma Level 3 section of the walkthrough.  In Megaman X, his weakness is
Sting Chameleon's weapon, but since Sting Chameleon isn't on this game, this doesn't apply.  Try
to use a charged shot every time you shoot him.

     Storm Eagle has the following attacks:

     1)  Storm Eagle will use S. Tornado on you.  This attack causes you to be sent flying
backwards.  Dash forward to prevent being blown off the edge.  While being attacked with this,
charge up and counter him with your charged shot when he is in sight again.

     2)  Storm Eagle will flap his wings causing you to go back slowly.  Don't worry as much
about this attack, but essentially use the same strategy as you did with S. Tornado.

     3)  Storm Eagle's least devastating attack is when he rises up in the air and drops an egg
with four baby bird's in it.  These can easily be taken out with one charged shot when the bottom
two rise up a little bit.  You can also jump over them if you are careful.

     4)  Storm Eagle's fourth attack is the most annoying.  He will disappear off the screen and
then dive bomb you.  To avoid his attack, watch carefully and dash out of the way.  If you have
time, turn around and shoot him.  Hopefully you've been charging up.  If you couldn't charge up
all the way, wait until next turn to release your charged shot to do full damage.  Once you get
used to this attack, the time that he'll dive bomb should be predictable.

     If you didn't manage to beat Storm Eagle this time around, don't worry.  You can use the
auto-save trick I mention in General Strategies, retry the level, or come back later.  If you decide
to come back later, try to do it before going to Flame Stag because he is weak against S.
Tornado.  You can destroy him with a regular charged shot easily though.  However, I mention
several places throughout the rest of the walkthrough where S. Tornado comes in handy, so it is
recommended that you defeat Storm Eagle now.  If you don't, at least make sure you picked up
the sub-tank, heart, and head upgrade.  If you are in Hard mode and you didn't manage to defeat
Storm Eagle, come back and defeat him once you have received S. Wheel from Wheel Gator, if
you can't manage to destroy Storm Eagle before you fight Flame Stag.

     The next recommended stage is Spark Mandrill's Stage.  You can also head to Flame
Stag's stage, but it is recommended that you pick up the arm upgrade at Spark Mandrill's Stage
first because it'll make Flame Stag easier.

     Spark Mandrill:

     Before you head right, there are a couple of things you should know.  This first area
contains big robots that will take multiple hits.  Near each of these robots is a spark that runs
through the glass tube you are standing on.  You must dodge the sparks on the ground and the
big robots' missiles and sparks in order to keep a healthy level of life energy.  It is alright if you
get hit a few times.  Use S. Tornado twice on the big robots to take them out quickly.

     Head right, destroy the robot, and grab on the ladder.  Before climbing up, wait for the
spark and any enemy shots to pass.  Defeat this robot.  Do the same thing again.  After the last big
robot on top, there is a ladder that heads down.  Go down it and destroy the robot here.  Head
Left, down the ladder and you will see a sub-tank that is blocked off.  Jump up against these
bricks like you are climbing a wall and when your foot hits them, they'll break.  Grab the sub-tank,
then head back up all the way and right as usual.

     This next area will darken.  Ships will fly by lighting up the area.  Use these brief moments
of light to examine the area.  If you have really good light, the area will faintly show up in the
dark, so you won't need to worry about that.  Move ahead slowly and these ships will usually pass
overhead, and occasionally underneath.  Use the usual strategy for the ostrich robots.  When you
reach the ladder at the end, head down, then right to the mini-boss.

     This bubble mini-boss is really easy if you are careful.  Keep charging up and dash past his
attacks which include a lightning attack, two tiny bubbles that drop down to make you stuck
where you are, and an attack where he drops down on you.  The lightning attack is predictable
because he'll suction cup himself to the ceiling and flash rapidly before he fires it, so just dash
away from it.  The bubble attack is easy to get out of.  To escape, hit left and right rapidly.  Dash
underneath or away when he drops down.  S. Tornado works well against this mini-boss, but you
might want to save it for the upcoming giant turtles and other robots.

     After the auto-save, head right.  This area has two robot types.  One of the robots move
back and forth.  When they sense you, they will ram themselves into you, so be careful.  If there is
an edge near one if these robots, you can trick it to go off the edge by letting it charge at you
while you are near the edge, and then jump over it.  They take quite a few hits.  The others you
came across in Storm Eagle's level.  The only difference is you need to look out for some that will
be on the ceiling.

     This area starts out with a giant turtle.  Use S. Tornado to quickly dispose of it.  To dodge
the parachute bombs, be far away when they are launched, then move in close and you should be
left unharmed.  When you reach the wall, you can climb up to get a heart piece.  Use the same
strategy here as you did to receive the head upgrade.  Afterwards, head down the ladder, but with

     Before dropping off the ladder, wait a second for the ramming robot to turn around.  As it
turns, drop down and shoot it.  Head down the next ladder with the same amount of caution.
Before heading all the way right, stop when you see the turtle.  Notice that if you stopped early
enough, all of it's parachute bombs will hit the wall (or strangely enough, go a little ways past the
wall).  While keeping your distance, shoot at it.  Get close to the next turtle and use S. Tornado.
You'll probably get a little damaged, but you should be alright.  If you want, forget the turtle, but
hurry and grab the ladder.

     Head up to another dark area.  Pay attention to the ceiling when the first light robot
whizzes by.  Did you notice the bricks in the ceiling?  Use your head upgrade and break them.
Climb up to receive the arm upgrade.  Finish up this area, and get ready to fight Spark Mandrill.

     Spark Mandrill:  Weakness = S. Ice (Chill Penguin)

     Spark Mandrill will freeze when hit with S. Ice.  Once he thaws, he will be temporarily
invincible and perform another attack.  He has the following attacks:

     1)  Spark Mandrill will climb the ceiling and drop down on you.  Use the S. Ice on the
wall to reflect it at him while he is on the ceiling.  He will drop down because he is frozen, so
make sure you are not underneath him.

     2)  His second attack type is the E. Spark.  Spark Mandrill will pound the ground sending
one spark to his left and one to his right.  The sparks will follow the wall and ceiling and will
eventually dissipate.  Try to dodge these by jumping as they come together.

     3)  Spark Mandrill's third attack is a punch-dash.  Make sure you jump at the wall and
climb it when he does this.  Also, do a long wall jump to the opposite side when you are near the
top of the wall, but not all the way up.

     4)  The most common attack that Spark Mandrill will attempt is jumping at you.  Just dash
right under him when he does this.

     It is hard to tell whether he is going to do attack 2, 3, or 4, so be really careful.  You need
to be very alert.  The only thing you can do to prepare is to get used to when he attacks.  When
you think he is going to attack, get ready to either jump on the wall, dash underneath, or once in a
while, dodge his sparks.  A charged S. Ice will often hit him multiple time causing devastating
damage if you want to attempt it.  I always use it, but you need to remember to charge until you
are red.  Be warned that it makes Spark Mandrill a lot more unpredictable when using this

     If you are playing in Normal mode, you have one of the four boss stages left, assuming
that you have beat the others.  If you are playing in Extreme mode, you still should head to the
same stage.  Head now to Flame Stag's stage.

     Flame Stag:

     You find yourself high up in the sky on a narrow platform when you start this level.  A
little to your right, a large flying robot will appear that will bash the wall.  There is a place that is
weak that stands out from the rest.  If this robot bashes it, it will break open.  You can go this
way, or you can climb straight up.  In Megaman X2, if you climbed straight up there would be a
sub-tank on the left ledge.  Since there is no sub-tank on this level, there is nothing on that ledge.
Also, there was an extra life on the ledge on the right if I remember correctly, however there is
nothing there as well.  I go up anyway because I find it easier, so head up.  To make things easier,
let that robot crash into the weak wall anyway so you don't have to worry about it chasing you.

     The next robots only take one hit, so take them out and head right.  Ignore the extra life
and hurry up to the top.  Hopefully, you have great climbing skills by now.  This is one reason I
had you take the straight up way because I thought you might need the practice.  Anyhow, once
you reach the top, quickly destroy the pillar using your S. Tornado to obtain the heart.

     Cross the bridge of sinking platforms quickly by jumping as fast as you can while making
sure you land directly on each platform.  Climb up and don't let the machine get destroyed until
you reach the second or third weak wall.  Climb up to the right of where the third weak wall
is/was and you'll see a door. Here you will fight Zain.  It is important that you defeat Zain before
you finish this level.

     Zain:  Weakness = S. Ice (Chill Penguin)

     Zain is really easy.  He has two attacks:

     1)  Zain will jump and swing his huge sword straight down at you.  Dash under him when
he does this.  Turn around and hit him with S. Ice.

     2)  Zain will delay a little before the fourth time he does his down swing.  This time he will
do a spin attack that you can easily dodge by being as far away from him as possible when he does
it, or climb the wall if you have to.  Don't bother trying to attack him while he is spinning because
it won't do anything.

     Exit this room and drop down to your right a little.  Head left across the platforms that
sink into the lava.  When you make it across, grab the ledge above you and climb up.  Do it again
for the smaller ledge.  Now do a long wall jump from that small ledge and grab onto the ledge on
your right.  You will either grab onto the really high ledge, or the ledge right below it.  If you grab
onto the really high ledge, just drop to the one below it and climb up to get the body upgrade to
increase your armor!  Head down, and across the platforms.  If the platforms aren't there, head
left and then head back right to make them reappear.  Head back to your right and climb up the
wall.  As you head up there will be some fire producing bug robots.  Just sit there and wait until
they get to where you can shoot them.  Don't climb up until there are no more of them coming.
Each ledge on the way you will be attacked by a couple of these.  Head right once you reach the
top and prepare for Flame Stag by switching to S. Tornado.

     Flame Stag:  Weakness = S. Tornado (Storm Eagle)

     If you are used to Megaman X2, Flame Stag's weakness was Boomer Kuwanger's
weapon.  Since Boomer Kuwanger isn't on this game, you will have to use S. Tornado, or if you
want, just a charged up X Buster.

     Flame Stag has the following attacks:

     1)  Flame stag will usually start out by climbing up the walls which will hurt you if you get
in his way.  Just stay on the ground and wait for him to come back down.  Make sure you dodge
him by dashing under him or staying right where you are depending on which direction he comes
from.  When he reaches the bottom attack him.

     2)  When he reaches the bottom, he will either do the previous attack again or attack with
two fireballs at a time that will follow the walls upwards.  Jump over them and attack him.

     3)  When Flame Stag reaches half of his life energy bar, his fire will turn blue.  This means
that he has a new attack.  He will now dash towards you, grab you and fly up in the air with you,
then slam you down.  Try to avoid this attack because there is no countering it, and it hurts.

     Congratulations!  You have finished the first four boss stages in Megaman Xtreme!  If you
are in Normal mode, you only have the Sigma levels left.  If this is the case, skip down to the
asterisk (shift + 8 to type an asterisk) using the find feature of your text editor.  This is usually
indicated by a binocular icon on your toolbar.  If you are in Extreme mode, all you need to do is
keep reading the next paragraph. You should go use S. Burner in Chill Penguin's level to obtain
the heart their before you do anything.  If you are heading to Sigma Level 1 next in Normal mode,
fill up your sub-tanks and get 9 lives while you are there (see general strategies and secrets).

     $ Hard and Extreme mode:

     When you start Hard mode, use the usual strategy that you used in the first level except
you can use S. Tornado on Vile or Hadou-ken if you received the Shatokan moves.  The next
four levels are Wheel Gator, Magna Centipede, Armored Armadillo, and Morph Moth.  I
recommend starting with Armored Armadillo because you can use E. Spark on him.  The others
can probably be defeated with X Buster or Shatokan moves, but it'll be easier to wait until you
have their weaknesses.  If you want, start Hard mode from the title screen rather than from the
save point that you did at the end of Normal mode.  The only advantage of this that I know of
strategy wise is you will be able to use the sub-tank filling trick in Chill Penguin's stage.  The
downside is you'll have to defeat the first four robots again.  If you are like me, this isn't a
downside, it is just more fun anyway.

     Armored Armadillo:

     To your right is a bunch of bats, and ostriches.  There is a platform that will head downhill
once you get on it.  Use it to ram into the ostriches.  You can ignore the bats.  After you ram the
second ostrich, jump forward and you will be launched towards the auto-save.  If you've played
Megaman X, this was a good place to get an extra life.  There is no longer a bat that will drop an
extra life here, so don't worry about it.

     Shoot all the bats here or avoid them.  Head down and climb back up when the machine
starts up.  Let it pass you and head left to get the sub-tank.  Head back right and take out the
robot with S. Tornado.  If you managed to blow him up before he destroys the ground that is
underneath the life energy, you can get the life energy by jumping and hitting the bricks.
Remember this trick for the next robot because you will need to destroy the next one quickly in
order to get the heart.  Keep pressing forward, destroying any bats on the way before they hit
you.  When you get to the spikes, do a dash-jump.

     After the auto-save is an area with bats, metals, and spike robots.  .  Ride the platform
again.  You'll probably get hit by bats, but try to hit them with your X Buster first.  The spikes
will destroy the platform, so jump off before you end up in the spikes.  Climb up and continue on.

     Drop down after the auto-save.  Destroy the robot quickly with S. Tornado so you can
pick up the heart easily by climbing up.  Dash-jump across several sets of spikes.  Climb up, and
use the platform to ram the pick throwing robots, and shoot the birds to get some of them out of
the way.  Jump before you are at the end of the pit you go flying over and grab onto the wall.
Climb up to receive Zero Scramble:  Dash.  Head back down and through the door and get ready
to fight Armored Armadillo.

     Armored Armadillo:  Weakness = E. Spark (Spark Mandrill)

     Armored Armadillo has the following attacks:

     1)  Armored Armadillo will shoot out of his head.  If you hit him when he does this, he
will counter with a charged shot that sends a ton of shots in all directions which is hard to dodge.

     2)  Armored Armadillo does the counter attack if you hit him before you knock his armor
off, so make sure you wait until this happens.

     3)  Armored Armadillo's final attack is curling up into a ball and bouncing off the walls.

     Use your dash to quickly move out of the way.  When he finishes the attack, you will have
a short period of time that you can safely hit him with E. Spark.  You must do this while he is
shocked from the rough landing.  E. Spark will instantly destroy his shields.  This allows you to
hit him safely from now on.

     Keep hitting him with E. Spark.  You can hit him even when he does his 3rd attack type.
Charging the E. Spark works great, but you don't need to.

     When you defeat Armored Armadillo, you will receive R. Shield.  R. Shield is Morph
Moth's weakness, so head their next.

     Morph Moth:

     Charged shots will cause these first robots' shields to flip into the air.  Shoot the robots
when the shields flip up.  You can also hit them easily when they jump in the air.  Their shield will
just reflect normal shots.  At the end of this part, just before you head indoors, there is a ledge
(the beginning of the building) that has an extra life and a heart.  Just grab on and climb up as
usual.  There is a shield robot up here as well.  Remember this place for getting extra lives when

     Continuing inside, you'll notice the ground changing from junk to solid ground (it is purple
on Gameboy Color).  This first piece of normal ground can be destroyed by S. Wheel.  However,
you probably don't have it this time around so remember to come back here after you defeat
Wheel Gator.  Use the weapon to break the ground and you will find another capsule containing
Zero Scramble:  Earth Gaizer!

     Keep heading right, destroying the hovering robots by shooting them in the head with a
charged shot, otherwise their head will be left floating around and will eventually attack you.  This
next part is tricky.  You must use the long wall jump to lunge yourself at the walls of each ledge.
It also works to get on the ledges and dash jump if you can't do the wall jumps well.  When you
reach the top, head right and through the door.

     This mini-boss can seem like a real pain, but isn't too bad if you use S. Tornado.  Aim S.
Tornado at the robot's chest and shoot it once or twice to make the bug come out.  One shot of S.
Tornado should destroy the bug.

     Head right and destroy the dragonfly.  Don't get close to these robots because they will
grab onto you and control your jumping for a while.  If they grab you just keep shooting until they
let go.  Don't bother to jump because you'll probably get grabbed again if you do that.  Destroy
the hovering robot and head down.  Do the same thing here, but also avoid the spikes.  I'd take
the top route, in other words, use the big floating platforms to cross.  Head down the ladder.

     Head left (finally!), destroying all the dragonflies and hovering robots.  Here is a great
place to fill up sub-tanks.  The dragonflies seem to have a high life energy drop frequency.  It is
the best place I can think of in Hard mode if you didn't start it over fresh.  Head down the ladder
at the end, and head right to go through the door to the same mini-boss again.  Use the same
strategy you did the first time.

     Morph Moth:  Weakness  = R. Shield (Armored Armadillo)

     Note:  In Megaman X2, you did not have R. Shield because Armored Armadillo is in
Megaman X.  Also, in Megaman X2 you had an air-dash which could be used instead of the long
wall jump.  If you are used to the air-dash way of doing this, hopefully you are out of the air-dash
habit and into the long wall jump habit.  In Megaman Xtreme 2, I believe you will be able to fight
Morph Moth in a special new mode, so you may have the air-dash which will be a lot easier.

     To start, Morph Moth has two attacks.  The first attack Morph Moth does usually is he
drops to the ground and slides across the bottom throwing trash in the air.  Climb the walls while
dropping a R. Shield down on him.  The second attack, Morph Moth hangs from the ceiling and
does an almost impossible to dodge attack.  Basically, he sends trash in a line (curved or straight)
that you can only dodge by following its exact movement pattern while staying away from it.  This
will take some practice, but this is what makes Morph Moth the most entertaining villain in the
Megaman series to me.  The only way to do this is to stay near walls before the attack.  When the
attack starts you'll have a brief amount of time to see which direction the attack is going.  It
always starts pointing straight down from Morph Moth, but can go either clockwise or
counter-clockwise.  If the attack comes towards you, start by climbing the wall, if it starts by
heading away from you, start by dashing towards the opposite wall.  Follow its path, staying
ahead of it.  Do a wall long-jump right over Morph Moth, dash under Morph Moth and repeat
once more.  He always does this twice around the room.  If you can, hit him with a rolling shield
during this attack, but usually to be safe, don't bother.  If this strategy is too tough, don't worry
about getting hit with the second attack, but rely on sub-tanks.

     When Morph Moth has half of his life bars or less, he will start his last two types of
attacks.  He will morph into a bigger moth, and will fly all around attacking with dust and
occasionally spheres of energy.  The easiest thing to do here is not worry about getting hit by the
dust because usually you will.  Worry mostly about hitting him with R. Shield and not physically
running into him.  When he does the spheres attack the only thing you can do to avoid it is keep
moving.  You can tell he'll do this attack when he sticks out the palms of his hands a certain way.
He focuses on a certain spot where you are at so if you keep moving, he'll miss.  If needed, use a
sub-tank or two because this guy is tough to dodge.

     When you are done dancing around Morph Moth, you will receive S. Shot which is
Magna Centipede's weakness.  Head to his stage next.

     Magna Centipede:

     The first robots here are shielded.  Use a charged X Buster to destroy their shields, then
shoot at their middle to destroy them.  They are also vulnerable from the back.

     You will notice that as you continue there are square robots on the ceiling.  Their are also
circular scanners that will bring these security robots to life.  The first to scanners are okay to hit,
but if you want to avoid the robots it is possible to dodge the scanners.  Basically you can try dash
jumping off of walls over them, dashing under them, etc.  All of them are possible to dodge, but
you have to do it perfectly.  If you trip the third scanner, don't worry too much.  If you did, head
all the way to the auto-save, but don't jump in.  Head back right and the security robot will be on
the ceiling and dormant.  Keep trying to jump and grab the robot with your hand to climb up.
This will take several tries probably, but it is possible.  Make sure you are grabbing it when you
are as high as possible.  Climb up the wall and to your left will be a heart.

     Once past the auto-save, you will need patience!  Stop as soon as you see giant blocks in
the ceiling which will be right away.  Make sure you stay away from them as they are falling
because they destroy you instantly.  Make sure you stay put until you are sure they have all fallen.
You can destroy the red ones.  The second set has a red one you can destroy right away.  Get
close the blue one and it will move forward and trigger the rest to fall.  The third set is just two.
Head towards the first slowly and it will move forward.  The red one will attempt to squish you if
you move in between them so be careful.  On the fourth set, dash and stop where there is regular
ceiling between two blocks that will fall and jump back to your left on top of the first one when it
comes down.  Move to the edge of it and stop and the red one will move towards it.  Hop down
and destroy the red one if you wish.

     Dash-jump across the pit.  There is a high wall that leads to a sub-tank just after the pit.
Use the same jumping strategies you used to get the heart.  Head to the door on the right after
you jump back down and fight the mini-boss.

     This time around the mini-boss will be easy.  It is in its easiest form right now.  Since he
might be a lot harder next time, save your Zero Scramble energy for the next time around.  He
does two attacks,  One is a set of three fireballs (usually three), and the other he jumps in the air
and shoots three lasers.  One laser straight down, and two at 45 degree angles.  Judging by the
angles, you can move to a spot where they won't hurt you.  The fireballs you can just jump over.
Damage this boss by shooting him with a ton of charged shots.  This round should be a piece of

     When you head out the door, you will only be able to go down.  When you head down,
use the right wall and you will not be scanned at all.  Head left, but be cautious, yet nimble.  It will
take every ounce of skill you have not to get scanned by a different scanner here.  This scanner
will check out X's weaponry and transfer this data to the mini-boss making him stronger with each
scan.  The maximum is four scans.  I realize this is easier said than done, but don't worry too
much about it. You can defeat this boss even if you get scanned four times.  The ceiling will fall
down on you while it is trying to scan you.  There is a platform in the middle-top of the room.
Climb on top of it and break the blocks with your helmet upgrade to climb up and receive Zero
Scramble:  Final!  This will make the mini-boss really easy.  Head right to the mini-boss

     Get close to the mini-boss and use Zero Scramble:  Final on him, then use Zero Scramble:
Dash on him.  Afterwards it will only take a few charged shots to destroy him.  Depending on
how many times you were scanned, the more powerful his attacks are and I believe the more
damage he can take.  His attacks may be a little different if you were scanned also.  You should be
safe if you saved your Zero Scramble energy for this fight.

     This next area may seem like you need to move fast, but not necessarily.  Just make sure
you dash-jump over the pits, and over or under the blocks.  Dash under the first block, over the
second and under the third.  You can do it however you want, you should be able to judge what is
safe by now hopefully.  Get prepared to fight Magna Centipede.

     Magna Centipede:  Weakness = S. Shot (Morph Moth)

     Magna Centipede will lose his tail when you hit him with S. Shot.  This lowers his
defenses and changes his attack sequence.  For optimum results, hit him with it right away.

     Basically, Magna Centipede will teleport a lot and shoot out stars when you have hit his
tail off.  You really don't need to worry about dodging attacks too much because all you need to
do is keep hitting him with S. Shot and he will lose life energy way faster than you will.  Charge
up your S. Shot to hit him with a giant shot.  This is best to always do because it does a ton of
damage.  He will teleport to the ceiling sometimes.  You can either use the S. Shot and a fragment
will hopefully hit him, or you can do a long wall jump towards him to shoot him on the ceiling.

     When you defeat Magna Centipede, you should have only Wheel Gator left to defeat.  M.
Mine works best on this reptilian robot.

     Wheel Gator:

     Destroy the turrets that are letting the flying robots loose by using a charged shot followed
by regular shots until they are destroyed or use S. Tornado.  Keep going until you reach a place
where you can head down or go up where a secret is (it is pretty obvious there is a secret there).
You can pull this off by using a charged S. Burner.  Using S. Burner will definitely be easier if you
are used to Megaman X2, but the following is my favorite way:

     Ignore the first piece of wall you can grab on to but aim for the lower, further left piece of
wall.  Use your long wall jump from the right wall to grab onto it and climb up for the Zero
Scramble:  Rising!

     When you head back down, you will be at a ride platform and a ton of spikes.  Ride it to
the wall and let yourself drop down onto the next one.  Use it to get across the rest of the spikes.
Keep heading left to get to the ride armor.  Use your ride armor to destroy the green pillar (green
with Gameboy Color).

     Head down, and then right.  Destroy other ride-armor robots by just using your claws.  I
don't bother to charge up; I just dash and attack.  Jump out of the ride armor (A + up button) at
the end and enter the auto-save.

     Up the ladder and to the left is a heart.  If you have played Megaman X2, you remember
this next heart being really tricky to obtain.  Don't worry, you have something better than luck this
time around!  Charge up your R. Shield and you will be safe to climb up the spikes here.

     Head right, use the platform to head up, but when you reach the first drop off, don't head
left!  Keep going up and you will receive an extra life.  Also, you can go fight Geemel through the
door on your right.  I highly recommend doing this because if I remember right, you are supposed
to.  I'm not going to go over the alternate route because this route is easiest anyway.  The
platform you rode up will protect you when you cross from hitting the spikes above you.  A
simple dash-jump should get you across safely.

     Geemel:  Weakness = S. Burner (Flame Stag) & Final

     If you want a really quick fight, use Zero Scramble:  Final on him first, then use two shots
of S. Burner and he'll lose.  That is all there is to it!  Otherwise, wail on Geemel with S. Burner
while dodging his stars.  In order to dodge the stars, climb the wall when appropriate.

     Head outside, destroy the turrets, and head down until you see the auto-save to your left.
You can go to the auto-save or head right for a hidden life energy all the way to the right.  This
isn't too useful because you'll probably just get yourself hurt in the process anyway.  I usually do.

     After the auto-save, head left for another piece of life energy.  Then head down and use
your charged shot on the big robot.  You can destroy his bullets with a charged shot, so time your
shot when he shoots the bullets.  You can also use S. Tornado.  You probably won't get hurt if
you pull it off right, if not don't worry because M. Mine makes Wheel Gator a piece of cake.

     Wheel Gator:  Weakness = M. Mine (Magna Centipede)

     Wheel Gator has the following attacks:

     1)  Spin Wheel:  Wheel gator ducks under the red water and sends out two spinning
blades.  They follow the bottom, then the sides and tops.  Their are two of them and go opposite
directions of each other making them hard to dodge.

     2)  Wheel Gator will grab attempt to grab you in his jaws and attack you multiple times.
This attack will always be done right after the Spin Wheel attack.  This makes dodging the wheels
even more difficult.  I recommend getting hit by the wheels over getting grabbed in this attack if
you have to get hit by something.

     3)  Wheel Gator becomes temporarily invincible and shoots out little energy balls straight
and diagonally up.  Just before this attack and after are the times to hit him with M. Mine.

     4)  When Wheel Gator reaches half of his life energy or less, he does a spinning attack
towards you.  If you've played Street Fighter II, this is much like one of M. Bison's attacks.  The
only thing you can do is dodge by dashing over or jumping over.  Wheel Gator is vulnerable for a
very short period of time after the attack.

     That is all 8 standard robot bosses!  Go to Morph Moth's stage again and pick up Zero
Scramble:  Earth Gaizer, extra lives and fill up sub-tanks.  Pick up anything else you missed
anywhere and head to the Sigma Stages again.

      * Sigma Levels:

     All modes:  Sigma Level 1:

     When you first arrive here, it is all giant turtles and type 1 helicopter robots.  You should
be able to handle them.  Head right as usual.  You will come across a bunch of jet propelled
platforms.  Carefully ride them to the top while destroying the helicopter robots before they can
damage you.  To jump from platform to platform, just wait for them to come close.  You may
need to grab on to them and climb up.  If they never come close, do a dash jump, but do it
carefully!  Do a dash jump to get to the ledge when you are on the last platform.  Use the S.
Tornado on the robots here.  Climb up, head right, auto-save, and face Zain or Geemel, or both.

     Normal and Extreme mode:

     Zain is pretty much the same fight as before.  The only difference here is he moves while
he spins so climb the walls to avoid him.

     Hard and Extreme mode:

     Geemel is the same fight pretty much at first.  When he reaches half of his life bar, he
becomes a much tougher foe.  He will start attacking by moving all over the screen.  If you want
to defeat him easily, line yourself parallel to him and press select.  Switch to the Zero Scramble
menu and choose Final.  This will take most of his life away.  Finish him off with
S. Burner.  I find this strategy to be the best because it will save you a lot of hassle and probably a
good portion of your life bar!

     Continue on to the auto-save point.  Afterwards, dash right until you hit the spring and
hold down your jump button until you reach the end.  This should help you avoid a ton of
damage.  You will most likely get hurt by the flail robots at the end of this hall though.  To easily
destroy these guys, use S. Tornado.

     Climb up using S. Tornado on all the guys here.  If you want, you can use it charged up,
but that wastes too much weapon energy.  Once you are all the way up, head right and take out
the metals, spike robots, and helicopter robots.  This is a good place to get life and weapon
energy before the boss.

     Spider:  Weakness = Charged M. Mine (Magna Centipede)

     Since you don't have M. Mine yet if you are playing in Normal mode, use S. Ice instead.
Don't bother charging it though.  You can also use your charged X Buster.  I use the X Buster on
both the big spider and little spiders when in Normal mode because it does as much damage as the
ice, and I don't have to switch when I attack the small spiders.  If you are in Hard or Extreme
Mode, a charged M. Mine will work best because it does more damage and doesn't make the
spider go faster most of the time.

     The spider has two attacks:

     1)  The spider will create a set of monkey bars that it uses to climb down.  You can
attempt to guess where it goes, but it is very tricky.  Try to guess where it will go to avoid
contact with the spider.  When the center of the spider is exposed, shoot it with the appropriate

     2)  Little spiders will shoot down to attack you.  Use your X Buster to take them out.

     You may need to use a sub-tank when you get low on health.  Don't worry because you
will have a chance to go refill before the next Sigma level.  If you really have to, use two
sub-tanks.  When you defeat the spider, go refill on lives and sub-tanks.  When you are ready,
head to Sigma level 2.

     Sigma Level 2:

     The new robot here is a shielded robot (if you've only played normal mode).  Use a
charged shot to make his shield fly up in the air.  When this happens, hit him several times in a
row.  Avoid his weapons that he throws by staying below them or jumping over them.  When you
reach the end of this hall, head up.

     There is a ride platform here.  Use it to get all the way up or climb the walls like I do.  The
shielded, flying robot at the top can be destroyed easily if you let it turn around before shooting it.

     Head right, and head up the ladder once you come to it.  Use this ride platform this time if
you want the Shatokan weapons (see General Strategies and Secrets).  Otherwise, just climb the
walls again.  If you screw up, you can head down the ladder and back up to make it reappear
where it was before.  To make it change directions quickly, hit A, and hit A again right away.
Every time you jump on it, it changes directions.  If you have too hard of a time with it, forget it
because you shouldn't need the Shatokan moves, they are just a great bonus and a little extra

     When you reach the top, maneuver the platform towards the ladder on top to head
towards the path for the Shatokan moves, otherwise use the strategy listed above using a charged
R. Shield (Hard and Extreme only).  If you don't want to get the Shatokan moves, skip the next
paragraph.  This next part is easier if you have the R. Shield.  After the auto-save, use a charged
R. Shield to safely pass through the spike ahead.  If not, follow these steps:

     1)  When you get to the spikes, slide down the wall that is just underneath your feet and
do a wall long jump.  Do this before you hit the spikes.

     2)  You will see small spikes above and below you to your left.  Charge up S. Burner and
release when you are in the air between these so that you won't be touching them.

     3)  This is the trickiest of all!  Charge up S. Burner, jump as far as you can past the first
set of spikes.  In mid-air turn left and quickly release your charged S. Burner.  This hopefully will
get you passed all the spikes.

     Slide down the left wall until you find a secret wall where the capsule for the Shatokan
moves is!

     Head down and destroy the big robot.  Avoid all spikes.  Head down and destroy any
robots that fly towards you.  Keep heading right.  When you reach the big hole in the ceiling, you
have reached the point where you come out from getting the Shatokan moves.

     Head right to where there is bugs and spikes.  Kill the bugs with a couple shots or a
charged shot.  Dash jump across everything here.  If needed, you can wall long jump off of the
bricks that are there, but be warned that they will be destroyed if you do this.  When you get
across, go inside the door to the 2nd level Sigma Boss.

     2nd level Sigma Boss:  Weakness =  S. Burner (Flame Stag)

     Sorry, but I don't know the name of this boss!  I can't remember from the other games.
Anyway, destroy his shields with Hadou-ken or S. Tornado.    Hadou-ken works better.  Make
sure you stay on the back platform on this part because he will knock down the other two when
you destroy his shields.  He will shoot energy balls, discs, and fireballs until you destroy his
cannons/shields.  Once those are gone, he will shoot energy balls still, but they will break apart
and go in different directions.  Use S. Burner, carefully aimed to destroy him.  If you need to, get
close and use a charged S. Burner, but be careful or you might fall down in the spikes.  I wouldn't
recommend this method though.  It is too dangerous.  If you manage to run out of S. Burner
Energy use your charged X Buster or Hadou-ken.  Use sub-tanks when needed.  When you defeat
him, go refill on sub-tanks and extra lives and continue on to Sigma Level 3.

     Sigma Level 3:

     From here, use the platforms to go straight up and avoid the spikes.  You will have to
destroy some flamethrowers here.  The auto-save will take you to the boss rematches.  Try not to
use your sub-tanks here.  You'll be needing them later.  Here is the pattern in Normal Mode:

             _____                        _____
            |     |                           |     |
            |Storm|                           |Flame|
             |Eagle|                           |Stag |
             |     |                          |     |
             |_____|                          |_____|

                 _____             _____
                |     |             |     |
                |Chill|             |Spark|
                   |Peng-|               | Man-|
                | uin |            |drill|
                  |_____|               |_____|

                         Hard Mode:

            _____                         _____
            |     |                           |     |
            |Wheel|                           |Magna|
             |Gator|                           |Cent-|
             |     |                          |ipede|
             |_____|                          |_____|

                 _____             _____
                |Arm- |             |     |
                |ored |             |Morph|
                   |Arma-|               |Moth |
                |dillo|            |     |
                  |_____|               |_____|

                          Extreme Mode:

                  _____              _____
                  |     |                 |     |
                  |Wheel|                 |Magna|
                   |Gator|                 |Cent-|
                   |     |               |ipede|
                   |_____|               |_____|

                 _____                    _____
                |Arm- |               |     |
                |ored |               |Morph|
                   |Arma-|                 |Moth |
                |dillo|              |     |
                  |_____|                 |_____|

                   _____   _____   _____       _____
                  |     | |     | |     | |     |
                  |Storm| |Chill| |Spark| |Flame|
                   |Eagle| |Pen- | |Man- | |Stag |
                   |     | |guin | |drill| |     |
                   |_____| |_____| |_____| |_____|

     Use the same strategies as you have so far on these bosses.  Some will have weaknesses
that could not be exploited before.  Just refer to the General Strategies and Secrets section for all
boss weaknesses.  After every battle grab the life that reappears each time.  Fight the battles in
whatever order you see fit.  I always fight them like this:  hard, easy, hard, easy, hard, easy, hard,
easy.  This means start with one you have a hard time with so you have full life.  Next do an easy
boss because you can handle them without having full life.  Proceed with another hard one if you
have full life once you pick up the life etc.  Once you have defeated all four/eight, fill up your life
and enter the middle capsule.

     There isn't much here except a bunch of guys that drop weapon energy.  If you used E.
Spark, R. Shield, and S. Wheel, fill these weapons up now!

     Sigma 1:  When fighting Sigma, climb the walls all the way to the top.  His climb attack
will always miss if you stay at the top.  Sigma has two attacks here.  The first is to climb up the
walls.  When he does this, hit him with E. Spark when he is on the opposite wall while attempting
to stay as high as possible.  When he does his sword slash, still be at the top and throw some R.
Shields or S. Wheels at him for minor, yet easy damage.  This part only works in Hard and
Extreme mode because you won't have R. Shield and S. Wheel.  He actually has a third attack,
but rarely uses it.  It is an attack where energy balls shoot out of his head.  Don't worry about it
because even if you do encounter it, it isn't a problem usually.

     When you defeat the first form of Sigma in Normal mode, get prepared for some sad
storyline!  Anyway, it is time to go make Sigma pay for what he's done!

     Sigma 2:  Use your charged X Buster on Sigma's head here if you are in Normal mode.  If
in the other modes, use R. Shield.  This is why I think Normal mode is actually harder!  You have
4 sub-tanks and R. Shield in the other two modes!  Sigma has 4 attacks.  The first is his claws will
attack you.  The second attack they will electrocute you.  The third is he breathes fire, and fourth,
he will breathe electricity.

     While climbing up the wall, wail on his head.  Use R. Shield if you have it, otherwise stay
on the wall and use your regular shot on his head as fast as you can.  As long as you stay on the
wall, you shouldn't get hurt much.  Just make sure you stay at the top and just climb without
jumping outward.  If you are using R. Shield stay on the claws and shoot the R. Shield at his head.
When you think they'll shoot electricity, jump off and climb back up.  It should be really easy.
Use your sub-tanks when needed.

     That's the end of the game!  Congratulations!  If you just finished Normal mode, after the
ending save the game to start Hard mode without having to fight the first four bosses again, and
you'll have all the power-ups you picked up previously including the Shatokan moves!  If you
want, start Hard mode from the menu instead and you can play Hard mode with a fresh start.

     Watch the melancholy ending.  It has nice graphics for a Gameboy game.  Now play
through again in another mode.  Each time it gets better.  If you have beat all modes great
because you've beat the whole game!  Megaman Xtreme 2 will be out in September of 2001.  It is
August of 2001 at the time of this writing so it is probably available if you are reading this.

Copyright 2001 NBPPP