Mega Man 8 Cheats

Mega Man 8 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Beating Astro Man
To beat him, you use Tornado Hold until you run out of them. Then, pause the game, and switch the screen to the ITEMS section. Choose Rush Health, and rush will go back and forth across the screen dropping super recovers, and energy refills. Switch the weapon back to Tornado Hold unless you already were using it. Use the Tornado Hold until Astro Man's life gauge goes down to a minimum size. Then, hit him with the Flash Bomb, and he should be deleted. (NOTE: use the Astro Crush wisley, because you only have four of them.
When hitting swordsman with water ballon, use tornado hold.This way you can deal continuos damage for a while.
Tornado hold can be used to haul yoursef up to high places


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9 extra men
Get 4 bolts and buy the Exit part. Enter Clown Man's level and scoot back a little bit. Switch to Mega Ball mode and kick the ball into the clown's mouth. An extra man will pop out. Use the Exit part and enter the same stage and repeat the process. Repeat this as many times as needed.
The secret bolt.
In clownman stage, go onto the second roll of Gong Boxes. One leads to a secret room.