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Might & Magic VI Item List

by Sashanan   Updated to v1.5 on
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=                                  ITEM LIST                                  =

Author: Sashanan
Date: 26 September 2005
Version: 1.5

This document is a copyright of Peter "Sashanan" Butter, 2001-2005. All
rights reserved.

You are granted permission to make copies of this FAQ (electronical or
physical) for your own, personal use. Furthermore, non-commercial, freely
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- About this FAQ
- Weapon and armor tables
- Item list
- Revision history
- Final words


This FAQ was started on 29 December 2000. I had already planned to do an
item list for Might & Magic VI for some time, but had never seriously
invested any time in it. Now, however, I felt like playing the game again,
and decided I might as well start the item list at the same time.

The bulk of the FAQ is divided into two parts. First, I list all weapons
and armor in tables. These tables are meant to help you find the
statistics of a particular item quickly. The second part of the FAQ is
a complete item list, which has other items besides weapons and
armor, and includes descriptions of each item. Although the information
given here is more complete, it's also harder to look up a particular
item here.

This guide will not help you much in completing Might & Magic VI and is
not intended as such. It is aimed at those people who are interested in
what items are available, which ones they may have missed during play, or
those who, like me, just enjoy browsing through lists like these. Whatever
category you fall in, I hope you'll enjoy the FAQ!


Here I have sorted all listed weapons and armor in tables for easy
reference. Artifacts are indicated with a * behind the item's name.

Weapon                   Category          Attack      Damage        Value
Poleax                   2h Axe            +0          3-21          225
Heavy Poleax             2h Axe            +3          6-24          450
Grand Poleax             2h Axe            +9          12-30         900

Two-handed Sword         2h Sword          +0          4-20          400
Great Sword              2h Sword          +2          6-22          500

Hand Axe                 Axe               0           4-8           30
Battle Axe               Axe               +2          6-10          100
War Axe                  Axe               +5          9-13          250
Dwarven Axe              Axe               +8          12-16         400
Supreme Axe              Axe               +11         15-19         550

Broadsword               Broadsword        +0          3-12          100
Steel Broadsword         Broadsword        +4          7-16          300
Mighty Broadsword        Broadsword        +10         13-22         600

Club                     Club              +0          1-3           1
Spiked Club              Club              +3          4-6           40
Killer Club              Club              +5          6-8           100

Crossbow                 Crossbow          +0          4-8           50
Accurate Crossbow        Crossbow          +3          7-11          200
True Crossbow            Crossbow          +7          11-15         400

Cutlass                  Cutlass           +0          2-8           40
Pirate Cutlass           Cutlass           +5          7-13          290
Master Cutlass           Cutlass           +11         13-19         590

Dagger                   Dagger            +0          2-4           8
Blood Dagger             Dagger            +2          4-6           100
Shadow Dagger            Dagger            +3          5-7           150

Halberd                  Halberd           +0          3-18/4-24     200
Massive Halberd          Halberd           +4          4-22/5-28     400

Hammer                   Hammer            +0          2-10          120
Dark Hammer              Hammer            +3          5-13          300
Holy Hammer              Hammer            +9          11-19         600

Longbow                  Longbow           +0          5-10          100
Elven Bow                Longbow           +2          7-12          200
Precision Bow            Longbow           +4          9-14          300
Magic Bow                Longbow           +6          11-16         400
Stellar Bow              Longbow           +8          13-18         500

Long Dagger              Long Dagger       +0          2-6           15
Piercing Dagger          Long Dagger       +4          6-10          200
Mordred *                Long Dagger       +8          10-14         20000

Longsword                Longsword         +0          3-9           50
Warrior Sword            Longsword         +3          6-12          200
Crusader Sword           Longsword         +6          9-15          350
Champion Sword           Longsword         +9          12-18         500
Lionheart Sword          Longsword         +12         15-21         650

Mace                     Mace              +0          2-8           50
Wicked Mace              Mace              +2          4-10          150
Thunder Mace             Mace              +5          7-13          300
Wonder Mace              Mace              +8          10-16         450
Death Mace               Mace              +11         13-19         600

Spear                    Spear             +0          1-9/2-18      15
Stout Spear              Spear             +1          2-10/3-19     50
Serpent Spear            Spear             +5          6-14/7-23     250
Savage Spear             Spear             +9          10-18/11-27   450

Staff                    Staff             +0          2-8           40
Emerald Staff            Staff             +3          5-11          250
Power Staff              Staff             +7          9-15          500

Trident                  Trident           +0          2-12/3-18     100
Ornate Trident           Trident           +6          8-18/9-24     400
Titanic Trident          Trident           +12         14-24/15-30   700

Armor                    Category          Armor Rating      Value              
Leather Boots            Boots             +2                50
Steel Boots              Boots             +6                250
Armored Boots            Boots             +8                450
Sterling Boots           Boots             +10               650
Ultimate Boots           Boots             +12               850

Chain Mail               Chain             +8                400
Steel Chain Mail         Chain             +12               600
Noble Chain Mail         Chain             +18               900
Royal Chain Mail         Chain             +26               1300
Majestic Chain Mail      Chain             +36               1800?

Leather Cloak            Cloak             +1                50
Phantom Cloak            Cloak             +3                150
Elven Cloak              Cloak             +5                250
Cardinal Cloak           Cloak             +7                450
Doom's Day Cloak         Cloak             +9                750

Gauntlets                Gauntlets         +3                100
Knight Gauntlets         Gauntlets         +6                250
Paladin Gauntlets        Gauntlets         +8                450
Cavalier Gauntlets       Gauntlets         +10               650
Ultimate Gauntlets       Gauntlets         +12               850

Helm                     Helm              +2                60
Steel Helm               Helm              +6                260
Guardian Helm            Helm              +8                460
Defender Helm            Helm              +10               660
Angelic Helm             Helm              +12               860

Leather Armor            Leather           +4                150
Studded Leather          Leather           +6                250
Enchanted Leather        Leather           +10               450
Dragon Leather           Leather           +16               750
Imperial Leather         Leather           +24               1150

Plate Armor              Plate             +20               1000
Steel Plate Armor        Plate             +28               1400
Golden Plate Armor       Plate             +54               ?

Kite Shield              Shield, Large     +6                200
Tower Shield             Shield, Large     +7                300
Castle Shield            Shield, Large     +9                400
Celestial Shield         Shield, Large     +13               500
Olympian Shield          Shield, Large     +19               800
Aegis *                  Shield, Large     +29               30000

Wooden Shield            Shield, Small     +4                100
Bronze Shield            Shield, Small     +6                200
Steel Shield             Shield, Small     +8                300
Spirit Shield            Shield, Small     +12               450
Astral Shield            Shield, Small     +18               600?


This list will contain all items in the game, except for quest items.
Weapons, armor and miscellaneous items are are listed, complete with

I've sorted all items by type. Within each category, I have sorted the
items by value rather than alphabetically. For example, in the category
Gauntlets, the basic Gauntlet comes first, followed by one that is
slightly stronger (Knight Gauntlets), and so forth.

Values are based on basic, non-enchanted items. Descriptions are directly
from the game. Occasionally, you may find an "Editor's note". These are
comments I added myself, usually correcting or elaborating on the
information the game supplies about a particular item.

If a value is said to be 'unverified', that means I have never found an
unenchanted item of this type, so I could not determine the base value
(although in some cases, I did my best guess based on the values of
similar items). If an artifact's location is said to be unverified, that
means I have only found that artifact once in that spot, so I can't be
sure if it is always there (many artifacts turn up randomly).

-      AMULET      -

You can equip one amulet on every character. Normal amulets do
nothing, but many are enchanted in one way or another. Those that
aren't can still be sold for a good price.

Value: 500

A turquoise stone bracketed by a bronze chain and clasp makes for an
inexpensive, yet charming amulet.

Value: 750

This bizarre amulet was probably created by some alchemist with a
distorted understanding of magic. The shape and symmetry help to
maintain whatever enchantment he put in it.

Value: 1000

The ossified foot of some unknown beast or monster has been inset
with a huge, imperfect purple topaz. It's not pretty, but it's
certainly magical.

Value: 1250

This amulet is composed of two pieces: the front piece is an
ancient, perfectly cut rectangle of a strong, stainless metal.
The backing is a much more recent gold chain and clasp. Careful
inspection of the front piece reveals it to be a plaque
displaying the name of some long dead soldier or worker. Symbols
on the front probably indicate status and rank.

Value: 1500

A perfect ruby cut in a star shape and bracketed by a golden clasp
give this amulet its name. When viewed in dim light, a fiery spark
can be seen dancing in the center of the gem.

-       AXES       -

All one-handed axes fall into this category. They may be wielded by
any character with the Axe skill.

Attack: +0
Damage: 4d2 (4-8)
Value: 30

More of a tool than a weapon, this simple axe will work in a pinch. But
don't expect much.

Attack: +2
Damage: 4d2+2 (6-10)
Value: 100

Made as a weapon of war instead of a tool, the battle axe is usually
employed by barbarians and undisciplined armies.

Attack: +5
Damage: 4d2+5 (9-13)
Value: 250

This War Axe appears to be one of a large shipment of such axes
seized by Roland during the Succession War. It was manufactured in
Karigor by order of Archibald Ironfist to be used against his
brother in their struggle for the throne of Enroth.

Attack: +8
Damage: 4d2+8 (12-16)
Value: 400

An example of the high quality work done by the dwarves of the Red
Mountains, the blade is sharp and the balance perfect.

Attack: +11
Damage: 4d2+11 (15-19)
Value: 550

This weapon surely has a dark history. An axe of this quality is
only forged as the personal weapon of a noble Dwarf, and it is
never sold or traded away...

-      BELTS       -

Every character can equip one belt. Normal belts do nothing, but
they may carry enchantments.

Value: 40

A common strip of leather used to hold up your pants.

Value: 100

A wide leather belt with a big, flashy buckle of a kind favored
by bandits and mercenaries. Both mercenaries and bandits like to
have charms or minor enchantments placed on them as battle aids.

Value: 225

Cured dragonhide and polished bronze are fastened together to form a
belt of unusual strength and resistance to magic. Although difficult
to work with, these belts can offer excellent protection against magic
once an enchantment is successfully laid on them.

Value: 450

Made of silver and the hide of some unknown creature, this belt is
studded with vertical strips of a golden alloy. The buckle is a
single, large opal inset in a platinum base.

Value: 650

Though soft and flexible, the material of this belt is made up of
extremely fine strands of white gold. The white gold is braided
together by a process too exacting for human hands, and the ruby set
into the buckle was perfectly cut by a process long lost in time.

-      BOOTS       -

Every character can equip a pair of boots. Boots count as armor and
add to the character's armor class.

Armor: +2
Value: 50

Common traveler's boots made with leather and hobnailed.

Armor: +6
Value: 250

Heavy steel boots made for solid foot protection in battle. They are
uncomfortable to walk in and have a tendency to rust on the inside.

Armor: +8
Value: 450

The interior of these steel plated boots is made of leather and
cloth to soften the sharp edges on the metal plates. They are a bit
heavy and exhausting to wear for extended periods.

Armor: +10
Value: 650

Polished silver boots with velvet interiors, these boots are
lighter than steel boots and far more comfortable. They look
pretty snappy, too.

Armor: +12
Value: 850

Dragonhide boots reinforced with molded horn strips and stalt metal
rivets. Soft and light, they provide unparalleled foot protection.


Broadswords are one of the many kinds of swords that fall under the
Sword category. Any character with Sword skill may wield these
one-handed weapons. They tend to be the strongest of all one-handed
sword types.

Attack: +0
Damage: 3d4 (3-12)
Value: 100

A common broadsword. These blades can be found throughout the land in the
hands of both heroes and villains.

Attack: +4
Damage: 3d4+4 (7-16)
Value: 300

A fine Erathian steel broadsword of excellent quality and edge.

Attack: +10
Damage: 3d4+10 (13-22)
Value: 600

This broadsword's edge and beauty are enchanted and untouched by time.
The blade looks as though it was forged yesterday.

-    CHAIN MAIL    -

Chain Mail can be worn by any character with the Chain skill. It is
the 'medium class' armor of the game - stronger and heavier than leather,
and weaker and lighter than plate. It is typically worn by Archers and
Clerics, for whom it is the strongest armor they can use.

Armor: +8
Value: 400

Chain mail is an armor formed of small, interlocking loops of metal. This
suit is low quality: the metal used is plain iron, there are only two
layers of rings, and it is heavy and stiff for its size.

Armor: +12
Value: 600

A superior suit of chain mail, the metal used in this suit is steel,
and the former owner was careful to keep the suit well oiled and free
of rust.

Armor: +18
Value: 900

Cavalry officer's chain mail from the reign of Taledon V of Karigor,
Divine High Priest and High Holy Conduit of the Church of the Sun,
circa 870 A.S. The armor is high quality chain, enchanted to lighten
and strengthen the metal.

Armor: +26
Value: 1300

Highly enchanted armor worn by elvish nobility and royalty during the
Timber Wars of the seventh and eighth centuries.

Armor: +36
Value: 1800 (unverified)

A very rare suit of armor turned out by the Heavenly Forges of
Governor Padish before the Silence. The armor was originally worn
strictly by the Governor and his highest military officers as a badge
of office. It is not just for show; this chain mail is lighter,
stronger, and more supple than any other chain in the world.

-      CLOAKS      -

Every character can equip a cloak. Cloaks add to the wearer's armor

Armor: +1
Value: 50

A used leather cloak. It smells fainlty of mothballs and dust.

Armor: +3
Value: 150

Indigo dye from the Regnan Archipelago was used to stain this wool cloak
the color of a summer night's sky.

Armor: +5
Value: 250

Woven from plant fibers found in the forests of Erathia, these cloaks
are the traditional garb of the Elven Rangers.

Armor: +7
Value: 450

A cloak formerly worn by high officials of the Church of the Sun of
Karigor prior to the dissolution of the Church in 1083 A.S. Nearly
all these cloaks were enchanted in one way or another.

(Editor's note: the red colour of these cloaks is annoying, as it
is never readily apparent whether or not they need to be repaired.
Pay close attention when fighting monsters that can break your

Armor: +9
Value: 750

A cloak formerly worn by high officials of the Church of the Moon
of Karigor prior to the dissolution of the Church in 1083 A.S.
Nearly all these cloaks were enchanted in one way or another.

(Editor's note: the superior quality of their cloaks apparently
did not save the Church of the Moon of being dissolved at the
same time their rival church was.)

-      CLUBS       -

Clubs are generally weak weapons that do not need any weapon skill.
Any character can wield a club. However, this also means that there
is no way to improve your skill with a club.
(Note: Mace skill might count towards clubs as well, but I'm not sure
about this. At any rate, you can use a club even without any Mace

Attack: +0
Damage: 1d3 (1-3)
Value: 1

A primitive weapon usable by even the stupidest of monsters. You're not
thinking of using this, are you?

Attack: +3
Damage: 1d3+3 (4-6)
Value: 40

An improvement over the simple club, this spiked club will inflict nastier

Attack: +5
Damage: 1d3+5 (6-8)
Value: 100

King of the club family. If this weapon had a knob or ball on the end, it
would be a mace. There is evidence of real craftsmanship in this club,
but you can see no true identifying marks that would indicate who created

-    CROSSBOWS     -

Crossbows are ranged weapons that can be used by any character with the
Bow skill. They tend to be weaker than Longbows.

Shoot: +0
Damage: 4d2 (4-8)
Value: 50

Crossbows are the deadliest ranged weapons made since the Time of
Wonders. This crossbow is made of stout Yew wood and metal fixtures,
but is otherwise rather ordinary.

Shoot: +3
Damage: 4d2+3 (7-11)
Value: 200

These crossbows were stockpiled by Archibald just prior to the Succession
War for use against his brother. As with most decisions involving death,
Archibald chose wisely. These crossbows are amongst the best in the land.

Shoot: +7
Damage: 4d2+7 (11-15)
Value: 400

Equipped with a hand crank and shaft sights, these exceptional crossbows
are superior to all that have come before. Just where they are coming
from is a mystery at this time...

-      CROWNS      -

Crowns can be worn instead of Helms. They do not offer any armor class
bonus, but are commonly enchanted. Especially the expensive crowns can
carry powerful enchantments. Unenchanted crowns can still fetch a good

Value: 250

This is a poorly wrought crown, the kind that goblins or low budget actors
might create to mock royalty. It offers no real head protection, although
it may carry some small enchantment.

Value: 450

A large, imperfect sapphire is inset in the center of this delicate
silver crown. Extremely fine hammer marks suggest this crown was made
by dwarven hands.

Value: 650

Crowns of this sort are typically created with the use of magic to enhance
their susceptibility to magic. If found with no enchantments whatsoever,
the crown was probably left unfinished for some reason.

-    CUTLASSES     -

Cutlasses count as Swords, and can be wielded by anyone with the Sword
skill. They are, however, the weakest sword type.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d4 (2-8)
Value: 40

A cutlass of Goblin manufacture, this blade is as deadly as it is ugly.

Attack: +5
Damage: 2d4+5 (7-13)
Value: 290

The traditional back-up weapon of the Regnan pirates living on the
countless islands east of the island of Mist. These cutlasses were
forged by one of a long line of smiths native to those islands.

(Editor's note: the statement that the Regnans come from many
islands is later proven untrue in Might & Magic 8, where you get
to visit the island known as Regna. All Regnan pirates seem to
come from here.)

Attack: +11
Damage: 2d4+11 (13-19)
Value: 590

Cleverly concealed initials near the pommel of this cutlass prove
this beautiful weapon to be the work of Alec Teling, master smith
to Hareck IX, Lord of Regna, and emperor of the Endless Ocean.

-     DAGGERS      -

Daggers are weapons with little punch, but high speed. A skilled
fighter can attack more often with a Dagger than a Sword or Axe, and
as such, do similar damage over the same period of time. Daggers may
be used by anyone with the Dagger skill, and are the favorite of
Mages, who have limited weapon choices.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d2 (2-4)
Value: 8

A common dagger, favorite of thieves and assassins the world over.

Attack: +2
Damage: 2d2+2 (4-6)
Value: 100

Blood Daggers are ceremonial weaopns worn by the nobility of Regna. Their
popularity has spread in recent years to the nobility of Enroth, and now
they can be found throughout the land. Though ceremonial, they are sharp
and reliable blades.

Attack: +3
Damage: 2d2+3 (5-7)
Value: 150

Commissioned by Ethric the Mad while still a human, it is said these
daggers have a link to the Land of the Dead. They are used in certain
magical rituals designed to extend life to unnatural lengths.

-    GAUNTLETS     -

Gauntlets are protective metal gloves. Every character can equip
one pair of these to boost their armor class, and take advantage
of any enchantments.

Armor: +3
Value: 100

A steel plated gauntlet of simple make and design.

Armor: +6
Value: 250

This gauntlet is an improvement over the simple, inflexible steel
gauntlets commonly worn by goblins and brigands. The back of the hand and
the wrist are solid, while the jointing around the fingers is made of
chain links to improve dexterity.

Armor: +8
Value: 450

While lacking in flexibility, this gauntlet has reinforced joints over
the knuckles and at the base of the wrist.

Armor: +10
Value: 650

A high quality gauntlet, it offers both flexibility and protection.
The joints are reinforced, yet are 'soft' enough to permit nearly
normal hand motion.

Armor: +12
Value: 850

Dwarven smiths created this masterpiece of gauntlet design. Except for
the extra bulk, there seems little difference between this gauntlet
and a velvet glove. Clever sliding and rotating plates at the joints
and wrist permit full normal hand motion while providing continuous
protection at all times.

-       GEMS       -

Gemstones may sometimes be found in chests or on the bodies of
certain monsters. They serve no purpose, and are purely intended to
be sold.

Value: 1000

A moonstone.

Value: 1200

A sculpted piece of amber.

Value: 2200

A ruby with a simple, efficient cut.

Value: 2500

A pale emerald.

-     HALBERDS     -

Halbers are the most powerful weapon type in the Spear category. It
takes Spear skill to wield them. Axe skill, despite what some of
the Halberds' descriptions imply, does not allow you to wield
Halbers, nor does it increase their effectiveness in any way.

Attack: +0
Damage: 3d6 (3-18) / 4d6 (4-24)
Value: 200

Combination poleax and spear, the halberd can inflict terrible
wounds, but recovers slowly from swings. This one is of average
quality and workmanship.

Attack: +4
Damage: 3d6+4 (7-22) / 4d6+4 (8-28)
Value: 400

Of solid construction, this halberd has a particularly heavy
blade. Wielded by a mighty warrior, it could surely be used
to slay the toughest of monsters.

-     HAMMERS      -

Hammers are much like Maces, and can be wielded by anyone with the
Mace skill. They are one-handed weapons, and although they tend to
be a little slower than Maces, they typically cause more damage.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d5 (2-10)
Value: 120

A graceless and unimaginative weapon, hammers are slow, but hit very
hard. This one is of common construction and materials.

Attack: +3
Damage: 2d5+3 (5-13)
Value: 300

A step up in construction quality, these hammers are commonly wielded by
humanoid monsters. Since everyone knows most monsters don't make weapons,
the question 'from where are they getting them?' arises...

Attack: +9
Damage: 2d5+9 (11-19)
Value: 600

Magically constructed, these hammers are the property of the Church
of the Moon in Karigor.

-       HATS       -

Hats are an alternative to Helms or Crowns. Like Crowns, they do not
add to a character's armor class, but are often enchanted. However, the
enchantments on Hats tend to be weaker than those found on Crowns.

Value: 20

A common hat. The material is a blend of cotton and wool, and the feather
is from a duck.

Value: 100

Quite fashionable and stylish, these hats are in vogue amongst the upper
classes and those seeking to emulate them.

Value: 200

Don't laugh - while silly - even ridiculous - in appearance, many
sorcerers spend quite a bit of time enchanting hats like this with
powerful magics. The conical shape and 'eyes' in the front of the hat
are peculiarly attractive to creatures of the spirit world, and that
property makes the hat easier to enchant.

-       HELMS      -

Helms are the only type of headgear that add directly to your armor
class. In addition, they may be enchanted, though usually not as
well as Crowns. Any character can wear a Helm.

Armor: +2
Value: 60

An ordinary helm. This one is made of hides stretched over wood. There's
no fur or padding on the inside, so your head will probably ring like
a bell when struck a solid blow.

Armor: +6
Value: 260

This is a common steel helm. The design is a good one and has been used
for centuries by warriors all around the world. Best guess is this helm
is 50-75 years old.

Armor: +8
Value: 460

This helm design has been used by the Elves of Erathia since before the
Silence. It is composed of silver and steel and is very strong.

Armor: +10
Value: 660

Half made from the skull of the ferocious Mogred beast in Karigor,
these helms grow more uncommon every year as the Mogreds approach
extinction. The red stripes around the horns of the helm are highly
receptive to enchantment.

Armor: +12
Value: 860

These helms are extremely rare and no one knows where they originate,
but they almost certainly come from the Time of Wonders. An extremely
fine inscription inside the helm says 'Property of Ship's Store, VARN

-       HERBS      -

Herbs are used to mix potions. By picking up a herb and right-clicking
it over an empty potion bottle, a basic red, yellow or blue potion
may be mixed. More complicated potion are made by mixing individual
potions with each other, but wrong combinations will result in
explosions which will cause damage to whoever was trying to mix
them. The more powerful the potions were, the more damage the
explosion does - trying to mix the most powerful potions in the game
with each other will result in eradication!

Value: 3

A magical herb of unusual properties. Phirna Root can be used to make

(Editor's Note: Phirna Root makes blue potions, which restore 10 spell
points when consumed. Eating a Phirna Root directly will only poison
the character.)

Value: 2

A magical herb of unusual properties. Poppysnaps can be used to make

(Editor's Note: the game misspells Poppysnaps in the item's
description. Poppysnaps makes yellow potions, which temporarily raise
all of a character's attributes by 10. Eating Poppysnaps directly
will only poison the character.)

Value: 4

A magical herb of unusual properties. Widoweeps Berries can be used
to make potions.

(Editor's Note: this herb was renamed Widowsweeps Berries in Might &
Magic 7, and this name was retained in M&M8. Widoweeps Berries makes
red potions, which restore 10 hit points and are great for reviving
unconscious characters. Widoweeps Berries is also the only herb
which is slightly beneficial if eaten directly - this will restore
2 hit points.)


Large Shields are, as the name implies, bigger than Small Shields. They
add directly to a character's armor class, and tend to have higher armor
bonuses than small shields. However, you pay a price for this: wielding
a Large Shield slows your character down in combat. Only characters with
the Shield skill may equip one, and only if they are using a one-handed

Armor: +6
Value: 200

Formed of stretched hides over a wooden frame, this simple shield provides
basic protection against physical attacks.

Armor: +7
Value: 300

The simplicity of the heraldic design on this shield leads one to believe
it was created either by barbarians or goblins. It is made of sturdy
materials and should stand up reasonably well in combat.

Armor: +9
Value: 400

This shield is made of wood framed by iron. It is somewhat heavy for its
size, but it should see you through a battle safely - as long as you're
not backstabbed.

Armor: +13
Value: 500

Made of a lightweight metal, this shield has a foundray stamp from the
Kelebrim armory. Though light, the material is very strong, and the
metal is welded almost seemlessly.

Armor: +19
Value: 800

These shields were forged by the Phynaxian empire during its brief rise
to power on the steppes of southern Erathia (790-864). They are made of
stalt, a metal that takes well to enchantment, and contributed heaily to
Phynaxian military might. Unfortunately, very little of the metal could
be mined, and Phynaxia fell in 864 A.S. to an Elvish offensive.

AEGIS (artifact)
Attack: +29
Value: 30000
Location: Lair of the Wolf, Blackshire (unverified)

Legend has it this shield was given as a gift from the Gods to a man
wishing to fight the terrible medusas in their stronghold. The shield
is reflective and prevents the wielder from being frozen by the stoning
gaze of the medusa. It also carries an enchantment that helps protect
against arrows, but the shield is very heavy and will slow the user
down a bit.
(Special powers: Immune to Flesh to Stone effects, Shielding,
+20 Luck, and -20 Speed)

(Editor's note: The speed penalty is well worth the awesome power of
this shield. Just find some speed-boosting equipment to offset it.)


Leather armor is the weakest kind of armor, and tends to be less
protective than chain or plate. Fortunately, it is also cheaper,
and restricts your movements less. It is most often used by Mages
and Druids, who cannot wear any other armor. Any character with
Leather skill may wear this armor.

Armor: +4
Value: 150

Lightest and most easily made among the armors, leather armor offers
the least protection. This particular suit is of average quality.

Armor: +6
Value: 250

Studded leather offers more protection than regular leather armor at
the expense of being stiffer and weighing more. This particular suit
is well made.

(Editor's note: This is actually incorrect. Studded leather armor is
made of a lighter and more supple sort of leather, but lined with
metal studs. It is these studs that form the bulk of the armor, the
leather just holds them in place.)

Armor: +10
Value: 450

An otherwise ordinary suit of leather armor, this suit is imbued
with a subtle enchantment that strengthens the material against
blows without increasing weight.

Armor: +16
Value: 750

Standard issue leather armor for officers in the Regnan Navy.
all such leather armor receives enchantments to strengthen and
lighten it during its creation in the Regnan Armories.

Armor: +24
Value: 1150

An extremely rare suit of leather armor created during the
conflicts between the Church of the Moon and the Church of the
Sun roughly 80 years ago. These suits provide the finest
protection available with leather armor.

-     LONGBOW      -

Longbows are ranged weapons usable by any character with the Bow
skill. They tend to be more powerful than Crossbows.

Shoot: +0
Damage: 5d2 (5-10)
Value: 100

A simple longbow constructed of common materials and uninspired

Shoot: +2
Damage: 5d2+2 (7-12)
Value: 200

A weapon only made by the Elves of the great Erathian forests.
This one reflects the same high quality workmanship found in
all Elvish artifacts.

Shoot: +4
Damage: 5d2+4 (9-14)
Value: 300

Etched initials at the base of the bow indicate this bow was made
by master bowyer Ivan Selving's workshop during the Timber Wars
against the Elves of Erathia in the late 600's.

Shoot: +6
Damage: 5d2+6 (11-16)
Value: 400

This bow is composed of strange materials and bound together by
subtle enchantments. It is extremely light and accurate.

Shoot: +8
Damage: 5d2+8 (13-18)
Value: 500

Created by stripping the Heavenly Forges of their enchanted parts
when they became useless some years after the Silence, very few of
these bows have survived the passage of time. What few remain are
hoarded by the Elves and individual collectors.

-   LONG DAGGER    -

Long Daggers may be wielded by anyone with the Dagger skill, and
are usually more powerful than standard Daggers.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d3 (2-6)
Value: 15

The common long dagger. Bordering on swords, these long daggers are
favored by assassins who want a weapon that is both concealable yet
has a longer reach than the traditional dagger.

Attack: +4
Damage: 2d3+4 (6-10)
Value: 200

Really more of a short sword than a dagger, the narrow blade belies
an unusual strength and a possibly enchanted edge.

MORDRED (artifact)
Attack: +8
Damage: 2d3+8 (10-14)
Value: 20000
Location: Dragoons' Keep, Free Haven

One of nine such blades in the world, Mordred was made by the
Brotherhood  in 428 A.S. as part of their first experiments in the
development of Dark Magic. Their hope was to find a way to extend
one person's life at the expense of another's, but instead of
reversing ages, they merely fond a way to steal health. (Special
Powers: Vampiric)

(Editor's note: Whenever a character scores a hit with Mordred,
part of the damage done is added to his own health, up to his
maximum normal hit points. I'm not sure what the conversion
rate is, but it's below 100%.)

-    LONGSWORD     -

Longswords are the 'main' kind of swords, doing more damage than
Cutlasses but less than Broadswords. They may be wielded by anyone
with the Sword skill, and are one-handed.

Attack: +0
Damage: 3d3 (3-9)
Value: 50

Of simple make and design, this longsword is deadly nonetheless.

Attack: +3
Damage: 3d3+3 (6-12)
Value: 200

A longsword of superior strength and edge.

Attack: +6
Damage: 3d3+6 (9-15)
Value: 350

Hammered metal patterns on the blade of this longsword suggest
high quality Dwarven manufacture.

Attack: +9
Damage: 3d3+9 (12-18)
Value: 500

An extremely high quality longsword, this weapon is one of
no more than one thousand of its kind forged by master
weaponsmith Mekorig the Blind circa 780-800.

Attack: +12
Damage: 3d3+12 (15-21)
Value: 650

A weapon as rare as it is ancient, this longsword was forged
during the Time of Wonders. The process used to forge steel
of this quality was lost sometime just after the Silence.

-       MACE       -

Maces are typically wielded by Clerics, whose faith prevents
them from using edged weapons (although in Might & Magic 6,
that does not seem to restrict bows). Any character with Mace
skill can wield these weapons. They are not as powerful as
Hammers, but are a little quicker.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d4 (2-8)
Value: 50

Little more than a glorified club, this common mace is made of
ordinary materials and unexceptional craftsmanship.

Attack: +2
Damage: 2d4+2 (4-10)
Value: 150

Solidly designed to inflict fatal injuries, even through armor. The
balance is a little top heavy, but the craftsmanship is good.

Attack: +5
Damage: 2d4+5 (7-13)
Value: 300

This mace is one of thousands turned out by the Heavenly Forges
before the Silence. But that was more than a thousand years ago,
and not many remain.

Attack: +8
Damage: 2d4+8 (10-16)
Value: 450

Only magic could make such an ungainly weapon so light and yet
hit so hard.

Attack: +11
Damage: 2d4+11 (13-19)
Value: 600

Constructed by the Necromancer's guild just prior to their fall
during the Succession War, these unusual weapons are almost
always enchanted with powerful magics.

-   PLATE ARMOR    -

Plate armor is the best, most expensive and heaviest armor around.
It can only be worn by characters with plate skill, and only the
Knight and the Paladin can ever learn that skill. Plate armor
tends to boost your armor class significantly, but slows your
character down as well.

Armor: +20
Value: 1000

Composed of interlocking plates and joints, plate armor is the best
unenchanted armor available. It is, however, heavy and slows the
movements of the wearer. This particular suit is of average quality
and the smith unknown.

Armor: +28
Value: 1400

Well constructed plates of steel work together to form an overall
excellent suit of armor. A foundry stamp under the right arm
indicates it was forged recently in Kelebrim.

Armor: +54
Value: unverified

This suit of plate armor was forged in the Mekorig foundry eighteen
years after the death of Mekorig the Blind. A masterwork, the armor
is almost as easy to wear as ordinary clothes, and is probably the
best armor available in the world.

-      RINGS       -

Rings are the main carriers of enchantments in Might & Magic 6. Just
about any enchantment may be placed on a ring, but the quality of
the ring normally determines the quality of the enchantment.
Any character may wear up to six rings, and the effects of any
enchantments on them are cumulative. Unenchanted rings are
typically worth a bit of coin in town, and you can fit a lot of
them in your backpack. The most expensive rings are tough to
identify, however.

Value: 100

A small golden ring with a quarter carat diamond. The style is simple
and elegant.

Value: 300

Two amethysts adorn this plain platinum ring.

Value: 500

A gold ring with a large moonstone set in the center. These rings
typically carry an enchantment.

Value: 700

Rings such as this one were worn by the Witch's guild to signify
membership during their heyday between 550-800 A.S.

Value: 900

The three pearls mounted on a gold base glimmer a faint blue when
held out in the sun, offering insight as to the source of their

Value: 1100

A large star sapphire flanked by two smaller rubies decorate an
otherwise plain gold band.

Value: 1300

Three gems, symmetrically equal in size and quality adorn a
hammered gold band. The center gem is a ruby, and the two
flanking gems are purple topazes.

Value: 1500

A hammered white gold ring with a large central diamond and
two small pearls, light doesn't fall upon it normally. The
ring glitters and fades unpredictably, as though it were lit
by an invisible sun shining in an unseen, yet parallel world.

Value: 1700

Three opals rimmed with a strange red metal are set in a perfect
ring of stalt - a very rare metal found only in southern Erathia.

Value: 1900 (unverified)

A gold band adorned with the shell of a rare beetle found only
in the deserts of Enroth. Treated properly by an alchemist, these
shells can be made to hold the mightiest of enchantments.


Small Shields may be wielded by anyone with the Shield skill,
assuming he/she has a free hand to spare. Although they do
not boost your armor class as much as Large shields would, they
do not slow you down as much, either.

Armor: +4
Value: 100

A small wooden shield designed to protect mostly against arrows.

Armor: +6
Value: 200

Bronze shields are lighter than iron shields of the same size,
but aren't nearly as strong.

Armor: +8
Value: 300

Since this shield is made of tempered steel, it should resist all but the
most unusual of enchanted weapons.

Armor: +12
Value: 450

Spirit shields are ordinary steel shields enchanted through a ritualistic
process that can have powerful, albeit unpredictable results. The process
is time consuming and requires the undivided attention of at least three
masters of Spirit magic.

Armor: +18
Value: 600 (unverified)

These rare shields were turned out by the hundreds with the aid of the
Heavenly Forges to combat rebel forces in the endless string of
skirmishes and supply raids that tested (and finally overcame) the
Governor's forces in the first century A.S. As with all such equipment,
it is light, tough, and is capable of holding the most powerful

-      SPEARS      -

Spears are long range weapons. Although they cannot be thrown, you can
still stab monsters with them just before they are in range for Sword,
Axe, Mace or Dagger attacks. Spears can be wielded with either one or
two hands (depending on whether you have a shield equipped). Wielding
a spear with two hands boosts the damage done, adding 1d9 (1-9) to
every hit.
You need the Spear skill to wield a Spear. Some characters in the game
suggest that Spears make good underwater weapons. However, since there
are no underwater scenes in Might & Magic 6, that is pretty useless

Attack: 0
Damage: 1d9 / 2d9 (1-9 / 2-18)
Value: 15

Barely more than a sharpened stick, this spear is still quite deadly. Like
all spears, it can be used in one or both hands.

Attack: +1
Damage: 1d9+1 / 2d9+1 (2-10 / 3-19)
Value: 50

This spear has a reinforced steel tip to help it penetrate tough armor
and hides. Like all spears, it can be used in one or both hands.

Attack: +5
Damage: 1d9+5 / 2d9+5 (6-14 / 7-23)
Value: 250

Decorated with carved serpents running along the shaft, this spear
comes equipped with a cross piece designed to prevent impaled foes
from sliding along the shaft of the spear and striking a blow at
you as they die. Like all spears, it can be used in one or both

Attack: +9
Damage: 1d9+9 / 2d9+9 (10-18 / 11-27)
Value: 450

Composed entirely of a rare, bluish metal, the lower half of this
spear is wrapped in an expensive leather. A collector's item! Like
all spears, it can be used in one or both hands.

-      STAVES      -

Staves are commonly wielded by either Mages or Druids, but anyone with
the Staff skill can use one. These weapons are two-handed and not very
powerful. However, they do seem to carry enchantments more often than
other weapon types, but perhaps that's my imagination.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d4 (2-8)
Value: 40

The staff is the traditional weapon of the oppressed. This one is
unremarkable, and the ruby at the end of it is actually just colored glass.

Attack: +3
Damage: 2d4+3 (5-11)
Value: 250

Magically light hard, this staff is made of a rare wood stripped from the
Elves during the Timber War in 600 A.S. The emerald at the end of it is
real, and probably serves as a magical reservoir from which the staff
draws its strength.

Attack: +7
Damage: 2d4+7 (9-15)
Value: 500

This staff, along with others of its kind, was found in the treasure room
of the Necromancer's guild after their disastrous defeat by Roland at the
end of the Succession War.

-     TRIDENTS     -

Tridents fall under the Spear skill, and can be wielded by anyone with
that skill. They tend to do more damage than Spears, and are often a
better choice.

Attack: +0
Damage: 2d6 / 3d6 (2-12 / 3-18)
Value: 100

Common war tridents, like this one, are good quality weapons issued by the
Imperial Regnan Navy to facilitate the collection of Imperial tariffs on
the high seas. Most merchants and other governments refer to this activity
as piracy...

Attack: +6
Damage: 2d6+6 / 3d6+6 (8-18 / 9-24)
Value: 400

A high quality war trident of the style given to officers of the Imperial
Regnan Navy. This one was probably taken from the officer during an
Imperial Taxation battle that went poorly for the Navy.

Attack: +12
Damage: 2d6+12 / 3d6+12 (14-24 / 15-30)
Value: 700

This beautiful trident is mostly made of Kergar, a rare, bluish metal
that does not rust or lose its edge over time.


Two-handed axes can be wielded by anyone with the Axe skill. Naturally,
wielding one of these means there's no room for a shield. They are
therefore often used by Archers, who have no Shield skill. Two-handed
axes are among the most powerful melee weapons in the game, but also
very slow to swing.

Attack: +0
Damage: 3d7 (3-21)
Value: 225

This style of long hafted axe is typically used to deadly effect by
Eastern tribes and the elite guard of some members of the nobility.

Attack: +3
Damage: 3d7+3 (6-24)
Value: 450

A stronger version of the basic Poleax, this weapon is frequently
used by city guards and other fighters who don't expect to do battle
in large, coordinated groups (like armies).

Attack: +9
Damage: 3d7+9 (12-30)
Value: 900

The blade head of this weapon was obviously created with the aid
of magic. It is both unusually sharp and light at the same time.


Two-handed swords are the only kind of sword that must be wielded with
two hands. They do a lot of damage, and are among the favorites of
Archers (who cannot learn the Shield skill anyway).

Attack: +0
Damage: 4d5 (4-20)
Value: 400

A basic two-handed sword. Thousands of these low quality weapons can be
found throughout Enroth.

Attack: +2
Damage: 4d5+2 (6-22)
Value: 500

Yet another simple two-handed sword, this barbarian's weapon sports a
wavy blade and an extra cross piece. Its construction is sturdy and the
blade is sharp.

-      WANDS       -

Wands always contain a certain spell. Which spells they can cast
depends on the type of wand. To use a wand, you equip it as if
it were a weapon. With every attack, one charge is used and the
appropriate spell is launched at the target. Once a wand is out
of charges, it can no longer be used - however, you can still
sell it.
Wands tend to cast the spells that come from them at a high
skill level, regardless of who wields them. Therefore, they
are more powerful than they may look. Do not sell them off too
quickly, but do not be afraid to use them, either.

Contains level 1 spells
Value: 1000

A rod of blue metal and wood capped with a blue headstone. To use this
wand, you must equip it as though you were equipping a weapon.

Contains level 2 spells
Value: 1500

More a staff than a wand, this fairy wand is inexplicably alive, even
though it was cut from its parent tree many years ago. To use this wand,
you must equip it as though you were equipping a weapon.

Contains level 3 spells
Value: 2000

Made from the hollowed out horn of a unicorn and spiited on a piece of
polished wood, wands like these are born of cruelty and evil. The
enchantment it holds is useful; the only real question is whether you
believe your cause justifies the use of an item so wickedly created.
To use this wand, you must equip it as though you were equipped a

Contains level 4 spells
Value: 2500

Made of a reddish metal, the egg of a cockatrice fixed to the business
end caps a wand containing a mighty enchantment. To use this wand, you
must equip it as though you were equipping a weapon.

(Editor's Note: These wands tend to contain useful combat spells,
and you should not be shy about using them to get through sticky
situations. Those charges are there to be spent.)

Contains level 5 spells
Value: 3000

Formed of the clawed forepaw of a baby dragon, wands like this one can
hold the strongest of spells. To use this wand, you must equip it as
though you were equipped a weapon.

(Editor's Note: Value these wands! The damage you can do with them is
far more important than the money you can get from selling them. Just
don't let them rot in your inventory, but use them when an opportunity

-   OTHER ITEMS    -

These are all the items that do not fall into any other categories.
Quest items are not listed, all other miscellaneous items I have
come across are.

Value: 0
Location: Hall of the Fire Lord, Tomb of VARN

A single piece of bluish crystal, carved into the shape of a human

(Editor's Note: This item absorbs radiation damage for the
character who has it in his backpack. This is helpful in one of
the last dungeons of the game.)

Value: 0
Location: Dragoons' Caverns

A simple wood flute rimmed with silver.

(Editor's note: you can play the flute by clicking it over a character
in the inventory screen. Other than that, I've never found a use for
this thing.)

Value: 0

A message scroll. To read this message, pick the scroll up and left-click
over the character picture in the inventory screen.

(Editor's note: with a few exceptions, most scrolls have no use except
for reading them once. You do not need to carry them around for the rest
of the game. Others are used to complete a quest, after which they may or
may not be removed from your inventory. If they aren't, you can safely
discard them. Sulman's Letter is the only message scroll which is used
to complete two different quest - it is removed from your inventory after
the second one.)

Value: 0

A small gong, used during temple services.

(Editor's note: A man in the eastern part of Free Haven will buy any
Temple Gongs from you for 2000 gold each. They have no other use.)


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