Might & Magic VI Cheats

Might & Magic VI cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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This is one of the fastest ways to get rich!

1:Before you do anything,work up 2000 gold and hire a windmaster that casts "fly."

2.Cast fly and go up to the buccaneers lair guild in new sporigal but before clicking on the south wall on the roof press enter for turn based combat so you won`t be K.I.A.`ed!

(Fly controls)
Page up=fly up
Insert=Dly down

3:When you get there, do`nt worry, the dragons can`t kill you......Yet....Take a look around.Ever realise how screwed you`ed be if you were to battle them?Quickly turn off turn-based mode and run into the building and click on the northwest wall!Do it fast or you can kiss your wind master and whatever gold you have left goodbye!

4: This place is a maze!Look around in every room,click on every cube and every desk for items!There are two goblins(one being a Goblin shaman and the other a Goblin king)This should`nt be a problem for the 4 of you so do`nt worry about it.

5:Eventualy you will find a chest.Keep clicking on it until you get 10000.go to where you came in and you will see a door.turn it to turn based mode and click the door.(You may want to save your game because you have to run through the dragons.)

6:You will now be where you were when you came here.If you notice on your map,it looks like a sword through a round thingy.You need to click on the handle of the sword referably knowen as the west wall out side of the building.Press enter to disable turn-based mode and run to the west wall fast!If you make it through, you will end up in New Sporigal again.Go to the inn to recover any wounds you might have gotten and to recharge your windmaster guy you hired.

7:Sell all of the stuff you don`t need for more money and go to the bank when it opens at 9:00a.m.
and deposit all your gold!Go back to step 1 and repeat the thing as many times as you want for gold!

(The items won`t regerate but the gold will-the chest only gives you up to 10000 gold so if you had 3000,it would give you 7000.Thats why I told you to go to the bank and deposit all your gold!)


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New World Computing?
This game is made by a company called "new world computing" well, they put their company into the game!
Heres how i usually get there (there are other ways but this is the easiest)
1) go to the bank in new sorpigal
2)on the side of it that is facing the road there is a fly scroll, click on the wall (spacebar works too) to get it (anywhere on the bank is good)
3)go to the entrance of the thieves guild facing towards the "guild of the self"
4) use the fly scroll
5) Experiment with the "Page up" and "home" buttons etc. above your arrow pad until you find the right keys to send you up and back down.
6)there is a "spire" on the top of the thieves guild. click on it (again spacebar works) it will load something and you will be in front of a shrine, hurry in or else you will be fried by the many dragons around.
7) (optional) select each of your guys in turn and have them touch the pole in the center, it will permanantly raise their stats (only once can you do this)
8)click on the lefthand wall (left as the way you came in) and it will load you again to the "new world computing" bulding!
9) explore and have fun!
10) WARNING there are two, count them TWO goblins in here!!
there will be lots of money and very valuable items, but...
11) if you don't have a town portal, guardian angel, or whats-his-bucket's beacon, then you can kiss all of that gold good bye, because the only place from there to go is.. back out with the dragons!

Note: there is a cupboard in there that will give you either:
Bad food-poison
2 food
1 food
or a bottle
press and hold spacebar in front of it and your guy will be poisoned and drunk, but you will have lots of bottles and plenty of food!