MLB SlugFest 20-03 (PS2) Cheats

MLB SlugFest 20-03 cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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cheat list
When you start a game and you see both of the team's logos along with three little squares below each logo, those are the cheat icons. Whenever you press a button, one of the icons change. (Note: they also show this in the instructional booklet on page 13.) I have a list of cheats that you can use during the game.

How to type in the codes: you type in the codes by using the square, x, circle, and a direction on the d-pad. After each cheat below there are three numbers followed by a direction. The first number is how many times you press the square button, the second number is how many times you press the x button, the third number is how many times you press the circle button, and the direction is the direction you press on the d-pad after pressing the square, x, and circle buttons the amount of times is says. (Note: you must press the three buttons in the order of square, x, and circle.)

Big Head: 2-0-0 right
Small Head: 2-0-0 left
Mace Bat: 0-0-4 left
Log Bat: 0-0-4 up
Wiffle Bat: 0-0-4 right
Horse Team: 2-1-1 right
Eagle Team: 2-1-2 right
Pinto Team: 2-1-0 right
Terry Fitzgerald Team: 3-3-3 right
Todd McFarlane Team: 2-2-2 right
Tournament Mode:1-1-1 down
Max Batting: 3-0-0 left
Max Power: 0-3-0 left
Max Speed: 0-0-3 left
No Fatigue: 3-4-3 up
Rubber Ball: 2-4-2 up
Infinite Turbo: 4-4-4 down
Rocket Park Stadium: 3-2-1 up
Roman Coliseum: 3-3-3 up
Matchup Screen cheats
Enter all these cheats at the Game matchup Screen. Each number represents the number of times the corresponding button must be pressed. Square for the first, X for the second, O for the third. Then press the designated direction to activate it

Horse Team-2,1,1,Right
Log Bat-0,0,4 Up
Mace Bat-0,0,4,left
Maximum Batting-3,0,0Left
Maximum Power-0,3,0,Left
No Fatigue-3,4,3,Up
Rubber Ball-2,4,2,Up
Terry Fitzgerald Team-3,3,3,Right
Todd McFarlane(w00t!) team-2,2,2,Right
Tournament Mode-1,1,1,Down
Wiffle Ball Bat-0,0,4,right

tiny head
2-0-0, left will activate the cheat