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by izzleskizzlez   Updated to vFinal on
Sony Playstation
Version: Final
Created: July 7, 2000
Made by: TheGreatOne
Last updated: Saturdayy, July 6, 2002

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Table of Contents
1. Latest Updates
2. Review
3. Start Menu
4. Game Modes
5. How to Play
6. Secrets and Codes
7. Credits
8. My Other Works

1. Latest Updates
      Version 1.0 (7/7/00), everything is new put in my Review of the
      Version 1.1 (7/8/00), added my other works section.
      Version 1.2 (7/8/00), fixed the spacing problem.
      Version 1.3 (7/19/00), started on the secrets section.
      Version 1.4 (7/21/00), fixed a couple small errors.
      Version 1.5 (8/6/00), reformatted my FAQ.
      Version Final(7/6/02), reformatted FAQ, deleted roster and question &
answer sections because game is too old, completed FAQ

2. Review
Here is my review for the game.
MLB '99 came out in. There is no other baseball like it. MLB '99 puts you in
control of all aspects of the game. The game offers over 200 new pitching
motions and batting stances and with over 300 animations including home plate
collisions, barehanded pick ups, jump and twirl throws, over the fence and
diving catches. This makes MLB '99 one of the greatest baseball games of all
time. MLB '99 is one to two players and requires 1 to 4 blocks on a memory

The graphics in MLB '99 are in unbelievable detail. I was surprised about the
graphics in this game. They are so detailed. With over 200 new pitching motions
and stances animations MLB '99 is right up they're as one of the best-animated
baseball games.
Graphics Rating: 9

There isn't much sound in MLB '99 except for the play-by-play announcer Vin
Scully. There is the occasional ballpark music witch last for only a few
seconds. The only really disappointing part of the game is the music.
Music/Sound Rating: 3

The game play in MLB '99 is unlike that of any other baseball game. With
features like Total Control Fielding and Total Control Batting it puts the game
in your hands. Total Control Fielding lets you select how you want to field and
throw. Total Control Batting allows you to guess pitch type a location for
unparallel bat control.

MLB '99 features six different game modes. The first being exhibition mode
which is your basic average 9 inning game. Season mode allows you to take a
team all the way to the World Series. Home Run Derby is a new and improved
feature for MLB '99. Select 2 to 10 players to see who can out slug whom. And
the newest feature in the game is the spring training mode. You can create a
baseball player and take him through spring training to earn ability to make
him better.
Game Play Rating: 8

*Other Important Factors*

I like to play MLB '99 however I don't like to play it much. Playing a full 9
inning game over and over gets pretty boring.
Replay Value: Low

MLB '99 is pretty hard to play on the veteran and all-star level. The only
challenge is winning the World Series (if you don't get bored before getting
Challenge: Medium

The game is actually not that fun I find it a little boring. If you like a
really like a real long drawn out game that repeats it self than this game is
for you.
Fun Factor: Low

MLB '99 really isn't worth buying. Its great to rent (so you only play it a few
times and don't get bored). There are newer and much better baseball games out
there so go and buy one of them instead of MLB '99.

Overall MLB '99 has great graphics and really good game play but crappy sound
and low replay value. Its a great game don't get me wrong but you will get
tired of the game and want to play a different game. The challenge is a nice
thing about the game. So if you really like baseball games go ahead and buy it
but if you are looking for a fun game don't pick MLB '99. I gave MLB '99 a 7.

3. Start Menu
(Select Game)
Select between Exhibition, Season, Playoffs, Draft, Spring Training, and
Homerun Derby.

Trade players, create players, sign free agents, view player cards, or reset

Player 1 Level:                     Rookie/Veteran/All-Star
Player 2 Level:                     Rookie/Veteran/All-Star
Innings:                            1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
DH:                                 Auto/On/Off
Auto Fielding:                      On/Off
Auto Sliding:                       On/Off
Auto Lead Off:                      On/Off
Fielding Aid:                       On/Off
Time of Day:                        Auto/Day/Night
Errors:                             On/Off
Wind:                               On/Off
Radar Gun:                          On/Off
Distance Meter:                     On/Off
Call Text:                          On/Off
Batting View:                       Low/Low 1/Low 2/Medium/High
Fielding View:                      Low/Medium/High
Point of View:                      Always Batter/Always
                                    Pitcher/Alternate Home/Alternate
Crowd Volume:                       Move Slider
Sound Effects Volume:               Move Slider
Announcer Volume:                   Move Slider
Music Volume:                       Move Slider

(User Records)
Create user records, view stats, or view user vs. user stats.

(Memory Card)
Save, load, or delete a file.

4. Game Modes
Use exhibition games to compete in a one or two player game. prepare yourself
for a lengthy regular season, the intense pressure of competing in the
playoffs, or to set up an All-Star game.

Use this option to start a new season or continue a previously saved season.
Seasons can only be played by one player.

Go straight to the playoffs and bypass the regular season. Playoffs can only be
played by one player.

Players are drafted at ten pitching positions and fifteen fielding postions.
You can manually draft each position or have the computer complete the draft.

(Spring Training)
Earn a trip to the majors by earning enough ability points for your created

(Homerun Derby)
Homerun Derby is a contest to see witch hitter can out slug the other.

5. How to Play
(Control Legend)
X:                                  X
S:                                  Square
T:                                  Triangle
O:                                  Circle
L1:                                 L1
L2:                                 L2
R1:                                 R1
R2:                                 R2
Select:                             Select
Start:                              Start
L:                                  Left Direction
R:                                  Right Direction
U:                                  Up Direction
D:                                  Down Direction

Swing:                              X
Hit for Average/Power:              S
Bunt:                               O + Direction Pad
Move Batter in Box:                 R2 + Direction Pad
Open/Closed Stance:                 R2 + L1/L2
Pause:                              Start

Total Control Batting:
(Veteran and All-Star difficulty)
Center Bat Cursor:                  Select
Move Bat Cursor:                    Direction Pad
Guess Pitch Location:               L2 + Direction Pad
Guess Pitch Type:                   L2 + Direction Pad

*Pitch Type*
Correct Guess:                      Bigger Batting Cursor
Incorrect Guess:                    Smaller Batting Cursor

*Pitch Location*
Correct Guess:                      Yellow Lock-On Indicator Appears
Incorrect Guess:                    Smaller Batting Cursor

*Pitch Type and Location*
Correct Guess:                      Lock-On Indicator Appears + Extra
Incorrect Guess:                    Smallest Batting Cursor

(Base Running)
Hit & Run/Steal Lead Runner:        T
Steal Specific Runner:              T + Direction Pad
Lead Off:                           L1
Lead Off(Back to Base):             R1
Return All Base Runners:            O
Return Specific Base Runner:        X + Direction Pad
Advance All Base Runners:           S
Speed Burst:                        R1
Stop Runners:                       R2
Head First Slide:                   L1
Feet First Slide:                   L2

Move Fielder:                       Direction Pad
Throw to 2nd/Jump:                  T
Throw to 1st/Speed Burst
(without ball):                     O
Throw Home/Dive:                    X
Throw to 3rd/Change Fielder
(without ball):                     S
Special Throws and Catches:         Press and Hold L2
Throw from Knees:                   In dive press base button
Rob a Home Run:                     Press T at the wall
Throw to cut off man:               R1

*Total Control Fielding*
Press L2 at an oncoming ball and the fielder will automatically make a special
catch and throw to the appropriate base.

Select Pitching Type:               X,S, or O
Adjust Pitch Location:              Direction Pad
Adjust View:                        Select

Note: Hold the pitch button longer for a faster pitch.

*Pick Off*
After Selecting a Pitch Type hit the following buttons:
Pick Off to First:                  O
Pick Off to Second:                 T
Pick Off to Third:                  S
Adjust Infielders:                  R1/R2

6. Secrets and Codes
If you would like cheats for MLB '99 please visit

(Gameshark Codes)
For Gameshark codes for MLB '99 please go to

7. Credits
Gamefaqs, for hopefully posting my FAQ

Me, for typing this FAQ

You, for reading my FAQ

8. My Other Works
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my other works please go to the link below

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