Major League Baseball 2K7 review
MLB 2k7- Is The Game Any Good?

The good:

Updated Franchise Mode

Updated General Manager Mode

NEW "Manage Game" feature

Great Graphical Improvement

Inside Edge Scouting System

Online Play

Complete, NEW Franchise Mode Features

All NEW Batting features

The Commentary is Great

Player Models are Looking Good

The Yankees Cover Again- Life Is Good

The bad:

No Barry Bonds tsk. tsk.

SIXAXIS control isn't exactly Great

Fielding Could Be Improved

Online Play could easily be Improved

Pitching System gets pretty hard to Determine. The Computer can easily strike you out if they want.

Rookie Mode Recommended for anyone who has not played the game for Two Months or more.


There are quite a few improvements from the last game stuffed into this one. For one, Franchise Mode is way better. You have more options on what you wish to do between games. Wanna check each and every players morale? Go for it. See what they like, or what they want changed. Sometimes, the players can give you some decent assistants on what to change about your line-up, or even where to cut back some funding that may save you money. To top that, the new "Manage Game" feature is great. It's all the excitement of playing a baseball game, without actually playing it. So if you aren't very good at the game yet, this feature can be handy during Franchise matches to assist you into getting into the play-off's. Lastly, we have the updated/better General Manager Mode. It's basically the same as Franchise mode, except for the fact that the owner of your team gives you goals throughout the season to complete. If you don't complete enough of the goals, you will lose Management points, and ultimately end up being released. Bummer. Rain Delays are pretty good in this game. They could make the rain look a little more realistic though. More music would also be nice. It's the Playstation 3. I would expect about 30 songs, at least. SIXAXIS controls should defiantly be improved to give it a more "baseball" like feel. The overall averages of the players seem to be pretty accurate, except for a small few. Todd Hollandsworth a 68? Bologna!

If I haven't said it 100 times, The Commentary for the game is absolutely great. A huge improvement. I would however, like more Grand Slam comments. I've only heard one or so as of right now. The draft mode is pretty good. Although, it seems there is a certain order everyone is picked everytime. The first draftee is always this guy, and the second is this one. So on, so forth. Plus, you aren't able to chose the place you draft. That means, if you want to be 1st, then your gonna have to keep exiting the draft mode for awhile until you are randomly placed there. Good Luck with that. Barry Bonds is left out of the game once more.Not really sure why, but Im going to read up on it soon enough. The Inside Edge feature in Franchise, Season & General Manager mode is nice. It ultimately gives you a small review of any player you want. Yep, even the created ones. Although, the reviews for them are randomly generated. You can't really chose anything like that for your player.

Which brings me to the topic of Created Players. The feature is okay. I'll leave it at that. It could still be improved greatly. Take a look at Create a Character/Player on other games and tell me the one on the MLB games are great. Sadly, there are alot of ways to cheat in this game to get what you want. Force Trades for Franchise/GM/Season Mode, all kinds of cheats to unlock some of the legendary teams, not to mention a cheat to unlock Micky Mantle. I'm all for the "Cheat 2 Win", but it goes to far with Auto-Homeruns. If you use any controller that is not SIXAXIS on this game, it will completely screw you up. Basically, you can aim your pitch without SIXAXIS, you cant steal for bases, or even lead off without SIXAXIS. You can barely even move the fielder's without SIXAXIS. It would be great to see that improved.

Onto Fielding in general, Wall Climbs are pretty good in this game. Simply hold down the R3 stick and watch your player gently walk up the wall and catch the ball. Although, this will only work on smaller walls, and if the ball isn't ten feet over your head. There are a few glitches and such in the fielding, such as throwing to the bases. Once in awhile, the ball will not go to the base you throw to, and instead, go away from the runner. It's a pretty annoying glitch when your tied in the 9th inning, and the winning run for the opposing team is heading home. Stealing isn't all that hard in this game. To be honest, they have the entire steal feature looking great. Everything, except for the actual steal. Unless your Ichiro, make sure to always have the batter bunt or hit the ball to steal. Otherwise, you will most likely be thrown out. Sadly, you cannot steal or lead off when you are versing a friend. All the classic batting styles have been implanted into this game. Everyone from The Classic Gary Sheffield "Swing Bat Back & Forth" to Ken Griffy's "Stand tall and Swing" stance. Although they look neat, dont count on the batting style to make a difference for anything. They're just here to make the game look nice. Some of the cut scenes between the game are helpful, telling you your batting line-up, or current defense. Others are completely useless, such as the Rain Delay scenes. They're the same every single time, and get very old. Maybe its just the bad graphics used for the fans, either way, they make me want to turn rain delays off.

Simply put, dont pay full price for this game. Either find it used or wait for MLB 2k8. Maybe they will have some more improvements by then. Anyways, the game is pretty average, and if you can get a demo, or maybe even rent it, I would go for it. Just dont expect to never get bored of the game.

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