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MLB 2K5 Fake Players Guide v1.0
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MLB 2K5 Fake Players Guide

by aldrete2   Updated to v1.0 on
Fake Players Guide for Major League Baseball 2K5 (PS2)
by Jason (aldrete2) - 4/12/05 v1

0001 What This Guide Is About
0002 Fake Player List 
0003 Top 25 Prospects Fakes List
0004 FAQ/Notes/Miscellaneous Stuff

0001 What This Guide Is About
If you've played any baseball games the last few years you've probably seen 
fake players filling out the rosters. If you've played Major League Baseball 
2k5 you've seen a lot of fake players on rosters. You may be wondering if/who 
these fake names represent, and maybe even why there are fake players in the 
game to begin with. I will cover this here, as well as talk about some general 
roster updating things. This will not be a comprehensive roster update guide 
listing all the transactions that have occured - there are other places to find 
info on that. The info included in this guide covers the default rosters (no 
offical roster updates had been released by 2k/Take 2/Sega as of mid-April 
2005) for the PS2. I've never played the Xbox version, so I'm not sure if all 
the roster info is the same in both versions.

0002 Fake Player List
This is a listing of all the fake players on active major league rosters. A 
majority of minor leaguers and free agents are fake players, they will not be 
included here. There is one fake player in the free agent pool with stats, I do 
have him listed. A few of the fake players on active rosters do represent real 
major leaguers, the real player name is listed afterwards. Go to section 0004 
for more details about specific players and other issues regarding fake players 
and who can/can't be included in the game for various reasons. I will mention a 
couple of things in this section though. First, many of the fake players who 
match up with real players do not look like the real players, and there is no 
way to edit things like flesh tone or facial hair in 2k5. Second, most of the 
fake players on all teams and levels DO NOT represent any real players. If you 
look at the players' vital stats and appearance and compare it to guys on 
40-man and spring training invitee lists, they do not match up close enough to 
anyone to be truly considered representative players. More about this later, 
here's the list of fake guys on active rosters:

Ana: Tim Zimmerman-P --> Brendan Donnelly
Atl: Jeff Ashburn-3B
     Bobby Abbott-LF
     Cliff Dickey-P --> Tom Martin
     Allen Acevedo-P
Bal: Erik Lambert-P
Bos: Carlos Ahearn-RF --> Kevin Millar
ChC: Chris Ganz-2B
     Terrance Brown-C
Cle: Brandon Ament-LF
     Paul Prior-P --> Scott Sauerbeck
Col: Jerome Tang-3B
Det: Grant Ashby-2B
Flo: Damon Perdue-RF
     Jeremy Figgins-LF
     Chipper Fikac-CF
Hou: Matt Underwood-LF
     Evan Boehler-RF
KC:  Jon Gettis-P
LA:  Jack Vian-1B
Mil: Jef Holton-C --> Damian Miller
     Tim Biemel-P --> Justin Lehr
Min: Carlton Lloyd-P
NYM: Colby Long-RF
Oak: Oliver Phelps-C
     Evan Olivo-LF
     Gary May-P
Phi  Felix Berger-SP --> Cory Lidle
     Marshall Meche-P
Pit: Jay Pride-P
     A.J. Houston-P
SF:  Joe Young-LF --> Barry Bonds
     Brad Almanzar-P --> Matt Herges
TB:  Dan Young-P
Tex: John Thomas-P
FA:  Tim Scutaro-P

0003 Top 25 Prospects Fakes List
If you start seaon/franchise/GM career, you can look at a listing of the top 25 
hitting or pitching prospects from around the league. Most of the names on the 
top 25 boards are fake names, since minor leaguers are not in the union and 
can't be used in the game. A good amount of the fake top25's SORT OF match up 
with some of the elite prospects in the minors in real life. Below is a list of 
some of the fake minors who I found that kind of match up real top prospects, 
at least in position, handedness, and prospect status. Keep in mind that most 
of these fake guys do not match up with the listed real prospects in terms of 
age, height, weight, or physical appearance.

Romain Soson (P/Sea)       - Felix Hernandez
Alan Palmer (P/NYM)        - Yusmeiro Petit
Colin O'Hara (P/Tex)       - John Danks
Anand Madhavapeddy (P/Cle) - Adam Miller
Sumir Kataria (P/SF)       - Matt Cain
Al Spong (P/LA)            - Greg Miller
Shan-Min Chao (P/Atl)      - Kyle Davies
Jeff McNurlin (P/ChW)      - Brandon McCarthy
Carol Celic (P/Oak)        - Huston Street
Walter Hecht (P/Was)       - Mike Hinckley
Dale Son (1B/ChC)          - Brian Dopirak
Beck Moussavi (OF/NYM)     - Lastings Milledge
Dave Von Mol (3B/NYY)      - Eric Duncan
Adam Bain (C/Atl)          - Brayan Pena
Drew Krevi (SS/Bos)        - Hanley Ramirez
Andy Modrovich (3B/Col)    - Ian Stewart

0004 FAQ/Notes/Miscellaneous Stuff
Here are some general topics and questions that deal with the fake players and 
roster editing that have been asked about on message boards, or let you know 
why certain players aren't in the game.

Q: Why are there fake players in the game?
A: For legal reasons, not all players can be included. Some of the fake players 
are fill-ins for real players who can't be included. Many minor leaguers are 
fake, since teams do not have enough eligible players to fill out a full 25-man 
roster and a pool of minor leaguers.

Q: So, who's eligible to be included in 2k5 and other baseball games?
A: Players included in the MLPBA (the player's association) are eligible, with 
a few exceptions that will be covered later on. Players on 40-man rosters, and 
25-man rosters and disabled lists during the season are generally considered in 
the union. For video games, it's a little different though. Usually players who 
appeared in the majors or were on the disabled list the previous season are on 
the official list of players that game makers are allowed to include in their 
games. Players on 40-man rosters who did not appear in the majors or DL 
(prospects and older players who spent last season in the minors) typically can 
not be included, even though they are considered members of the MLBPA for other 

Q: Why isn't Barry Bonds in the game?
A: this is probably the most asked question regarding baseball gaming the last 
couple of years. The simple reason many people give is that Bonds "dropped out 
of players union". I severly doubt he actually dropped out of the union 
completely, what they probably mean is that Bonds opted out of the MLBPA's 
group licensing agreement. If you've ever seen the MLBPA/Player's Choice logo 
on games or baseball cards or whatever, that symbol indicates that the product 
is licensed by the MLBPA, and can use the names of players who signed on to the 
group licensing agreement. Bonds opted out of this agreement before the 2004 
season, which is why he wasn't in any of last year's games either. This is the 
same reason why Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal were not in some of the 
video games back in the Sega Genesis days. As far as I know, Bonds is the 
first baseball player to leave the MLBPA group licensing agreement.

Q: Why are Kevin Millar, Brendan Donnelly, and a few others missing?
A: Millar, Donnelly, Cory Lidle, Tom Martin, Matt Herges, and Damian Miller 
have been "banned" from the players union for appearing in at least one spring 
spring training game during the players' strike of 1995. The MLBPA has taken 
the cold stance of saying that any player who appeared in just on game that 
spring crossed the invisible picket line, and will not be allowed in the MLBPA. 
Even though no regular season games were played with strikebreaking players 
(making it impossible to tell who would have actually crossed the line and 
played in official games during the strike), and many minor leaguers were 
forced or tricked into playing spring games, the union leaders have remained 
assholes regarding this issue. From stuff I've read, Billy McMillon (who is 
included in 2k5) is the only guy who played ina game that spring that has been 
let into the players union. Jamie Walker, Frank Menechino, and Kerry Ligtenberg 
also appeared in games that spring, but are included in 2k5. There are some 
other players still active in the minors who played in games that spring, so if 
they reach the majors this year they may be left out of official roster 
updates. Those players will be listed below, along with their current real-life 
roster status. By the way, if you're wondering were I got this info from, check 
out the excel spreadsheet (which was actually compiled by me) on this site:

Active "Spring 95" players not in 2k5:
Lou Merloni - Ana
Chris Truby - KC/disabled list
Andy Abad - Cle/AAA
Charles Gipson - Hou/AAA
Brian Daubach - NYM/AAA
Chris Clapinski - KC/AAA
Pedro Swann - Cin/AAA
Angel Echevarria -ChC/AAA
Eddie Oropesa -ChC/AAA
Sean Fesh - Phi/AAA
Chris Prieto - Ana/AAA
Shane Spencer - Japan
Benny Agbayani - Japan
Keith Osik - Free Agent
Kevin Tolar - Free Agent
Chris Latham - Free Agent
Jeff Tam - Free Agent
Chuck Smith - Free Agent

Q: Are there any other players missing?
A: From what I've found, Expos OF-1B Terrmel Sledge is the only other notable 
player I've found that's missing. He's a union member and included in other 
games, so there's no known reason why he's missing from 2k5. Guys who retired 
during the offseason like Edgar Martinez are missing. There may be some minor 
league free agent types or guys on 40-man   rosters who had short stints in 
2004 who are missing as well. There are two other representative players I have 
on the list above. Justin Lehr played with Oakland in 2004 and was on the 
Brewers' 40-man roster this offseason, and his fake does match up in terms of 
vital stats. There's no known reason why he's missing. Scott Sauerbeck was 
injured last season, and was signed by Cleveland to a minor league contract. 
He was added to their 40-man roster in the offseason, but since he wasn't on 
Cleveland's major league DL, Sauerbeck may not have been on the list of 
eligible players.

Q: So who the hell are the other fake players...and why?
A: Good question. Like I said earlier, many of the fake players do not 
represent any real players close enough to be considered legitamite matches. 
Filling out minor league rosters with fake players is understandable, but 
giving half the teams a fake reliever when they have several real guys pushed 
to the AAA roster is just plain idiotic. For instance, the Twins have a nobody 
named Brandon Lloyd taking up a spot in their bullpen while vets like Terry 
Mulholland are relegated to the AAA roster. Doing this makes it seem like the 
2k Sports people know nothing about baseball...or are really lazy or something. 
I know a lot of people on the internet are trying to match up names of fake 
players with names of players on 40-man or spring rosters, or top prospects in 
organizations. But as I said before, if you check out vital stats and 
appearances of many fake guys, they don't really match up with anyone. A lot 
of the fake players I saw are 30-something year old guys, very hard to mistake 
those guys for prospects.

Q: Where did the get some of those goofy fake player names?
A: If you turn to the end of the manual, you'll see that the people who made 
the game used their own names for some of the fake players. In the free agent 
pool, you migh notice a pitcher named Santos L. Halper. If you don't know, 
they got this name from an old Simpsons episode. Bart applies for a credit 
card using his dog's name (Santa's Little Helper), and when the card comes in 
the mail it says "Santos L. Halper" as the cardholder.

Q: Why are the classic teams so messed up?
A: Since most players on the classic teams are retired, they are not part of 
the union and can't be used for that reason. Some of the players that are in 
the Hall of Fame can be used, since Cooperstown has its own group licensing 
thing that players and their families can enter. Unfortunately, most of the 
players on the classic teams have little resemblance to their real life 
counterparts. They can't make the fake guys look exactly like the real players, 
but many of the fakes are wrong in vital stats, facial hair, flesh tone, and 
uniform numbers. And since you can't edit complexion or hair, the classic teams 
are worthless to many people. Even the real players they have are messed up. 
Most have incorrect uniform numbers. Nolan Ryan is rated as 100 on the 69 Mets, 
even though he was a young middle reliever who was nothing close to the 
dominating pitcher he became. Not all Hall of Famers are in 2k5 - Babe Ruth, 
Lou Gehrig, Duke Snider, and even Joe Morgan are among the missing. Morgan is 
on the Cooperstown team and the analayst on the telecasts and he's not on the 
76 Reds! Here's a list of the few real players that are on the classic teams:

76 Cin: Tony Perez
55 Brk: Pee Wee Reese
69 NYM: Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan
61 NYY: Yogi Berra
89 Oak: Dennis Eckersley
95 Cle: Jose Mesa, Julian Tavarez, Eddie Murray, Omar Vizquel, Manny Ramirez,
        Kenny Lofton, Sandy Alomar, Jim Thome, Carlos Baerga

Q: What's this roster/lineup glitch people keep talking about?
A: Sometimes after making trades or signings, positions may appear twice in 
your lineups, and there is no real way to fix it. For instance, I went through 
moving players to their new teams, and when I signed Jeromy Burnitz, Maggliio 
Ordonez, and Mark DeRosa to the Cubs, Tigers, and Rangers respectively, each of 
those teams then had two DH's in one of their lineups. The roster/lineup 
editing pages do not include any way to eliminate duplicate positions. If you 
trade/release players, you can remove them from all lineups, then send them to 
AAA before transfering them to try to avoid problems. In season mode you can 
sign free agents to a minor league roster, then promote them. Unfortunately, in 
exhibition mode, if you want to make an updated roster file, it is virtually 
impossible to avoid the multiple-position thing. When you sign free agents in 
exhibition mode, they automatically go to whatever level they were listed at in 
the free agent pool, and sometimes major league free agents will be 
automatically inserted into the lineup. If you're only concerned with editing 
players' names, stats, and uniform numbers you should be okay. But if you want 
to start a season, I would recommend sticking with the default rosters until 
2k/Take 2/Sega comes out with an official roster update and/or patch.

Q: Are there any limits to editing players I should know about?
A: You can not edit players' flesh tone, facial hair, or years of experience. 
The problem with this is that the fake players who represent real players 
(both on current and classic teams) often look nothing like their real life 
counterparts. I can understand not being able to edit real players completely, 
for legal reasons or whatever, but there's no reason to make it so you can't 
edit the fake guys. Yet another annoyance from 2k5. You can not edit players 
on league/division/national/hall of fame all star teams. You can't edit the 
manager or coaches names. Finally, you can't edit or create players once you 
enter a season mode.

Q: Are there any other mistakes/issues with the rosters?
A: I noticed two player handedness errors. Dodgers IF Olmedo Saenz should bat 
and throw R, not L. Cardinals pitcher Carmen Cali should be left handed, not 
right handed. Sometimes when you edit players, they will turn to polygons. The 
good news is if you exit the editing screen, then come back the players should 
look fine again. Some players who did play in the majors last year have zero 
stats, and a few guys who were never free agents are in the free agent pool. 
For instance, Cubs pitcher Mike Wuertz is in the free agent pool, and his 
stats are all zeros.

Q: Who the hell are you and why should I believe what you're babbling on about?
A: I have posted a roster update for this game on gamefaqs, so I know first 
hand about all the messy stuff with roster editing. In the past I made many 
rosters for High Heat 2001 and 2002 (PC), both extremely detailed "current" 
rosters and several past seasons. So I know a lot about stupid lineup messes, 
disappearing players, and fake players. I also am working on a current roster 
for the very messy to edit PC replay game Diamond Mind Baseball 9. In the past 
I made about 20 roms with current and past teams for the classic NES game RBI 
Baseball. I've also made rosters for Baseball Mogul and one or two other games, 
I can't remember off the top of my head. I've also posted a few rosters for PS2 
games here on gamefaqs. So I'm obviously insane, or have way too much spare 
time. Well, that's the kind of fun stuff that happens when you graduate from 
college and nobody's hiring entry-level in the field you went to school for...

Contact info
I have a secondary e-mail address at yinka 5000 @ netzero. com (remove spaces). 
If you have any big info/corrections about stuff I talk about in here you can 
e-mail me. Don't send lists matching fake and real players unless you actually 
verified that they match in regards to vital stats (age, ht, wt, etc). It's 
easy to go through rosters and try to match up names by positions, but from 
what I've seen most fake players are completely fake. If you want to use stuff 
from this file, just give me credit, I'm not gonna put a rod-up-the-ass 
disclaimer like a lot of faq's have.