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The good:

Incredibly deep Franchise mode, Slick presentation, amazing sound and graphics.

The bad:

Terrible progression scale, too many glitches to count.


First of all, give 989 some credit, no scrap that, give them a hug, because finally...finally through all of the bad NBA games, all of the bad MLB games, 989 has finally had it's hand in making a quality game in MLB 06: The Show.

Lets start off with the good, shall we? MLB 06 has presentation, incredible presentation. When you turn on the game, you'll notice your standard Exhbition, Franchise, Season, Home Run Derby is back, Online, etc. When you start playing a game you'll notice how smoothe the presentation is. You get a nice look at the park before the game, a rundown of the batting orde...


MLB 06 The Show

The good:

Incredible Reactions from players from broken bats to strikeouts to bad calls to ass smacking...wait, that isn't right. Oh wait...that's in there though....where was I going with this?

Regular Season Mode...seriously...MVP was getting on my nerves with the whole "132 season dynasty manager" crap when they have Owner Mode which is the same thing only you change prices.

Franchise Mode is easier than a blonde....wait...I forgot about Paris Hilton. ZING!

Cool Announce Team, makes the game more emotional and fun and not having the hear "Big Boy" 45 times over the usual 1000 from...what's his face in the MVP series.

Two friggin pitching types! Why anyone would choose Classic though is beyond me.

More cam shots on the team you can see if they are making fun of you while your shaking your ass at the plate at bat.

First Person View cam so you can see where ther are openings while you bat.

Guess picthing is easier in this game. Is that a good thing?

The bad:

The Analog control isn't very good in the feild. It's difficult to get your feilder in the direct spot to make him catch a fly without missing it and/or dropping it.

Infeilding is the same, alot of the time you can move your feilder right in front of a groundball, but they'll just stand there and watch it go by into the outfeild. And these people are paid millions a year for that?

Pitching sometimes can get hard too. For example, you choose to throw a Splitter, one of my fav pitches, and you choose to throw it at the inside of the plate a little low, which is where it is most effective...and you wind up with the meter....perfectly....but when it's throw it will go in the dirt! I noticed that when you you aim it high as hell it goes down even. Even if you pitch it perfectly. This goes with all breaking balls to actualy not just that one. If you throw a fastball inside and perfectly meter it, it will go...outside. Wait...what?

King of the Diamond almost IMPOSSIBLE to pitch in most of the time even of you do it perfectly. If you aim your pitch in the middle or lower, it will go in the dirt. If you aim it too high it will hit an airplane.

Strikezone...differs. Alot. If it looks to low, high, or in, it'll probably still be called a strike. If it's perfectly a's a ball. Maybe that's a good tihng..since many umps in real life are like that?

Which brings me to my next bad can't argue calls. DAMN YOU MVP! Oh yeah I think they stopped making baseball games too didn't they?

Most infeld hits....are hits....I mean you know how on tv and stuff...when the ball is hit in the infeld and you just throw the batter out...well 70% of the time in this game...your throw is too late because your feilder likes to hop a few times before he throws. Throw him an egg and wish him Happy Belated Easter, maybe that'll help?

In Career mode, and Season mode for that matter, it is impossible for you to win the Gold Glove as a pitcher. Literally. Because your inning's played is always set to ZERO! *bleep*ING ZERO! How the hell did Sony miss that?
It's because of that goal in career mode that it took me forever to get into the hall of fame as a pitcher in career mode.


Other than all that...this is truely the best baseball game ever made season, franchise, exhibiton and create mode wise. All those errors in the bad column really need to be fixe. I'd really like to see a first person view pitching, and batting mode too. Wouldn't you? Oh can't reply to these can you?

Anyways, I'd also like Manger and player arguments too, with voiceover, that'd be cool.

And I also more than anything would like a "create a pitch" mode too. I made my own pitch and would like to throw it when I create myself on these games, so DO THAT! And remember...MVP's gone now.....

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