Mortal Kombat Trilogy review
Not exactly a trilogy, but still a great game

The good:

Almost every MK 1-3 character is playable. Several play modes. Excellent graphics & control.

The bad:

High difficulty level. CPU is extremely cheap.


Based primarily on Ultimate MK3, this compilation brings together characters from all the previous MK titles, throws in a couple of new ones, and adds several new play modes. Gameplay is typical MK-fast, furious, and extremely bloody.
Graphics-wise, this is the best-looking MK title with a lot of detail and arcade-perfect frame rate. Controls are simple yet responsive, and can be customized to suit your preferences. While you can set handicaps and difficulty, the 1-player game gets very hard very quickly, so dig up some codes to turn the tables in your favor. In multiplayer, you can play 1-on-1 or even set up a 3 vs. 3 team battle!
This game's primary appeal, as expected, will be with hardcore MK fans who will be drawn to this by the options, new gameplay modes, and large variety of characters. Even if you're not an MK fan, the new gameplay modes warrant at least giving it a try.

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