Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance review
After 5 long years....MK gets their Vengenace

The good:

What you can expect from this game is not only it's superb graphics and detalied realism, This game will make you think twice of spending quarters at a nearby Gameworks lol.

The story starts out from MK4....Quan chi eventually escapes from the Netherealm and finds the hidden Army of the Unbeatable Dragon king, he plans to revive them with souls and plans a plot with Shang Shung. but for them to start any action, they knew they had to remove their worst adversaries and enemiesso nothing can get in their way. first, they Ambush Shao Khan (bout time..) and With their powers to ventuer to the Earthrealm, They eliminate Earth's divine Warrior, Liu Kang. Now its up to Rayden and the Earth forces to once again, duel in the 5th Mortal Kombat and acheive their vengance.....

*The game is Totally different from the previous MK's and offers a training guide for veterans and Newbies to train and become the skilled warrior when they dont know just how to attack their adversaries...

*Our favorite Good and bad guys are once again available to fight against good and evil, Sub Zero, Scorpion and Raiden to just add, and a new variety of new characters which are also easy to control.

*Character fatalites have been extremely gory and realistic, no more silly "TOASTY" rip offs...

*Extras that can be acheived are Sketches, drawings, never before seened videos/plansheets, hidden characters like the ever popular Reptile, and much more....626 bonus to summarize it up....

*If youre a music fan of the band, Adema, you would surely enjoy their new music video, immortal, included...

The bad:

*Although the controls are now enhanced and evolved....it can get really hard to get used to, especially executing the chain combos, the top buttons arent really eay to get along with...and some characters have either The impale ability (which is a desired ability) or the power up and recover, even some dont have any of those at all, making progress in the game difficult.

*Fatalities have been reduced to ONLY 1, it is said from some Paranoid Concerned viewers, Ed Boon wanted to persuade them to slightly reducing violence, but the again....The game is extremely too gory for under 15 year olds and the bloodshed thrown out is ridiculous....(implaing with Kitana's fans for example)

*About the Bonus.......It is 626.....the road to acheieve them requires coins which you gain in Many ways but some only in Mini games, like Test your might (If you think about it, only 200 onyx or platinum coins is taken for granted for bruising your fingers of tapping....) so expect to earn those bonus for more than a month..

*OF course for the Novice player, there is no more uppercutting to the roofs or quick sweeping, and worse of all for Shang Shung fans, no more morphing, now the game level takes it serious....a little too serious


Graphics: MKDA is one game that is putting the name of Nintendo back into competition with Sony and Microsoft, Characters are really Real imaged by their actions and now.....you can leave their faces brusied so you can feel like you are actually doing some damage! there are many, many, arenas to fight in and they all look like great scenes from the previous Hit Arcade years ago, Killer Instinct

Sound: Nothing bad about the sound, the characters may sound the same (but i guess it always has been) the background music is really great, much like the Mortal Kombat theme song from the movie

Control: Its not so easy to just jab away or uppercut your way to victory anymore....techniques are quite like Tekken game Series, but these moves however, for each character, applies to their advantage, all it takes is practice and you can master each character. and the block button, is also your key for your open attacks, use it.

Fun Factor: For the Hardcore MK Veteran, such as myself, This game is a recommended buy, but you can always try it out for rent to "Test your mind" im sure you will enjoy both the MK series still running solid and The excitement you will observe in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance......

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