Mister Mosquito Cheats

Mister Mosquito cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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2 Player Duel Mini-Game
After turning on the PS2, press and hold ''Start'' and ''Select'' on the 2nd controller to activate this mini-game.

Square button = accelerate
X button = jump
Triangle button = rocket attack (when the gage is full)

Just knock the opponent out of the ring to win.
Cycle Mini-game
At the title screen, press and hold L2, then rotate the right analog stick 30 times. You will hear a chime and go into the mini-game.
In-game Reset
While playing the game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and push Start + Select.
Kenichi Mosquito
Enable the "Kaneyo Mosquito" code. Then, hold L2 and quickly press Up, Right, Left, Down, Square(2), R2(3) at the character selection screen. A shout will confirm correct code entry.
Secret Character
Enter these codes at the charater selection screen

Father Mosquito - Hold L2 then press up right left down [](x2) R2(x3) to activate this code, you'll first have to get mother Mosquito.

Mother Mosquito - Hold L1 the press up right left down [](x2) R1(x3)