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Mischief Makers Cheats

Speed Demon
In the running events of the competition press Right on the D-Pad very quickly to win the race.

Infinite Red Rubies
Go to level 3-8 (the day before) and shake the first clancer and he will produce 30 red rubies. Press Start, choose Exit, then restart the level and repeat the process as many times as you like.
submitted by Tommy

Life Fill Up
To fill up on life really fast go to western world and go to the area with the clancer who is really strong and has the gun. The enemies will come to fight you. If you grab a hold of one and shake him he will let out a green gem for every shake. This works with any of the enemies in that area.
submitted by Tommy

Music Test
Hold L + A + C-Left + C-Right and press Start on the title screen.

S Times
In Mischief Makers, you get graded on how fast it takes you to finish a level. There are A, B, C, and D grades. Like some other games, there's an elusive "S" grade, called the "Perfect Grade". For example, you have to beat the first level in under 18 seconds, and beat the second level in under 17. Checkout the S Times FAQ to see how to get this very tough grade.

Extra Gold Gem
First, you must collect about 30 gold gems. Then, go into the ending. The ending will progress to a scene in which Teran confronts Marina. A grab cursor will appear around Teran. When he gets close enough to Marina, push the grab button and Marina will grab him. This will change the ending, and you'll get an extra gold gem.
submitted by Tommy

Different Ending
Get an "A" on every level and collect the fifty-two gold gems. During the ending sequence, hit the target on Teren that appears for a slightly different version of the end sequence.

Bonus levels
Collect all fifty-two gold gems and view the entire ending sequence. Press R after the last screen with the stages appears to access twelve bonus levels.


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The bosses
The bosses are here! To beat them and a dialog. If you wanna skip the text in the game simply press Z.

Wormin' Up:
A worm is in the desert! Celes(Teran's sister)is wandering the desert when Wormy pops up. marina comes and battles him. To beat him grab him with B and use a Direction on the D-pad to toss him. He has three attacks, which change depening on his damage.

Attack 1:He begins simple. No damage done! Just squirms around.

Attack 2:He breathes gray smoke,but beware! After a while he'll turn it into flames! Dodge this and move on!

Attack 3:Super slide! He's on fire! No,really,he's on fire! Grab his head and throw Wormy!

The best solution for beating this guy is grabbing him and holding Down D repeatedly press B. He shall be done in no time!

Chrisis: Nepton:
Teran,Geold and Bigguy are near the Item Shrine when some Clancer warns them of the Spur Gang. Four muscular grey Clancers that come in different sizes. The big one punches geold and Marina appears. The three(Marina,Teran and Bigguy)fight for the Item Shrine! You can use an ally to whack 'em! Bigguy emits a shield to protect him while a sparle appears when Teran hits the wall.

The bee is back! She has three attacks:

Attack 1ive bomb. This bee takes her stinger and dive bombs attempting to shock Marina. When the attack finishes her abdamon can be grabbed and shok for her treasure.

Attack 2:Charge. Flambee will charge at you attempting to knock Marina off the edge. The attack does minor damage and can easily be dodged.

Attack 3:Grab. Copying Marina's attacks lady? This bee will grab Marina and use her stinger to knock you off the edge. Luckily,it does no damage. The bad news,there is no way gettin' back up so just go with the flow.

You can defeat her two ways:
1.Grab her and wait for 'til she goes off the edge and throw he down!

2.Grab her on land and throw her on the floor! You have to throw her down!

Migen brawl:
You found the Prof.! But not for long. Son comes and eats Prof.! When you attack Son if you look at his mouth you can see the Prof.! After hitting Son with Migen by Son's side Migen will drop a green gem to heal Son. Instead grab Son's fist and throw it at Migen. After Migen is hit three times he'll fall into the lava. Now's the time to reflect Son's fists back at him. Every time ya hit Son he'll shoot more meteorites. If you're low on heath break his meteorites and sometimes a green gem. After a few hits Son is gonna pretend to punch and make you flinch.

Attack 1:Swipe. Used at the beginning of the battle.

Attack 2unch. Son slams the ground. Grab his fist to weaken him. When Son has a crazy face you can grab his fist.

Attack 3:Fire breath. When blue lines go around the screen Son's going to do his fire breath. There are two ways to dodge this:
1.Jump and keep pressing UpC.
2.Run to the side.

Attack 4:Meteorite/Fireball. Your use of health. Son's 2nd basic attack, after the punch.

Attack 5:Slide. Son will put his fist on the rock and slide it against the rock.

Attack 6:Green ball. Once you've hit Migen for the second time he'll begin to hurl balls at you. Each one holds a red gem.

Clance War:
At the end of the level a Clancer is in a pod. At the top is a gun that shoots missles at you. Also black Clancers come from the sides. There are two ways to beat the pod:
1. Grab the missle launcher and face the pod.
2. Throw the pod around.

Go Marzen 64:
At the end of the level Marzen is waiting for you. Lure him to the bombs a clancer throws to blow him up. Once the pod is destroyed either use the left over Clancers or throw Marzen around.

Chilly Dog:
A blue dog is here! Throw him around! He will lung at you or kick you if grabbed.

Lunar shoots from the sky! Either throw his balls back at him or when he swoops/slide grab him and throw him back. His bombs will backfire.

Sorry,I'm all out. I can't seem to get past "The day of". If only someone came and helped! My phone number is 519-475-0023 and my address is 113 Huron street. Please submitters! Help!!!


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Beating Lunar,Tarus,Merco
By: Miranda

Ok.This guys are pretty tricky if you ask me but there no threat to you,yet!I shall start with Lunar,that fiend hes so annoying.

Marina talks about it being cold blah blah blah now Lunar appears and says: HERE'S LUNAR!!!!!!! and they talk bit,blah blah blah.finally you fight.

He has several attacks, which include sliding at you and leaving grenades behind you, slashing you, shooting at you with his gun,
etc. So, here are 2 (And maybe 3) ways to harm him.

1. Grab his back and slam him down (Requires timing)

2. Grab the grenades he throws and throw those at him

3. Grab the energy blast he fires from his gun and throw it at him
(Again, it requires timing!)

Cerberus a

Uh-oh. He's really out to get you now. First, catch the missiles and
throw those back at him. You can shake them to make them bigger and
more powerful, but it's not nesscessary. And if you stay on the far
side of the screen, you'll avoid his attacks real easy. After getting
hit by a few missiles (What kind of body armor is he wearing?), he'll
pop a wheelie and jump to the other side. This is your cue to switch

After throwing more missiles at him, his motorcycle will change into
a.......lets see....a.......well.......WHAT IS THAT THING ANYWAY?!
Nevermind, he'll get off of it for the moment and attack you on the
ground (Must be pretty quick to keep up with his vechile.....). Grab
him from behind and and slam him on the ground 3 times and he'll get
back on his machine.

HEY LUNAR! YOU FORGOT YOUR GUN! Oh brother............wait a
minute here.......I have a better idea. Since Lunar is too lazy to get his
gun back, why not turn it against him? Shake it for a more powerful
blast. Once he can no longer take the pain, he'll blow up, and he's
Bye Bye Lunar and hello prof. and he flies off again thanks to Marina.I dont she does that,mean girl if you ask me.


UGH!I hate this guy,he looks like a monkey with a yellow suit [he does!Seriously!Whatever] Anyways hes a terrible singer and Marina appears they talk blah blah.Less talking,More fighting!

The big guy is very powerful, he can punch you REAL hard, send rocks on
top of you, and more! Two ways to hurt him include (1) throwing rocks
at him when he pounds the ground, and (2) by catching his punch and
throwing him to the side. Technique #2 earns you a gem, but you must do
it near a wall in order for that to happen. He'll eventually be gone
after awhile.

Sasquatch b

In first phase, throw the rocks at him, and grab the cannon and try to
make it point upward, then jump away. If done correctly, the blast will
greatly damage him.

As for his second phase, where his tank changes into a......again, I
have no idea what it is.It sorta looks like a toy soilder or some.whatever,anyways,grab the foot and yank
it away from him, then press the RIGHT C BUTTON, THE TOP C BUTTON, AND
THE BOTTOM C BUTTON. If done correctly, you'll slam the machine on
Tarus! Do this 3 more times to finish him.
Bye bye Tarus!Heh.Too bad,I was going to give him some bananas [Boy I love my bananas!]


You are now facing "Dr. Smooth Love" himself, Merco.Is he ever a show-off to the girls.But trust me,just because Marina is a girl,doesnt mean he'll go easy on you

Grab the sword and
shield and throw it at him. Not easy, though, because he attacks quick,
and you have to throw it hard at him. Grab the spear and shake it for a
Gold Gem, but be quick! He'll give up after a few hits.Zoom off to the stage.

Phoneix r

This guy has to be the hadrest out of Lunar,Tarus,and Merc.O

Okay, first snatch his shield and spear, (The C buttons help IMMENSELY
here!) and throw it at him while you avoid having him ramming into you.
Also, be sure to avoid that corkscrew thingy so Marina doesn't get poked
in the side.

His machine will change into a bird, then avoid his pecks and grab his
head. Press the BOTTOM C BUTTON until you automatically let go, and
it'll hit him in the head. Then he'll fire lasers. Best to avoid them,
as you'll ALMOST get killed (If not all the way) if you're the
crossfire. Repeat two more times and he'll fly toward you!

Avoid the machine gun, and try to catch a missile, then throw it at him
(If you don't catch one, he'll fire some lazer at you.). Since he's too
stupid to dodge...........*Waves bye-bye as Merco explodes in flames*
And it's over!...Or,is it?Stay tuned...MUHAHAHAHAHAA!

Thank you for listening to me help you guys out.I hope you didnt fall asleep yet.