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Don't try this at home


Side effects may include motion sickness, out of body experiences, and the inability to distinguish your surroundings from gymnastic escape routes. People have reported dumpsters appearing as platforms, the urge to vault over their cars, and the way rooftops suddenly resemble stepping stones. Although no one will probably be seen jumping between office buildings at work, it’s best to stay inside for a day or so after completing DICE’s innovative take on the first person perspective.

In Mirror’s Edge, that perspective’s name is Faith, suitable for a woman who vaults skyscrapers. Her eyes are ...


Mirror's Edge: Xbox 360: Excellence

The good:

- Amazing detail and graphics
- Fun to play with weapons
- Numbers of different attacks
- Quite realistic
- Amazing perspective
- Beautiful landscapes
- Great career mode

The bad:

- Bad multiplayer
- Gets repetitive


Mirror's Edge for the Xbox 360 is a freerunning game that many gamers will know and love. The beautiful detail and city landscapes tell the story in the game.
It's basically you, playing as a "Runner" called Faith, who wants to feel free from the grip of the everchanging city that her mother died trying to keep it the same way.
With gunfire coming at you from every angle, it can be dizzying, but intense.
The controls aren't really much of something to brag about, they are a bit of a button mashing experience, although there are uses of the analog triggers and sticks.

You will really notice the ...


A fresh innovative game makes the jump to stardom, barely landing it.

The good:

The graphics are one of the best I've seen for the 360 and it certainly tops any Wii graphics hands down. Almost straight as you're thrown into the first level you'll realise just how much detail has been put into this. The sun reflects onto skyscrapers and onto the very ground you land on and even scenery (Fans, computers and vehicles on the ground) all give you something new to see.

You'll be praising the detail that's been put in for quite a while as you as you see the character you control stretch her arms out during a big leap or when she begins to breathe heavier when you break out into a sprint. The whole immersive experience is fantastic due to this and the overall sound quality, whether it's the soundtrack, voice acting or sound effects when you are forced into a fight and you let the bullets fly. Your eyes and ears are treated well, but what about your heart?

The game's cover star Faith (Cleverly named) introduces you to her life straight from the start. Basicly the government has decided to sacrifice freedom for peace and her parents were part of the protest against it. They were killed and Faith was left on her own until her mentor Merc gives her a home and teaches her to become a runner/courier, delivering messages that the government can't monitor. Suffice to say, there is huge character development throughout the story and you'll be deeply immersed in it. My only niggle was that of the characters. By the end of the 8-9 hour campaign, there won't be many characters left. Not spoiling anything but there's a lot of death.

The bad:

As you can see from this picture, the combat looks pretty thrilling. It is, when you finally get it right after many deaths and attempts. The game discourages you from combat and most of the time it is optional. However even on the easiest mode you can end up being shot down whilst running and you can be surrounded by more than one which is a big dillema. You'll be shot by one person while disarming another. After a good 5 attempts planning out your route you'll get a good sense of satisfaction but it can get frustrating.

One more thing is the rather linear level layout. There are shortcuts but they always make you go to the same location. There's hardly ever any alternative parts where you can avoid a certain alley etc and although sometimes you won't notice it, you won't be playing through it without getting deja vu. This can be slightly irritating because when doing speed runs you'll have to perfect only one path (Which are shown to you through runner vision, highlighting objects in red for you to interact with). The solid controls allow fluent movement and completing a flawless run will provide adrelaline junkies mild thrills just make sure that you follow the path you're given.


Mirror's Edge already has a sequel in development and this game's decent sales has helped it. Chip in and experience the true style of free running, first person.


Innovation that requires a bit of patience


Parkour seems like a very interesting concept.
The one thing that sold everyone's souls on Mirror's Edge when it was announced - myself included - was the parkour gameplay. Parkour, for those who don't know, is pretty much free running, like doing crazy jumps and stuff across buildings and on walls and stuff, And based on the footage, it looked like a game that ripped other games a new one due to said concept. Upon playing it, I was thinking "eh, it's good". You heard me; it was good. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was that great. The game was hyped up too much - logic would dictate that h...


aka Some Eurasian Chick Doing Crazy Stunts


One thing I find amazing is that while long running series like Zelda, Mario and Sonic do the same crap over and over (with the exception of Sonic Unleashed), the game series that just come in are trying all these bright and innovative ideas, or just improving the concept of another series. Look at Dead Space! It's pretty much everything Gears of War 2 wishes it could be! There's Skate, which kicks the shit out of post-Pro Skater 3 Tony Hawk games with some slick controls and an emphasis on motion, instead of just "hey kids hold X, release and press square to do kickflip". Now to improve wh...


A new type of game, but is it one worth buying?

The good:

> The acrobatic combat

> Stylish disarms and attacks

> The sets of skills and moves available for Faith to use are broad

> Very pretty setting

> New, innovative, original concept

> Challenging set pieces

> Time trail modes

The bad:

> Scripted AI

> Not so free levels

> Frustrating difficulty

> Short campaign gameplay

> Annoying button prompts

> Lacks a real story

> Over-brightened environment

> Not much replay value


Released in Novemeber, Mirror's Edge is a new type of game developed by DICE and published by EA. Previously EA where a brand I would avoid as most of their games where simple games created at low budget for a higher profit. However given the quality of Dead Space and the hype surrounded Mirror's Edge I decided to give it a go. Received free from my friend, keeping up my vow to never actually purchase the game, he kindly allowed me to hold onto it for as long as I wanted in exchange for the same deal with my LittleBigPlanet.

Mirror's Edge follows the story of Faith, a runner who delivers con...

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