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Sequels often try to outdo their predecessors with usually disappointing results. Thankfully Clap Hanz kept the winning formula that Camelot injected into the original and just gave us more of it. They did remove the kiddie "super-deformed look", which will probably help make this title appeal to those who passed over HSG2. Intact are great control, bright and colorful environments, a billion things to unlock and some interesting characters. This is one of the best video golf games on the market today. Yes, even besting Tiger at his own game.

The control scheme is simple and easy for anyone to get into right away. Simply point the cursor at the section of course you wish to go to, press X to start the power gauge, then press X again to decide the power you wish to hit the ball. Holding the direction pad in either 4 directions will apply top or backspin, or draws and fades. It's a very simplistic control scheme that works like a million bucks.

Not only is the game a pleasure to play, but it just begs you to "keep going for one more" because there is just so much to unlock. At the start of the game, there are only 3 players, but you'll have a chance to unlock lots more by beating them one-on-one in the versus mode. You'll also be able to unlock balls, courses, and clubs.

The game also offers golf standby's such as Skins, Tournament, Stroke, Match-Play and the aforementioned Versus mode. If that isn't enough for some reason, up to 4 players can hit the virtual links and play around making this a great game to sit around play when company is over.

So many golf games today try to entice you with real courses, real players and difficult control schemes and yet none of them have the playability of Hot Shots Golf 3. This game is by far my favorite golf game on any system at the moment. Highly recommended! The weather is amazing, and there ia an online tournament.

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