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Hot Shots Golf Fore! review

The good:

Graphics are great.
Sound Quality is good too.
Overall, game is pretty easy.

The bad:

I really like the way they added more chracters, but they need some more of the HSG3 Characters, like Spike


HSGF is a great game for any golf fanactics, although the physics of the game can be insane once in a while, for example the homing ball which backspins until it gets into the hole.

The quality of the game is excellent, and you can also play online with other players in the world.

You play against other chracters to unlock them in VS. Mode and in Tournament mode, you strive to win. The more you win, the harder it gets with harder Stage trails, which occur when you have recieved a new title.

You use the points in the game to purchase items in the shop which could help your game strategy, decorate your backrounds and watch past shots you;ve played which you have stored.

Overall, I believe that this is a great game, espically for golf fanatics, which i have mentioned before. the sequel - Everybody's golf is extremely similar, but with different characters.

There is a short Par-3 Course and 2 mini golf courses which can be very enjoyable, but get boring once you've played it a millon times.

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