Hot Shots Golf Fore! review
Hot Shots Golf Fore! Proves That The Third Time Isn't Always A Charm.


Hot Shots Golf Fore! Review

Hot Shots Golf 3 was an enjoyable title. No more, no less. I believed that Hot Shots Golf 3 had the promise of a great series in the future, and so far, with the recent release of Hot Shots Golf Fore!, I stick to my word. Clap Hanz and the former workers of the HGS series, developer/publisher Camelot have created this series to be exactly what it is: a cute, enjoyable, and a surprisingly depth gameplay factor. With the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series really dominating most of the Golf gaming world, this is a breath of fresh air for those who don't like the Tiger Woods series. I do believe that Clap Hanz, if they continue on with the franchise, will make one successful series of it.


What can I say? The graphics aren't mind-blowing, but they aren't a cheap flick either. Hot Shots Golf 3 was a game with above-average visuals, and this one is close to the same. "The trees sway as hard as the wind blows," so a loading message says. I do believe that is tree, and the reason I mention this is the fact that it actually does have good visuals to do the swaying. Fortunately, every time the ball drops to the ground, if it is in the fairway, trees, sand, rough, and otherwise, it looks as close to perfection as I have, and probably you have seen in such a golf game before. The only downfall in this category is the water hazards. The ball landing in the water hazard makes for a good effect, but, the whole water is far to art-oriented for it to be considered a hazard of sorts.


This was the place where Hot Shots Golf 3 faired least in. Of course you had the opportunity to play versus mode in order to play as about a dozen characters, and that is a decent amount, but only being able to play in a five different tournaments where there isn't anything in terms of added gameplay to win was very dissapointing. Fortunately, for Hot Shots Golf Fore!, there is more to adventure with. You have the ability to play with twenty-four different characters, each with their own special talents. You play on thirteen different courses, and the five from the original return included in that. Also, there is an item shop where you can continue to by several, and I mean a wide selection, of products that will mostly help you for your quest. There are twelve different skill levels for you to play on, from Amateur to King, and it will take you about three-dozen tournaments in order for you to get to King on average. That's about a normal season on the PGA Tour, so you know you are in for a treat.


Like the gameplay in Hot Shots Golf 3, the sound is what this addition does the worst job on, and it isn't half-bad. Now, knowing golf, you know that there really isn't a lot of action going on, for some parts. It is mostly just whacking, clicking, and the occasional water hazard. It is not that that causes the problem, it is the audience and the ten caddies' annoying, repetitive taunts that really eat away at you. On a regular golfing day, you will probably hear the same reply about five times during a tournament, at least. Fortunately, that is all the problems that you really have to endure on this game, and we will leave it at that.

Replay Value

This is the best golfing game, along with the Tiger Woods series, that really fits the gameplay factor to a tee. I believe that this game is a golfing game that a fan of the sport can play for days and weeks at a time, and that is saying for a while after they pick it up. With twenty-four charcters, thirteen different courses, and even mini-golf, as I forgot to mention earlier, will keep your days with this game feel like an eternity, and of course, that is not a bad thing.


This is probably the most critical factor for any sporting game. Me and my brother are fierce sports competitors, as most of you probably are, and we like a game that offers the most in this category. This game is one of those games that you will love to enjoy because it is not so childish that will turn you away from the game, and that is really the point in all golf games. A game that you will play for hours on end is just screaming for good multiplayer action, and Hot Shots Golf Fore! speaks that language beautifully.


I wasn't impressed with Hot Shots Golf 3, because its gameplay is what really caused it to downfall. With the many new, and upgraded additions to the Hot Shots Golf library, this won't make you finish the game with a sour taste in the mouth, and that isn't said very often about most golf games. Anyone who was skeptical with Hot Shots Golf 3 shouldn't be worried, they have the ultimate golf game right at your footsteps. One more thing: if you hit a slice, don't forget to say Fore!


Graphics: 4.5/5.0
Gameplay: 4.8/5.0
Sound: 3.7/5.0
Replay Value: 5.0/5.0
Multiplayer: 5.0/5.0
Overall: 23.0/25.0 - 4.6/5.0 - 92%

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