Mini Ninjas (DS) Cheats

Mini Ninjas cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Boss 1 - Defeat
If your having trouble defeating the 1st boss then here is what you should do:

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  • Once the battle starts, go upstairs (if you cant find the stairs then just look around and then you should see some stairs)</li>
  • Go up the stairs</li>
  • boss will eventually shoot blue things (lasers?) at you, just doge them and throw shruikens and his face (probably 5-10+)</li>
  • will fall down and then a green hexagon/emerald will appear on his body, just hit it and he will eventually die.</li>
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If your low on health then there will be some health pick ups you can use, they will be on the 2nd floor

Dont go near the boss when you are fighting since he will unlease a swipe which take your health away.

Boss 2 - Defeat
If you having trouble fighting this boss then read on:

OK, this guy ate too much beans since he cant stop farting so when the fight starts, he will fart and the gas/fart will come towards you. Just blow on the DS Mic and the fart will float to the boss thus damaging his health. He has 3 types of attacks:

1) When your standing still, he will fart so bad that he will rush towards you, to avoid this you shouldn't stand still

2) When he farts, 3 gases/farts will appear, all you have to do is blow on the mic to make it go away.

3) When you are far away, he will unleash his 'special attack'. This attacks goes everywhere, to avoid getting damaged from this, you will have to blow into the mic.


Dont blow to hard on the mic since it will not work, you should blow on the mic when your ds is about 15cm away from your mouth.

I'll give more tips when I defeat the 2 other boss's and the main boss.
boss-3 defeat
just run around and around he will keep farting on you on some you will be able to blow them back keep on doing this and he will faint when he does attack him keep on doing this he will die.
boss-4 defeat
look around there is some thing (looks like a giant tap) hit it the poisoned water will go down move up the stairs across the hallway then wall jump up you will see the bosses face attack it then run down hit the giant tap again but this time there will be another tap attack it then run down the hallway again wall jump again then attack his face again attack the tap then the other one there will be another one attack it run back up the hallway wall jump again attack him again repentantly do this eventually he will die.