One of the most meaningful and simply excellent games of the past decade, Minecraft is pure imagination. Okay, so really it boils down to playing a man stuck in the wilderness, using the building blocks of the environment around him to survive in beautiful and complex ways, but really... really, it's about imagination. Every single bit of Minecraft can be altered, dug up, broken apart and either destroyed, rearranged or crafted into something different. They call it a sandbox experience, but there isn't a single sandbox out there as coherently artful as Minecraft.

Originally developed by a single man, "Notch" Markus Persson, Minecraft build Notch's company Mojang into one of the most successful games in years. Tghis is largely build on the fact that Minecraft allows the player so much freedom to create and share, while also maintaining both single-player and multiplayer environments at the same time.

[edit] Console Editions

This page also applies to all console versions of the Minecraft including the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii U Editions. Some platforms have exclusive features: for example the 360 and Xbox One editions support Xbox Live, while the PlayStation and Wii U versions have off-TV play capabilities using the Vita and GamePad controller, respectively.


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Minecraft's April Fools' Day update has been released, and it features some interesting new technology

How many of these features would you like to see in 1.10?

Mar 31 at 1:57pm, by James Langley | 5 comments

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Minecraft, the block building game that is ever so popular. I'm here to tell you about this game,...

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I made a city server on minecraft for ps3 and if anyone wants to join add mrcool9500 or ntrouble247 Minecraft
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