Might and Magic (GENESIS) Cheats

Might and Magic cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Free Food
In your list of commands select "Share" and then "Food". Do this several times and your entire party's food supply will increase. Usig this trick you can go beyond the maximum capacity as well.


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Extra Items, Weapons and Armour
Press C at any time in the game to bring up the sub menu. Go to View Character and press C, when propmted with the "View Which" message, press and hold Left, A and C for about 3 seconds then release. Scroll left until you start finding strange characters with exotic items, weapons and armor. Trade whichever items you want to the members of your party for free stuff!
Star Burst Spell
Cast Enchant Item but don't choose an item to enchant. Instead, press the B button to abort the spell in the midst of casting. The Star Burst spell will now be on your spell list.