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I wonderfull Collection Game

The good:

25 diffrent game including

joust 1 and 2
rout beer tapper
And maney maney more.

The bad:

Well the graphics take 0ff 0.5 points but umm You cant really complain seeing has these game are up to about 15 years old.


Well I guess Ill tell ya about some of the games

Smash Tv : (my favorite game)

Players: 1 to 2 players either 2 or 4...

Description: You start has a small man with a gun, your in a compitition and your job is to kill all the enimies and go on to win the champian ship. Along the way collect bonuses such has vacation VSR micro wave (I think) and more.

Replay Value: you will play this game half of your time play midway arcade tresures

Fun percentige: 10/10


Root Beer Tapper: ( my least favorite game )

players: 1 player

Description: you must serve root ...


Arcade or Arc Ade?

The good:

24 classic games!
Good choices.

The bad:

And some bad ones.


This is a collection of 24 minigames from the 80's and 90's. I will be doing a score of each game then averaging the total to get the final score. And away we move!

720- A skateboarding game with a bland control sheme. Not much fun here. 2.0

Blaster- A futile attempt at creating a first-person game. Colors make me sick, but still very fun. 3.0

Bubbles- Get your bubble large enough to get down the drain. Avoid monsters but you can eat them if the bubble is large enough. Fun. Very fun. But still some control issues. 4.0

Defender- Space shooter that is fun, challenging and interesting. Very excell...


Old-school for the New-school

The good:

24 Midway/Williams/Atari classics perfectly converted. Lots of DVD extras. Price ($20-25 MSRP).

The bad:

It may take a little time to learn/re-learn the controls (what I wouldn't give for a trackball). Music/Sound FX are slightly off-sync.


Midway follows up Namco Museum with it's own collection of arcade classics, mostly from the 1980s (a few from early 90s). The list is a who's who of gaming history including Defender, Joust, Gauntlet, Marble Madness, and even a few you may not have heard of! All are 80s arcade-perfect, and you can change some options. I like the extras for each title, which may include interviews with the developers, trivia, original promotional materials, and how the game changed history. I don't mind the sounds being slightly off-sync, but controls take a game or two to relearn-especially for games that ...

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