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The classics make a return trip

The good:

20 arcade classics perfectly restored. Lots of cool extras. Up to 4 player support. Some compatibility with XBox Live (sharing high scores).

The bad:

Not as many games as the first one (which had 24). A couple of the more obscure games could've been left out in favor of better choices.


Picking up where the first Midway Arcade Treasures left off, this compilation disc brings home 20 more Midway/Williams/Atari classics including titles like Gauntlet 2, Pit Fighter, Total Carnage, Cyberball 2072, plus the smash hits Mortal Kombat 2 & MK 3. Like before, the games have been perfectly converted from the arcade originals right down to every last bleep & digital voice...it's fun trying to understand what that voice in Wizard Of Wor is saying. The controls are easy to pick up and learn plus they can be customized.
While the variety is good here, I was disappointed to notice a few g...


Faint enjoyment

The good:

It's fun, sort of
Graphics are fine
It's better than the first game
It is cheap

The bad:

Really rotten
The difficulty is awful
Lacks laughter of first game


Here is a quick review of Midway Arcade Treasures 2.

As the title suggests the game is the sequel to Midway Arcade Treasures. That was pretty bad and this doesn't do much better. The package is more violent but at the same time more useless. The games are better than the first games but who would want to play this in the 21st century?

Midway bring games like Mortal Kombat 3, APB, Total Carnage, Wacko and more that I can't be bothered to list. Most of the games are fun for 2 split seconds. You will quit out of them within 10 seconds.

Playing Wacko for instance has you picking up monsters and yo...

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