Midtown Madness 2 Cheats

Midtown Madness 2 cheats, Codes, and Codes for PC.

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Midtown Madness 2 Cheats

Unlock vehicles
To unlock any of the vehicles below, you must place in the top 3 positions in a certain number of races. Refer to the chart below for details.

If you are playing in Professional mode, instead of placing in the top 3 positions, you have to place 1st in each of the races.

VehicleWhich races
Alternate Mini Cooperfive London Blitz races
Panoz GTR-1six London Checkpoint races
Aston Martin DB7 VantageLondon Crash (must place 1st regardless of mode)
Alternate Beetle Dunesix London Checkpoint races
Alternate Mini Cooperfive San Francisco Circuit races
American Lafrance Fire Truckfive San Francisco Blitz races
Audi TTsix San Francisco Checkpoint races
Alternate Beetle RsiSan Francisco Crash Course (must place 1st regardless of mode)

Change the Beetle Rsi
Select the Beetle Rsi. Goto the very top of the color list and press UP to see the hidden MS Race texture.

No Damage Mode
During a game, press Y and type "damagefree".

All Cars
During a game, press Y and type "midtowncars".

Freeze Timer
While playing, press F2 to pause game, then press "Q" twice and it will freeze the timer.
submitted by Night Hacker (nroy@sympatico.ca)

Command codes

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mm2 nitros
during game play hit "y"a box will appear in the box type"superspeed" then during game play hit v to fasten your car.


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Display Police on the Map
Name your player Showme Cops to display the police on the radar.
Drive Mini-Jet
Type in vaboeing_small to drive Mini-Jet.
Invisible Car
Go to the farthest away view, push d,w,v,v,w,w. After that all you'll see is the shadow of the car.
Make All Traffic City Buses
Enter Big Bus Party as your player's name.
Select Cadillac in Cruise Mode
Type in vataxi as your name in Cruise Mode to drive a yellow cab.
Select Ford F350 in Cruise Mode
Type in vavan as your name to drive a van in cruise mode.
Select Ford Mustang GT
Type in valimo as your name to drive a limo in cruise mode.