Midnight Club II (PS2) Cheats

Midnight Club II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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No person on bike
Go on arcade mode then shoot somebody off the bike before it says go(you have to have a partner playing with you and you have to enter the cheat savethekids). Then after you shoot him with a machine gun before it says go, there will be a driving motorcycle with nobody on it.
To fly 10 to 20 feet in the air Parked.
Put in the cheat "savethekids", Then pick a city car and all that stuff. Then when you start the game go to any wall. Then push the on the wall (make sure it's in the front you pushing on). Then Hold in R3 then missoles well fly out. REMEMBER to hold it in. Then you'll start to go up. And soon or later in would fall. Note :hold R3 in when your still flying. Thats how you can fly 10 to 20 feet in the air.
Two wheel's
To go on two whhels. stop your car, then continue and hold in the L1 button. To have fun: Go on two wheel's and hold in the L1 button then let a car go under you and as soonas it under you let go, and wreak.
ULTRA Jump with SLF450X
Go to Cheat Mode, and type rimbuk.
Now go to Arcade Mode and fill all with this:
City: Tokyo
Players: -Optional-
Race Type: Cruise
Settings: -Optional-
Vehicle: SLF450X

Now, playing da game, put the front of your car in a building and press R3 very times.
Your car will do an high jump, he will FLY!


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2nd Best Car in Paris
After you unlock the Bryanston V, use it for every race in Paris. It has decent acceleration, the 3rd highest top speed for a Paris car, and has extremely good handling. I beat the Paris champion's second race on my first try with this car.
Adjust Game Difficulty
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to select a difficulty setting. howhardcanitbe0 is the easiest setting, and howhardcanitbe9 is the most difficult.

All Codes
Enter this code to get all cars:

Enter this to get all the places:

Unlimited Nitous in Arcade:

Difficulty setting (*=change the number for different diffcutlties):

Unlock everything(im not sure if this works cuz I never used it):

Cars and all ppl unlocked:

Guns,ROckets,NO damage, nitrous:

Guns and Rockets:

No damage:
All locations and cars
Enter rimbuk as a case-sensitive code to unlock all locations and cars in arcade mode.
All Midnight Club 2 Codes
To enter Cheats in this game:

Highlight "Options Mode" at the main menu. Press Down, then press Left or Right until "Option: Cheat Codes" is highlighted. Press X. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive cheat codes. Then, highlight "Accept" and press X.

Set Game Difficulty:

howhardcanitbe1 for the easiest difficulty.
howhardcanitbe9 for the hardest difficulty.
You can enter 1-9.

All Locations and Cars in Arcade Mode:

Enter rimbuk.

All Vehicles in Arcade Mode:

Enter theCollector

[Make sure the C is a capital]

Guns and Missiles:

Enter savethekids.

No Physical Car Damage in Arcade Mode:

Enter gladiator.

Unlimited Nitro in Arcade Mode:

Enter greenLantern.

[Make sure the L is a capital]
All Vehicles
Select Cheat Codes from the Options and enter the code

All Vehicles, enter theCollector
Better Air Control
At the Options menu, enter the word - carcrobatics
Hold down the handbrake [R1] and press the gas at rest or low speeds. When the meter tops out and turns red, release the handbrake. You can also steer the car while burning out to turn in place, which is useful on some of the checkpoints, in which you need to be particularly agile.
Cheat Guide
Enter the following codes at the Cheat Codes screen, which is found under the options menu. Note the uppercase letters in some of the Codes.

Carcrobatics- Wacky midair physics (hold L1 and use the left analog stick to spin and flip your car whenever you catch air)

greenLantern- Unlimited nitro boosts for both cars and motorcycles*

gladiator- indestructable vehicle/motorcyclists never bail*

savethekids- Enable machine gun and rockes (to fire machine guns, press L3 button; pressing R3 fires a rocket from under your hood)*

polePosition- Unlock all special abilities (nitro boosts, two-wheel driving, ect.)**

RaceFiend- Unlock "Career" race type in arcade mode**

theCollector- Unlock all vehicles in Career and Arcade modes**

Globetrotter- Unlock all cities in Arcade mode and Race Editor Mode**

immortal- Combines the effects of the * Codes

pennyThug- Combines the effecrs of the ** codes, but does not unlock all vehicles in career Mode

rimbuk- Combines all the effects of the * codes and the ** codes, but dos not unlock all vehicles in career mode
Cheat Mode
Highlight "Options Mode" at the main menu. Press Down, then press Left or Right until "Option: Cheat Codes" is highlighted. Press X. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive cheat codes. Then, highlight "Accept" and press X.
then you will be able to enter cheats

Don't Fight The Power
Slowing down is for wussies. Power-slide into turns by handbraking [R1] to avoid loss of velocity.
Hold down L1 and push forward on the left analog stick. This will increase the top speed of the bike by reducing the drag.
To activate cheat codes, from the main menu go to the options menu. Select the options menu and on the bottom of the screen other icons appear. Scroll over these icons to find the cheat codes menu. (These codes are case sensitive.) At the code menu type in theCollector for the key to all sets of wheels in the club. This code is case sensitive and be sure to use a Capital C. Type carcrobatics to make your car fly, once you get your ride airborne you can do some wacky midair stunts. The tip to this trick will be finding a prime location to launch your car! Have unlimited nitro when you type in greenLantern. (You must first beat Moses to unlock the nos option and then you can use unlimited nitro on any vehicle. Type in gladiator and your car, or motorcycle is now indestructible. Type in savethekids and your car will have more firepower than the army. Try out some new tracks, type Globetrotter with a capital G. This unlocks all of the cities in arcade and race editor mode. Type rimbuk to combine the affects of all of these codes: indestructibility, flying, unlimited nitro, and artillery
Fall Through a Building in Paris
First, get the rocket car and choose Paris as the city in Cruise mode and put in the rimbuk code. When you start, head for a catacomb by the glass pyramid that looks like a sewer and has metal pipes. Keep going until you see ONE giant pillar in a room. If you don't see that, then you are on the wrong side of the pyramid. When you reach the pillar, turn aroud and do a burnout. Hold down the nitro button and you should fly through the roof of a building and see NO FLOOR and the walls of the building. If you exit the building (go through a wall) then you can't get back in.
Losing control at a critical moment can thwart an entire race: however, carefully executing collision tactics can force a fishtail on an AI opponent, possibly making the difference between a win and a loss in the last moments of any given race.
Gas Station Pumps
Clip one of these while trimming the fat off that final curve and kiss your car goodbye. Better yet bump your opponent into a pump, now that was sweet revenge for all the bangin that car gave you earlier. This is a handy trick if your're trying to shake off the cops tailing you in some of the missions.
Ghost Rider
1. Enter the cheat:
and go to cruse mode

2.Go to any level (Preferrably one where you start next to a wall).

3.Burn-out and turn so that your facing the wall.

4.Shoot the Missles.

5.Once the cruse starts, there should be noone on your bike.

Dont hit anything really hard or go in the water or blow up or eles the biker will get back on.
u need the guns code for this.u also need to have a motorcycle. it is better to type in the immortal code because after u go thru this proccess, ur almost dead.

at the start of a cruise race, before it says go, u can spin around. spin around till u are at a wall. before it says go,shoot a rocket at the wall. your rider will fall off and wont get back on. that way if u run into a wall, there wont be a guy to fling off.

there is a weird quirk to this code.if u are playing 2 player and the other person is a car,if they get flipped on their back, u wont be reset. u will left to die.
Guns, guns, guns
If you want some firepower here... Then this cheat is just right up your alley. It's savethekids, pure and simple.
Head Start
When you race start your burnout on the number 2 and realse the handbrake after the number one. I you do it right you will get a little head start.
In Air Tactics
When in the air, hold down the weight-transfer button [L1]. This alone will adjust your roll. Continue to hold down L1, and you can use the stick to adjust your pitch and yaw.
jet car
Go to arcade mode go to curcait whetever its
called,go to tokyo if you have it,beat it like
about 6 or 7 time and get jet car and tokyo cop car,hollaaaaaa
Jumping Over Cars
If your in Paris and on a bike, pop a wheelie and then ride diectly toward the front of one of the small cars that looks alittle like a Mini. instead of flying off the bike, you'll jump right over the car. Careful to handle the weight movement while in the air. Use the L1 button gingerly.
Machine Guns and Rockets
At the Code Entry Screen, type in the following password: savethekids
Massive Jumps
With the right velocity and power, virtually no distance is unattainable. Don't let dead ends put an damper on your performance. Keep an eye pealed for anything that will work as a ramp, to send your car sailing. Even stairs will do just fine, in obtaining that maximum air.
Motorcycle Stoppie
To stop in style on any of the 3 motorcycles, as you are braking press the brake button and the foward analog stick, you should perform a good stoppie, just don't take it overboard or woyu will wipe out.
No Damage
Enter gladiator as a case-sensitive code to become immune to most damage in arcade mode. Note: If you burnout, there will be damage on your damage meter. However, if you hit something at a high speed you will not see or get damage from that impact.
On Two Wheels
Hold down the weight-transfer button [L1] and turn left or right. Continue to hold L1 as you maneuver the car. Releasing the weight transfer, braking, slowing down too much, or colliding will bring the vehicle back down on all fours.
Slipstream Turbo
Line up in the wake of the car ahead of you, watching air streams and listening for draft noise. Stay in this sweet spot for a few moments until the meter turns red, then hit the turbo to slip ahead of your opponent, with blinding speed.
The Lean Turn
Hold down the weight-transfer button [L1] and steer left or right. This will make you lean in on your bike for sharper turns. This is the preferred method for turning instead of using the handbrake drifting on the bike.
Unlimited Nitrous
Enter greenLantern as a case-sensitive code to get unlimited nitrous boosters in arcade mode. Note: This also adds nitrous to motorcycles.
And the L in lantern NEEDS to be capitalized to work.
Unlock all cars in Arcade and Career mode
This cheat applies to both Arcade Mode and Career Mode. At the Enter Cheat screen, type-- theCollector one word, case sensitive. It will unlock all cars in Arcade mode and Career Mode.
Note: All three cop cars and the SVX650 are NOT availible in Career Mode.
Unlock The "LAPD Cop car" in Arcade Mode
Beat all five circuit races in Los Angeles during Arcade mode. You will now have access to the LAPD car.
Unlock the "Paris Cop car"
Beat all 6 of Paris' circuit tracks in Arcade mode to unlock this car.
Unlock the "SLF450X"
You will have access to the SLF450X after you've completed the game 100%.

Note: 100% requires completed career mode as well as completing all of the circuit tracks in Arcade mode.
Unlock the "Tokyo Cop" Car
In order to have access to this vehicle you need to complete all 7 of Tokyo's circuit tracks in Arcade mode.
Weapons and Invulnerability
At the Options menu, enter immortal