Midnight Nowhere review
Quite disappointing

The good:

It keeps you off the street

The bad:

It keeps you off the street


Well, this game was quite a disappointment. Uninspiring plot (if any), too much useless blood and pornographic images, and the graphics are truly horrible: imagine, our hero Sergey sometimes goes straight through walls! The best graphics glitch however is when Sergey (e.g.) bows over a sink and the body does not move, but only the neck ... which subsequently lifts off the body! or the bit when the head flows freely from left to right on the shoulders. Our hero also walks like an overweight bear with aching feet. And the texts ... I do not know how he speaks in the English version, but in the German version Sergey says many rude and most of all stupid things, speaking with the voice of a wino. And what about those posters hanging on every wall - if this is typical Russian humor (or maybe sense of drama / irony / whatever), then spare me please.

The hotspots are sometimes so very hard to find, especially the ones you really need to find a valuable thing / clue. Most of all the take / look / use - function changes irratically, and sometimes you just overlook a hotspot just because the button randomly hopped back to "take" instead of "look". Last but not least, if you ever planned of letting background music drive you nuts - here's your chance.

The tasks you need to fulfil, however, are quite logical. Still, that does not save the game.

So, if you cannot decide whether to play or not, here's some advice: go rub your poor mother's feet ...

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