Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix Tips

Burnout and When to use it
To perform a burnout hold R1+X on default controls.

When to use burnout -

When starting a race, because you will take off faster from the start than just normally pressing X, which will do nothing but accelerate, but you will be better off just burning out than pressing X.

When you crash - Say for instance, you crash into a bus and now your at 0 mph, burnout for about 1 second, the reason why is because you will be at 60 mph in half a second than just accelerating without burning out which will result in you having to wait 5 seconds to get to 60 mph.

Before a jump - not during a race but in the arcade if your trying to get the highest jump distance, burnout, use nitro, and you will soar through the air.

To turn 180 degrees - what would you rather do, use the handbrake to turn 180 degrees or stop completely and use burnout to around, the difference is that you accelerate faster if you do the second one.

Hope this helps.