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Mickey & Donald: Magical Adventure 3 (Import)

[edit] Background

Huey, Dewy and Louie went to hide in the attic to hide from their uncle Donald's temper when they came across a mysterious book. Upon opening it, hand appears and kidnaps the boys into Storybook Land. Now Donald Duck and his pal Mickey Mouse must go save the boys by defeating the evil King Pete!

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay starts off much the way previous Magical Quest games have in that you jump on your enemies, spin them around, collect coins, etc. Later, both Mickey and Donald will be given costumes that will give them special abilities. You will first receive a set of armor. Mickey receives a full knight's armor, which includes a lance with a giant boxing glove and a shield. Donald, however, gets a barrel and a hammer because his butt's too big for the armor. Both costumes has its pros and cons - for example, Donald's weapon can only be aimed forward while Mickey's can be aimed up/down/forward. But, in water Mickey's armor will drag him down and sink, while Donald's can float. If playing with two players, these attributes can be used together. For example, Mickey can take a ride on Donald's back across the water.

This game is also known as Disney's Mickey To Donald Magical Adventure 3 in Japan.

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Release Dates
  • Japan: Dec 8, 1995